Dec 2004
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Special This Month..THREE Christmas Shows!! Click to Listen1, 2 or 3 Above.

#1 Playlist (airdate 12/13/04)
Jackie Beat - Jackie Beat Is Coming
     To Town (2004)
Jackie Beat - Do You Believe in That
     Guy Santa Claus (2004)

Jackie Beat - Sleigh Ride in Leather
Rosie O'Donnell & Cher - Christmas
     Baby Please Come Home (1999)

Matthew Duffy - Last Christmas ('04)
Gladys Bentley - Jingle Jangle
     Jump (1952)

Robin Renee - Almost Had a
     Holiday (1995)
KJ Denhert - Have Yourself a Merry
     Little Christmas (2003)

Brady Earnhart - Honey, Don't Think
     Your Mama Don't Know (2003)
Kiki & Herb - Opening Medley (2000)
Dave Koz - December Makes Me Feel
     This Way (1997)
Dave Koz - Auld Lang Syne (1997)
Eric Lane Barnes comments (2004)
Aria (Windy City Women's Ensemble)
     - Shades of Christmas (2000)

Eric Lane Barnes comments (2004)
Cincinnati Men's Chorus - Am I
     Welcome Here? (2002)

Lea DeLaria - Sleigh Ride (2001)
Bette Davis - A Present With a Future
     (War Bonds) (1943)

Jimmy James - Feliz Navidad (2002)

vintage xmas shot, probably 60s

gay wreath

#2 Playlist (airdate 12/20/04)
Pledge Drive & One of Each -
     Christmas Rhapsody (2003)
Jackie Beat - Here Comes the
     Reindeer Again (2004)

Jackie Beat - Boy or a Girl (2004)
Jackie Beat - I Saw Daddy Doin'
     Santa Claus (2004)

Rufus Wainwright - Spotlight on
     Christmas (2003)
Melissa Ferrick - White Christmas '94
John Springate - A Song For
     Christmas (1982)
4 Poofs & a Piano - Camp Up Your
     Christmas (2003)

Hugh Jackman & cast of "Boy From
     Oz" - Wrapped Up Nice (2003)
Johnny Mathis - The Sounds of
     Christmas (1963)

Paul Parker - Home For
     Christmas (2003)
Kinsey Sicks - Deck the Halls (2004)
Kinsey Sicks - Have Yourself…(2004)

Extra Fancy - It's Christmas Time ('96)
RuPaul - Little Drummer Boy (1993)
RuPaul comments (2004)
RuPaul - RuPaul the Red-Nosed Drag
     Queen (1997)

RuPaul - I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa
     Claus (1997)
Sophie B. Hawkins - Happy Happy
     New Year (2003)

Holiday Express - Disco Santa (2000)

rainbow military

#3 Playlist (airdate 12/27/04)
Mystery Date - All I Want For Christmas
     Is You (2003)
Mystery Date - 2000 Miles (2001)
Cincinnati Men's Chorus - Miss
     Twinkleton's School for Sensitive
     Boys (2002)
Seattle Men's Chorus - Boogie Woogie
     Hanukkah (2001)

Jill Sobule - Jesus Was a Dreidle
     Spinner (2000)
Thomas Raniszewski - Through a      Child's Eyes (2003)
Hinge & Brackett - Christmas      Jottings (1986)
Disney Goes Gay (source unknown)
Transexpistols - Silent Night (2001)
Temptress - White Christmas (2000)
Vandals - My Brother Is Gay (2002)
Bitch & Animal - Ganja (2001)
Dusty Springfield & Rod McKuen -      Baby It's Cold Outside (1978)
Cris Williamson - Greetings of the
     Season (1985)

Meg Hentges - Christmas Time Is      Here (1994)
Esera Tuaolo - First Christmas (2004)
Ernest Kohl - Happy New Year (2003)

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Show #1  
[Many photos may have photos "behind" them, pass your cursor over them to see]

Jackie Beat

Drag Diva Jackie Beat and her twisted Xmas songs. Who else would sing "I Saw Daddy Doin' Santa Claus" and "Sleigh Ride in Leather"?

Robin Renee's "All Six Senses"

Above is the latest album by Robin Renee, but her xmas song is from when she fronted the band The Loved Ones

Matthew Duffy (below) contributed his unreleased demo of the Wham song "Last Christmas" to this show. His debut album "Here I Come" was released in 2004.

Matthew Duffy

Rosie O'Donnell's first xmas CD

Not content to rest on shakey ground, in 2000 she came back with more stars and "Another Rosie Christmas," hey, at least Donna Summer was on it.

Gladys Bentley

Gladys Bentley, no doubt one of the most blatantly lesbian blues singers of the 30s & 40s


Left, Rosie O'Donnell tried to sing with the stars...with varying success

gay bulbs

KJ Denhert holiday disc   KJ Denhert, photo by JD Doyle

KJ Denhert and Brady Earnhart both had albums that landed in the Audiofile 2004 Best of the Year show this month, and I've got xmas songs by each of them. KJ's xmas song was not on her album "Girl Like Me," but she sent me a special CD EP that I was very pleased to receive, as it was not sold and very few were distributed. And my favorite song from Brady Earnhart's wonderful album "Malapan" was "Honey Don't Think Your Mama Don't Know," in which the story takes place at Christmastime.

