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Vesta Tilley

Male Impersonator

5/13/1864 - 9/16/1952

Above and Below, Ella Shields and Vesta Tilley


above, 1904


below, 1905


below, 1897






monty from monte-carlo 1911 Jumbo 670
introduce me to the lady 1911 Jumbo 670
aunt matilda 1913 Jumbo 1062
let's make a night of it 1913 Jumbo 1062
jolly good luck to the girl who loves a soldier 1915 Regal Zonophone G7079
the army of today's alright 1915 Regal Zonophone G7079
where are the girls? 1917 Columbia 1153
come and be one of the midnight suns
what would the seaside be without the ladies?
what a nut
there's a good time coming for the ladies
the girls I left behind me
I'll show you around Paree

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Vesta and Ella actually did record, and you can find several of their songs
on these excellent CDs pictured below, worth tracking down