More info about GLBT jazz artists:

As I said during my show, there's no way I could do more than just scratch the surface in an hour show, but this page will give you some more areas to check out on your own.

First, I want to send you to three webpages to read about a very interesting panel discussion about homosexuality in the jazz world. All three pages describe a discussion, held on April 26, 2002 at the Village Vanguard in New York City. It's the first organized discussion on this subject of which I'm aware, and it was moderated by Francis Davis of the National Arts Journalism Program.

The panel discussion featured musicians Fred Hersch, Andy Bey, Gary Burton and Charlie Kohlhase, and jazz historian Grover Sales. Click Here

And, as long as I'm recommending other sites, here's one more:

Click Here for an article on Andy Bey, in which he discusses being gay, or go to

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Now, on to the other artists I'd like to mention...... no particular order    


Gary Burton is the premier jazz vibraphonist and has been winning jazz awards, including Grammys, since 1965. He's recorded with all the jazz giants, including Stan Getz and Chic Corea, Keith Jarrett, and on and on. He was part of the panel discussion I mentioned above. Check out his website for his bio, discography, and more.

Suede gives us a wonderful blend of pop, jazz and blues. Her latest and third album, "On the Day We Met," was chosen Outstanding New Recording--Female at the Outmusic Awards in NYC in June of 2002. And, as I've interviewed her, I can vouch that she's also wonderful to talk can hear that feature on my QMH show for July 2001. Her website gives all the good stuff.


Canadian singer Chantal Chamberland released her fourth jazz CD in 2002, called "This Is Our Time." And she also has a music history before those, as a member of an acoustic folk duo named Open Mind, with three CDs released from 1991 to 1994. "This Is Our Time" is a gorgeous CD, well worth the effort of contacting her site to order, at Oh, yes, by all means hear some of the clips there, that's all it will take.

And, who could resist an artist whose website trumpets: The Next Lady of Jazz and Swing...May Not Be A Woman! Trinity is a female impersonator based out of Provincetown, who's recorded three albums, including one done live in Berlin (German jazz?). Spreading it around, she's also a columnist and radio host, one of those do-it-all gals.


I'm very pleased to say I've been a friend of Patrick Arena for several years, even before he released the album "Night Cap," for which he and Andy Monroe won the Best Debut Album award at the 2000 GLAMA's (Gay & Lesbian American Music Awards). You can click here to hear clips from this superb album.

Captured Alive

At left is Patrick's new (2004) CD,
"Captured Alive." You can read
all about it at his site,
Patrick Arena Music


Darius de Hass may be more known for his work on Broadway ("Rent," "Kiss of the Spider Woman," "Carousel") but in 2002 he released a wonderful CD in tribute to the music of Billy Strayhorn. You can click here to hear a clip from it.


Kellye Gray was featured on the "Fruit Cocktail" compilation. She's a Texas artist, now based out of Austin. You can visit her site, but you can hear clips from her latest CD at her page at CDbaby.

Jean Fineberg and Ellen Seeling of Deuce both have a long music heritage, and have toured and/or recorded as the horn section for Sister Sledge, Chic, Luther Vandross, Laura Nyro, Cornell Dupree, Martha Reeves and Allen Toussaint. They played on the queer historic Isis albums in the mid 70's. Their "Windjammer" CD from 1996 is pictured to the right.
The Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet was obviously named in tribute to Tipton's determination to play her music. I've not been able to verify that the group members are lesbian, but if not they should still be considered for just taking the name they did. Their style of their second album is definitely up to date, as it melds jazz, funk, punk and world music.
     The two albums of Ben Black,"Remembered Faces, Private Places" and "In A Mellow Tone" are said to be reminiscent of Chet Bakers 50's singing on Pacific Jazz. And that's a nice place to be.

Sometime between releasing his "Moods and Grooves" CD in 1996 and "Soul of the Night" in 2001, Steven Kowalczyk became Steven Santoro. Either way, his site is worth checking out, as you can download clips from both albums. A track from his newer CD also appeared on the "Fruit Cocktail" album.

A native of Wales, Ian Shaw recorded five albums in the UK before coming to New York City and now has two more. His latest is called "Soho Stories."

"Fruit Cocktail" included Shaw's version of "It Never Entered My Mind," from his "Taking It To Hart" album, from 1995.
Still another artist to grace the "Fruit Cocktail" album is Maija, who released her debut album, "Before We Lose Tomorrow" in 1993 to critical acclaim, and followed it up with "In Another Lifetime," in 1996.

I couldn't find out much about Judy Burnett on the net, other than the track featured on "Fruit Cocktail" ("Begin the Beguinne") came from her album "Swingin" and that in 1996 she won a pretigious MAC award (Manhattan Association of Cabaret Artists) for Best Female Jazz Artist, which is plenty of laurels in itself.

Now, I've not had a chance to hear this artist yet, but where else could you find a site that offers a jazz album by a female impersonator, a CDrom of beauty tips, and the chance to order your own custom CD from your choice of a long list of songs?

Well, that's at the website for Grae Phillips, who's also released a meditation CD and run the gamut of talks shows, including Phil, Sally, Jenny and Geraldo.

Mary Watkins has been creating jazz for many, many years. At left is an early album, "Something Moving," from the Olivia label from 1978, and her latest release is "Song For My Mother." In between she's done several other albums of her own, and has also appeared on the albums that make up a who's who of women's music: Holly Near, Cris Williamson, Linda Tillery, Kay Gardner, Ferron, Meg Christian, Teresa Trull, Tret Fure, etc.
Also, in January 2012 I presented an even bigger show on jazz, a 6-hour special, with 62 artists & musicians, including most of those listed above, and with interviews with Fred Hersch, Kellye Gray & Mark Winkler.

Other artists you may want to check out: Michael Feinstein, Rhiannon, Johnny Mathis, Alive!, and Davell Crawford.

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