Brady Earnhart, photo by JD Doyle   Brady Earnhart's "Manalapan"

Below, Kenny Mellman and Justin Bond perform as washed-up lounge act Kiki & Herb. Their rather frantic Christmas album from 2000 was "Do You Hear What We Hear," and they have a new double disc CD of their alleged "farewell concert" at Carnegie Hall due out in January of 2005. And, sultry & sexy Dave Koz gives good jazz, and came out of the closet this past year. He has released nine albums since 1990, including two Christmas discs, and garnered a Grammy nod in the process.

Kiki & Herb  Kiki & Herb  Dave Koz  Dave Koz

Eric Lane Barnes

Eric Lane Barnes (left) is Assistant Artistic Director of the Seattle Men's Chorus, and prior to joining them in 2000 directed the Windy City Slickers in Chicago. He's written a number of musicals and has done commission work for GLBT choruses across the country.

Windy City Choruses

Cincinnati Men's Chorus

He arranged "White Christmas," "Blue Christmas" and his own "Lavender Christmas" into the wonderful "Shades of Christmas," as sung by Aria, the Windy City Women's Ensemble on a 2000 album. And "Am I Welcome Here" appeared on "A Homemade Holiday" by the Cincinnati Men's Chorus, in 2002.

    scene from Bette's War Bonds trailer  War Bonds poster  Bette Davis

Okay, this clip is not gay, but it certainly is's Bette Davis in a Christmas sketch from a 1943 War Bonds trailer

Jimmy James Christmas album    Jimmy James as Bette Davis    many Jimmy James    new wave Jimmy

Closing Show #1 is Jimmy James, doing Bette Davis. He does her (and other divas) singing for xmas on her latest CD, "Have Yourself a Jimmy James Merry Christmas." You've got to hear it to believe it!

Show #2

Instrumentalists Pledge Drive (Steve Rosenthal, Tim Walters, Michael VanLandingham, David Hearst and Chris Now) were joined by a cappella vocal group One of Each (below, Scott Adler, Dave Bender, Lisa Gallien, and David Taylor) to create what I consider a parody masterpiece. I think their xmas version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is so amazing that I included the lyrics so you can follow along. I've no photo of Pledge Drive, as none is available on their site. I guess they prefer their art to speak for them. And I've no knowledge that any of the artists are gay, but as the original was done by Queen, well, it qualifies for our ears.

One of Each

Christmas Rhapsody
Lyrics by Steve Rosenthal and Tim Walters

Is this the Yuletide?
It's such a mystery
Will I be denied
Or will there be gifts for me?
Come down the stairs
Look under the tree and see
I'm such a bad boy
I get no sympathy
'Cause I've been raising Cain, raising hell
Don't behave very well
Waiting for the sleigh bells
Christmas really matters to me, To me

Santa, been really bad
Been writing on the wall
Broke a window with my ball
Santa, Christmas coming soon
But now I've gone and thrown my toys away
Santa, oooh
I wanna see the reindeer fly
If you're not down my chimney by tomorrow
Gonna cry, gonna cry
'Cause Christmas really matters

Too late
Yuletide has come
Hanging stockings by the fire
Singing carols with the choir
Goodnight everybody, it's time for bed
Gotta listen for the reindeer on the roof
Santa, oooh
I just want a toy
Sometimes wish I'd never been bad at all


I see a jolly silhouetto of a man
Santa Claus, Santa Claus,
Will you come down my chimney?
Donner and Blitzen, Cupid and Vixen, please!
Pull the sleigh-o, pull the sleigh-o
Pull the sleigh-o, pull the sleigh-o
Santa, please don't give him coal (give him coal...)

I'm such a bad boy, nobody loves me
He's such a bad boy, from a bad family
Big chunks of coal should go under his tree

Raising Cain, raising hell, please don't give me coal
Kris Kringle! No! Do not give him coal!
(Give him coal...)
Kris Kringle! Do not give him coal!
(Give him coal...)
Kris Kringle! Do not give him coal!
Do not give him coal!
Do not give him coal!
Never, never give me coal...

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

C'mon Santa, c'mon Santa
Santa please don't give me coal
St. Nicholas has a lump of anthracite for me
For me
For meeeeee

So you think you can snub me and give me no gifts
So you think you can put me on your bad boy list
Oh, Santa
Can't do this to me, Santa
Just gotta be nice
Just gotta be nice for next year

Christmas really matters
Anyone can see
Christmas really matters
Christmas really matters to me

Waiting for the sleigh bells...

Manchester, England, newspaper, 1961

Above, actual issue of a Manchester (UK) paper from '61

Jackie Beat  Rufus Wainwright  Maybe This Christmas, Too?

