December 2006
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Special This Month..THREE Christmas Shows!! Click to Listen1, 2 or 3 Above.

#1 Playlist (airdate 12/18/06, 85:55)
RuPaul - Alone At Christmas (1997)
Betty - Snowfolk (2004)
Betty - Dreidle Jingle Fiasco (2004)
Steve Schalchlin & Jim Brochu -
   Christmastime (2002)

Roger Kuhn - Every Year Around
   Xmas Time (2006)
Roger Kuhn - Under the Mistletoe

Shawn Ryan - My Simple Christmas
   Wish (2005)*
Fred Barton - Santa Won't Sell (1999)*
Namoli Brennet - Sugarplum
   Dreams (2004)
Joshua Klipp - December Snow (2006)
Flipping the Pig - Good Hands (2006)*
Evil Beaver - Christmas in Hollis ('01)*
North Coast Men's Chorus - What If
   Carol / We Three Kings (2004)
Ann Reed - We Three Kings (2001)
Corinne Curcio - Wassail To You ('04)*
Melissa Etheridge - RADD PSA*
Danny Riddle - Come On Ring
   Those Bells (1986)
Danny Riddle - Worship the King ('86)
BD Wong - Wishing You a Drag Queen
   Christmas (1993)

Jackie Beat - Kwanzaa Doesn't Exist
Jackie Beat - It's Kwanzaa (2006)
Jeffrey Beringer - Katrina the Class
   Four Hurricane (2005)

Christine Jorgensen - I Enjoy Being
   a Girl (1982)
Sandra Bernhard - Miracle of
   Lights (2006)*

David Lasley - This Christmas This
   Year (1999)*
RuPaul - I Just Can't Wait For
   Christmas (2005)

* = internet version only

Some of the music heard on QMH can be purchased at Goldenrod Music

Some of the music on this show can
be found at Goldenrod, Click Above

My little girl, Parker, who wasn't really interested in posing...

#3 Playlist (Internet Only - 93:42)
Gay Liberation Quire - Hark the Herald
   Fairies Shout (1981)
Pansy Division - Homo Christmas ('95)
Martin Swinger - Christmas Blues ('98)
Dennis Hensley - Doesn't Seem Like
   Christmas (1999)

Jai Rodriguez - Have Yourself a Merry
   Little Christmas (2006)
Patricia Barber - Santa Claus Is    Coming To Town (2000)
Saffire - One Parent Christmas (1992)
Saffire - Really Been Good This
   Year (2003)
Kim Char Meredith - You Are My
   Holiday (2004)

Nadine Goellner - It Must Be
   Christmastime (2002)
Sean Wiggins - Baby Let's Make Up    For Christmas (2003)
Erin McKeown - At the Christmas
   Ball (2002)
Dennis Milone - In the City/Silver
   Bells (2003)

David Mahr - It's Gonna Be a Snow
   White Christmas (2000)
Morel - Merry Christmas to Everyone
Morel - Santa Hugged Me (2004)

Jason & deMarco - Deck the Halls ('02)
deMarco - Don't Save It All (2003)
Namoli Brennet - Snow Angels (2006)
Positive Voices - Too Many
   Silent Nights (1995)
William Corey - Radio Christmas ('05)
Ennio - I Won't Be Home for
   Christmas (2006)
Gene-Manuel - Snowlight (2006)
Darren Stewart-Jones -
   Santa Baby (2006)
Capitol Steps - Don't Ask Don't
   Tell (1994)

Queen - Thank God, It's Christmas (84))

#2 Playlist (airdate 12/25/06, 83:17)
Deian McBryde & Tracy Stark- Winter
   Wonderland (2005)
Gary Imhoff & Robert Patteri - Our
   First Christmas (1993)

Russ Lorenson - That's What I Want
   For Christmas (2006)
Russ Lorenson - Christmas in San
   Francisco (2006)*
Tina C - The Night Santy Claus
   Died (2006)
Tina C - Up on the Roof (2006)

Steve Cohen comments (2006)
Steve Cohen - Home for the
   Holidays (1997)
Corday & the Curious - Mr St Nick ('96)

Kiki & Herb - Frosty the Snowman ('01)
Kinsey Sicks - Self-Esteem (1997)
Bayou City Performing Arts -
   Not In Our Town (2006)
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus -
   Coming Out at Christmas (2005)

