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December 2007
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Special This Month..Two Xmas Shows!! Click to Listen1 or Listen2 Above.


Part 1   (airdate 12/24/07, 58:00)

Stand Still - I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus (2003)
Elton John - Ho Ho Ho, Who'd Be a Turkey at Christmas (1973)
Bearforce1 - Christmas Is Here (2007)
Melissa Etheridge - Christmas in America (2005)
Jay Spears - Christmas in L.A. (2005)
Morry Campbell - Frightful Weather (2007)
Tret Fure comments (2006)
Cris Williamson - Peace on Earth (1985)
Boy George & Antony Hegarty - Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (2005)
London Gay Men's Chorus - Coming Out at Christmas (2006)
Joshua Klipp comments (2007)
Joshua Klipp - December Snow (2006)

Carolyn Marshall & Pat Grant - Family Christmas (2006)
Bob Rivers Twisted Radio -
     Walkin' Round in Women's Underwear (1993)

Bob Rivers Twisted Radio - The Magical Kingdom of Claus (1993)
Jimmy James - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (2002)
Jimmy James - Feliz Navidad (2002)

Part 2   (78:48, internet only)

Elton John - Step Into Christmas (1973)
Voltaire - Coming Out for Christmas (2006)
Kit and the Widow - Jesus, What a
     Way to Spend Your Birthday (2001)
Alexandra Billings comments (2007)
Alexandra Billings - My Simple Christmas Wish (2000)

Ted, Larry, Mandel and the Blix Boys -
     Keep Christmas Gay & Bright (2006)
Marty Thomas - All I Want for Christmas Is You (2005)
Melissa Sigler - Merry Christmas Baby (1999)
Sam Harris - Santa's Blues (2000)
Will Young - Winter Wonderland (2002)
Rick Berlin - Xmas Eve (1997)
Jeff Heiskell comments (2007)
The Judybats - When Southern Bells Ring (1990)
Roger Kuhn - Xmas Joys (2007)
Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon -
     Christ Was Born on Christmas Morn (1929)

John Inman - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1976)
Michael Stipe - We're Not So Bad (1999)
REM - Christmas Griping (1991)
JR - All I Want (2007)
David Lasley - I Found Love Just in Time for Christmas (2000
James Collins - Missing You at Christmas (That's All) (2006)

Adrienne - December (2004)
Alan Lett - Hark the Herald Angels Sing (2007)
The BootLICKERS - Boxing Day (2007)
Rufus Wainwright - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve (2005)

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The punk group Stand Still start off the show, and their modern version of "I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus" comes from the various artists CD "A Santa Clause, It's a Punk Rock Christmas." I couldn't find a photo of the group; hope this is not their only claim to fame.

A Santa Cause It's a Punk Rock Christmas

I saw Daddy kissing Santa Claus
Underneath the mistletoe last night
Saw spots of green and red
Couldn't get the thought out of my head
I wish that I had rolled over
and gone back to sleep instead

Not that there's anything wrong with that

I saw Daddy tickle Santa Claus
Underneath his beard so snowy white
I couldn't make a noise
Yeah, who would've thought that he liked boys?
It seems that he's much further in the closet than my toys

Then Mommy and Daddy kissing Santa Claus
It's a free way, three way tonight
I tell you it was rough
Seeing mom in fingercuffs
Maybe this year since Dad is queer
I'll get some better stuff

Not that there's anything wrong with that
Not that there's anything wrong with that
I saw Daddy kissing Santa Claus
I saw Daddy kissing Santa Claus
I saw Daddy kissing Santa Claus

gay socks

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Show #1  

      turkey?  Melissa Etheridge       

Elton John has recorded several Christmas songs, but the most obscure (justifiably so) was "Ho Ho Ho (Who'd Be a Turkey at Christmas," found only on the flip side of his 1973 45 rpm record, "Step Into Christmas." And the latest official holiday tune by Melissa Etheridge showed up on her 2005 CD "The Road Less Travelled"

"Christmas is Here" with Bearforce1, a new "bearband" from The Netherlands. You really need to visit
their very fun site and especially to watch their video. Oh, but please come back when you're through....:)

Jay Spears  Morry Campbell  Tret Fure 

Jay Spears is back with another holiday song, "Christmas in L.A." and newcomer Morry Campbell took time from working on his debut album to bring us "Frightful Christmas." Tret Fure gave me some comments about her production of Cris Williamson's 1985 CD "Snow Angel" and one of the songs she contributed. And, a special duet, by Boy George and Antony Hegarty, of Antony & the Johnsons. That track comes from a various artists benefit CD out of the UK called "Help, A Day in the Life," from 2005.

women's music pioneer Cris Williamson   Boy George  Antony Hegarty



  London Gay Men's Chorus

All the way from the UK is the London Gay Men's Chorus, with
one of the better versions of "Coming Out for Christmas." They've not released that yet on disc, so I grabbed it from youtube.

cute little white guy Joshua Klipp

Above, Joshua Klipp included the song "December Snow" on his debut CD "Won't Stop Now.," He gave me a great interview for my July show. And the new CD by Carolyn Marshall & Pat Grant is "What Christmas Really Is." It contains the very out song "Family Christmas."

Carolyn Marshall & Pat Grant

Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio   Jimmy James  Jimmy James CD

This year I took two tracks from the 1993 album "I Am Santa Claus," by Bob Rivers & Twisted Christmas. They have done masterful work on their parodies for years. And of course, a QMH tradition, ending the show with the amazing Jimmy James, doing Judy on "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and her Bette Davis rendition of "Feliz Navidad." I highly recommend her 2002 album "Have Yourself a Jimmy James Merry Christmas."   

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Well, in the 60's the pics below left sure were not MY xmas past. Gee, that could have got me
out of the closet much quicker...:) And below right, some "gay" holiday products.


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