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Neil Burgess

Vim, 1883

Okay, this isn't sheet music, but could not pass up sharing this program

Burgess was quite famous for his musical, "Country Fair," and he even patented a device
used during the show to simulate racing horses, much to the amazement of audiences.

From 1895

and from another eBay ad, better scans and some text

Original Theatre booklet from season of 1895-96 plus three cabinet cards. The booklet advertises the special engagement of Neil Burgess and his Original New York Company to perform during the 1895-96 season at the Columbia theatre in Chicago starting Sunday, May 10. There are four illustrations inside the booklet. Also included in this lot are three Cabinet Cards of Mr. Burgess as "Granny Green - A hypochondriac; and as The Grandmother - Soliloquay - Tennyson; and as Pete Long Toe - a sweet Canuk.

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Below, years after his death, a film was made of "Country Fair"