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Skip Arnold

photos of Skip Arnold are rare, if you have any to share with me for my site, I'd love it!


above, the very, very, very rare 45

Click to Hear it
(12 minutes)

Below, ad for her 45 from Vagabond Magazine, circa 1965

Below, Libby Reynolds and Skip Arnold at the Chicago Annex, 1965


Skip Arnold on right
at left is Mickey Ray, doing his character Corrie Miller
at the Jewel Box

Skip Arnold

Joey Block, Butch Ellis, Jamie Greeney, Carey Davis, Skip Arnold, and GG Allen

Many thanks to Bradley Osborn for allowing me to present his wonderful
article on Skip Arnold. For other articles by Bradley please visit his site at

Bradley Osborn article

Above pic from "Mother Camp," published in 1972.

Mother Camp

This is a fascinating look at the viewpoint, circa 1972, on drag.
It's been reissued in paperback and is fairly easy to find, I recommend it.

This Link has a great article on it.