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Arthur Blake

              as Gloria Swanson

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Arthur Blake

Above, ad from The Advocate, 7/27/77

Jayne Mansfield LP

Blake appeared on Jayne Mansfield's album, doing the voices of Louella Parsons,
Bette Davis, Charles Laughton, Noel Coward and Talullah Bankhead.

The article below appeared in the New York City newspaper Gay, 12/71


Arthur Blake

above, four greats...Craig Russell, Lynne Carter, Arthur Blake, & Charles Pierce

from my collection, a letter written and signed by Arthur Blake, 1952

Arthur Blake  1979, Provincetown  

as Margo Channing 1978    as The Virgin Queen 1978  as Sophie Tucker 1978

as Julia Child 1978  as Mae West 1978  as Marlene Deitrich 1978  as Shirley Temple 1978  as Tallulah Bankhead 1978  

Below, from Female Mimics, Jan 1973

below, from Michael's Thing, May 12, 1975

Below, written on the back of the above pic, 1957