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Billie McAllister


I'm afraid the only good photo I have of Billie McAllister is from around 1968, about fifteen years
after he recorded several blues sides for a small Nashville, Tennessee label.
From 1952, the song "31 E. Blues" comes from the 2005 compilation
"Night Train to Nashville." I know of three other tracks from those years:
"Walking in a Daze," "I Go For That," and "Well, Alright Baby."
In 1972 Rudy Ray Moore, known as The Dolemite, produced a very, very x-rated comedy
album for McAllister, called "What a Big Piece of Meat," (Kent 101)

Texas Clippings

Older Clippings

Below, McAllister was doing drag at least as early as 1937...

Many of these from 1937-47 were found for me by Brooks Hefner, so big Thanks.

for the one below, not sure if Billie is in it but including anyway




According to the book above, McAllister appeared in Montreal on Nov. 5, 1948





Blues 78's:

Tennessee 112 -- Walking in a Daze -- A
Tennessee 112 -- I Go For That (1951) -- B
Tennessee 122 -- Well Alright Baby -- C
Tennessee 122 -- 31 E Blues (1952) -- D

Tracks available on these LPs, CDs & Downloads:

A & B -- "Nashville R&B, Vol. 3) (Krazy Kat 7433, UK, 1989, LP)
A -- "Greatest R&B Hits of 1951, Vol. 1" (Blue Orchid, 2009, digital)
B -- "Hamhocks & Corn Bread, Vol. A" (JSP Records, 2005, CD)
B -- "Greatest R&B Hits of 1951, Vol. 5 and Vol. 6" (Blue Orchid, 2009, digital)
C -- "Stompin' 25" (Stompin' Records, CD)
C -- "Rare 78 RPM R&B Cuts" (Stardust, 2009, digital)
C -- "Greatest R&B Hits of 1952, Vol. 1" (Blue Orchid, 2009, digital)
C -- "Let Me Tell You About the Blues: Nashville" (digital)
C & D -- "The Best of Tennessee Records, Vol. 1, Glad Rags to Blues" (Snailworx, 2007, digital)
D -- "Night Train to Nashville, Vol.2" (CMF Records, 2005, CD)
D -- "Greatest R&B HIts of 1952, Vol. 5" (Blue Orchid, 2009, digital)

The "Nashville R&B" LP has some interesting liner notes,
Click Here for those and notes from the other CDs

Comedy LP

Downloads from this album are now available at

And in 2006 a CD of Rudy Ray Moore's material was reissued, containing
the first two tracks of the Billie McAllister (and also Jerry Walker) LPs:

Below, info on McAllister from 1940 census
yes, they spell his name as Bellie, but we learn he was in
Pittsburgh 1935-39 and was born around 1915...
actually, he was born in 1911

below, I stumbled upon a 1997 article about a headstone for McAllister,
otherwise I would have no information about his death. Rev Vincent is below right.

Info and images of Billie McAllister are very rare; if you have some, please let me know