Andrews Sisters - Jingle Bells (1943)
Robert Anton - Happy New Year ('05)*
Sam Harris - One More Sleep (1996)*
Laura Nyro - Let It Be Me / The
   Christmas Song (1990)

Janet Villas - We Need a Little
   Christmas (2006)*
Joi Cardwell - My First Christmas
   With You (2004)

Jill Sobule - Christmas Is the
   Saddest Day of the Year (2005)*
Jill Sobule - That Hat (2005)*
Debbie Friedman - The Latke
   Song (2003)*

Tomboy - OK2BGAY (2006, part)
Tomboy - When I Saw Santa (2006)
Liberace - Christmas Greetings (1954)
Rufus Wainwright - GAP ad (1998)*
Jimmy James - Feliz Navidad (2002)

Artist Links given below

Show #1  

RuPaul  Betty  Betty

The Big Voice, God or Merman?   JD Doyle, Jim Brochu, Jone Devlin, & Steve Schalchlin

Above, RuPaul's wonderfully queer xmas CD "Ho, Ho, Ho," from 1997, and Betty's "Snowfolk." And, in 2003 Steve Schalchlin & Jim Brochu performed at Houston's Stages, and stopped by our Queer Voices studio for a live performance. Below, Roger Kuhn's new Xmas demo EP and a canded shot of Matthew Duffy and Roger, in 2004, and a couple of his press shots. Below them is cabaret artist Shawn Ryan and composer and sometimes performer Fred Barton, shown accompanying his Miss Gulch character.

Roger Kuhn CD single  Matthew Duffy & Roger Kuhn, 2004  Roger Kuhn

Shawn Ryan  Fred Barton

Namoli Brennet  Joshua Klipp  Joshua Klipp CD Single

Jeff Mansk is Flipping the Pig   Evil Beaver

Above, Namoli Brennet's xmas single "Sugarplum Dreams," from 2004, and newcomer Joshua Klipp, with his 2006 EP. Below them, Jeff Mansk's band is called Flipping the Pig, and Evil Beaver is Evie Evil and Laura Ann Beaver, and their 2001 CD smelled like Christmas Spirit. Below, Cleveland's North Coast Men's Chorus and their two xmas CDs, but alas, the songs I played are not on them. To their right and farther below is Ann Reed, her 2001 holiday CD, a pic of her (and me) at a Houston concert, and Corinne Curcio. I'm showing Corinne's latest CD, as the xmas song was only an mp3 file.

North Coast Men's Chorus    Ann Reed

Ann Reed CD  Ann & me, Nov 2006  Corinne Curcio

Danny Riddle  BD Wong  Cabaret Noel

Above, Danny Riddle's 1986 album, BD Wong, and the "Cabaret Noel" CD Wong appears on.
Below is the irrepressible Jackie Beat, who is a Holiday Ho, and the very political Jeffrey Beringer.

Jackie Beat   Jeffrey Beringer

   Christine Jorgensen

Okay, at left is not a holiday song, but it's such a rare and historic recording that I could not wait to share it. Christine Jorgensen, as I'm sure you know, was the first person to attract major media attention when she had a sex change operation, in 1952. Such attention thrust her into the limelight for the rest of her life, and she spent many years in show business. In 1958 an interview album was released, but nothing every surfaced from her nightclub act, until now.

The recording at left was captured in 1982, and her act includes her telling stories, doing a few impressions and a bit of singing. Of course the obvious theme song is "I Enjoy Being a Girl." This will not be available on disc, only on iTunes, at This Link. Oh, note the newspaper headline in the background of the's from the 12/1/52 New York Daily News, which splashed across the front page, "EX-GI BECOMES BLONDE BEAUTY!"

See Lots more on Christine on my site by clicking here

Sandra Bernhard  David Lasley   RuPaul

Above, Sandra Bernhard, and behind her, the various artists CD "Breaking for the Holidays," from which her song "Miracle of Lights" was taken. Center, uber-background vocalist David Lasley was upfront with his xmas song, which has not been released, but hey, sometimes when you ask artists for their work they actually send it. And, wrapping up the first show is RuPaul and "I Just Can't Wait for Christmas," only found on the CD single "People Are People," which was released right at the end of 2005.


Artist Links   [ * = straight, as far as I know ]
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cartoon  cartoon

Wow, am I pleased! One of my internet friends, Robert Martinez, wrote a very detailed review of my queer xmas shows, and posted it on his could say he liked it...:) Click to read his review.