February 2002
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"Running With Light " CD

Tom McCormack

Hear the entire Tom McCormack Interview! Tom gave me such a terrific interview, but I could only air a few minutes. As there were so many valuable comments on his music and the GLBT music community, I want to share all 70 minutes. Click to hear it.

Playlist:   (airdate: 2/25/02)

Tom McCormack - called out of
   hiding (1991)
Tom McCormack Interview
Tom McCormack - everything    (1991)
Tom McCormack - stigmata (2002)
Corky & Juice Pigs - eskimo (1994)
Mark Weigle - have i told you in
   the last 5 minutes (2002)
Mark Weigle Interview
Mark Weigle - cody (2002)
Mark Weigle & Steven Grossman -out    (2002)
Steven Grossman - steps (1993)
Bootlickers - love comes back    (2002)
Bootlickers Interview
Bootlickers - sure of you (1998)
Bootlickers - hope (2002)

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"Missing" CD

Tom McCormack

"Rose Colored Glasses" CD

Corky & the Juice Pigs

Corky & the Juice Pigs


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Tom McCormack
Mark Weigle
The Bootlickers

Many of the recordings on the page can be purchased at Goldenrod Music

Goldenrod Music

"Out Of The Loop" CD, 2002

Mark Weigle's "All That Matters" CD

Mark Weigle

Mark Weigle

"The Truth Is," 1998

Mark Weigle

below, Mark & Doug Stevens

Mark Weigle & Doug Stevens

Bootlickers' CD "Huge"

Ed LeBlanc

Paul Sinclair

Bootlickers logo


Fab 4

JD & John

Bootlickers 1st CD "Universal Nancy," 1998

John McNeill

June Bromley

"Huge" is a feel-good CD. A feel-real-good CD! I knew within ten seconds of the first song that I loved it. I could tell by the big grin breaking out on my face. It is THAT infectious. It is one of those CDs best played in the car, speeding down the open highway way, with the windows open, wishing you had a convertible. I remember the joy of listening to music that powerful before. Well, I can think of the Raspberries' "Drivin' Around" and Chicago's "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It is?"...no, not the same sound...but for me the same feeling: musical joy. John McNeill has the perfect voice to lead a power pop band. The BootLICKERS capture it. Buy this album. -- from a review I wrote of this CD