Above, drag diva Jackie Beat graced both Shows #1 & #2 with her whacked parodies. And indy divo Rufus Wainwright only holiday song, "Spotlight on Christmas," can only be found on the 2003 compilation "Maybe This Christmas Too?" Below, Melissa Ferrick stopped by Queer Voices in November for a delightful visit and interview. Her only xmas song is a very acoustic version of "White Christmas," found only on theAtlantic comp "You Sleigh Me!" from 1994.

Melissa Ferrick at KPFT, photo by JD Doyle  Atlantic comp "You Sleigh Me," 1994  

Melissa's newest CD "The Other Side"  Melissa & JD Doyle, 11/22/04

4 Poofs & a Piano

See, I didn't make up the name of this act. 4 Poofs & a Piano are a very popular UK cabaret act, and their debut release features the delightful "Camp Up Your Christmas" and "My Enormous Penis" (don't ask)

4 Poofs & a Piano  4 Poofs & a Piano

John  Springate  The Glitter Band  Boy From Oz poster

Above, John Springate was a member of the UK group The Glitter Band (center), part of the Glam scene in the early 80's. And, every year the New York charity organization Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS records a holiday album that includes the casts of most of the major current Broadway hits. Last year's album ("Carols for a Cure, V") included Hugh Jackman and the cast of the show "Boy From Oz." The song they sang was "Wrapped Up Nice," which was not at all about wrapping presents. It is about safe-sex, and was written by a New York City friend of mine, gay songwriter, Jim Laev (below center). In five years of QMH I've never before played Johnny Mathis, because, well, he's never sung anything very gay, but I have to admit I was encouraged to include the title track of his 1961 album because I thought the cover was so gorgeous. The scan doesn't do it justice, you should see the album in real life.

Carols for a Cure  Jim Laev Johnny Mathis, 1961

Remember the trash disco hit "Right On Target," from 1982? That was Paul Parker's big hit, and he's still making music, though his contribution to the comp "Carols Across America" was very different from his dance style.

Carols Across America  Paul Parker   Paul Parker  Paul Parker

Kinsey Sicks

While the Kinsey Sicks didn't release the Xmas CD they promised me, they did upload about 11 minutes of their Holiday Observance, and I cobbled a couple clips from it.

Extra Fancy

Brian Grillo (3rd from left) and his group Extra Fancy were short lived, but their CD EP "No Mercy" gave us the very neat song "Christmastime"

Extra Fancy


RuPaul released "Little Drummer Boy" on a CD single in 1993, but we had to wait four more years for her full length Christmas album, called "Ho, Ho, Ho," and I think it's one of the best queer xmas albums ever. I've got Ru commenting on her Xmas album on this show, but tune in next month for a full scale interview with her.

Little Drummer Boy, 1994  Ho Ho Ho, 1997  RuPaul x2

I found the lovely refrain "Happy Happy New Year" from last year by Sophie B. Hawkins, but one of my most delightful finds recently was the marvelous Village People parody done by Holiday Express. They really captured the VP feeling. I've no photos of the group, as it's a rather large volunteer charity organization from New Jersey, who do concerts all year, using various combinations of members for different songs. The song "Disco Santa" can be found on both of the albums pictured below

Sophie B. Hawkins   Holiday Express Greatest Hits, 2000  Holiday Express Live, 2002

Show #3

Mystery Date   Mystery Date CD

The heading on their site reads: "Open the door... to your a cappella dreamboats..." Works for me. Mystery Date is comprised of Joshua Koffman, Ken Browne, John Whitley and Bob Stern (left to right). Three of the members (Brown, Whitley, Stern) were in the earlier group Sons & Lovers (helped by other members Elliot Pilshaw and Deian McBryde). Whitley, Pilshaw and McBryde all have contributed wonderful solo albums to our culture as well. Mystery Date did a guest shot with the NYC Gay Men's Chorus on their 2003 album "A Holiday Homecoming." And that song ("All I Want For Christmas Is You") was written by another talented singer/songwriter, Ernie Lijoi. Following that song were two more choruses, from Cincinnati and Seattle, with songs by composer Eric Lane Barnes.

NYC Gay Men's Chorus  Cincinnati Men's Chorus  Seattle Men's Chorus

Below, Jill Sobule, that "I Kissed A Girl" girl released, only from her website, "Jill's Holiday Songs," with four of her charming originals. Right, handsome and talented composer and lyricist Thomas Raniszewski gave us an album of beautiful compositons, including the gorgeous Christmas song "Through a Child's Eyes." And he should know, he's a single parent, raising his son Andy.

Jill's Holiday Songs 2000  Jill Sobule  Thomas Ranisewski

 Hinge & Bracket 

Hinge & Bracket  Hinge & Bracket  Hinge & Bracket  Hinge & Bracket

The British seem to have a fascination with drag, and two of their most loved characters were Dr. Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket. They graced UK radio and television through the 70's and 80's. The duo in real life were George Logan, and Patrick Fyffe, who died in 2002 at age 60.

All we are asking, is give punk a chance...

Temptress   holly    Vandals


What a charming grouping...the version of "White Christmas" by Temptress almost seemed calm next to the not so "Silent Night" by the Transexpistols. The Vandals displayed the most talent, with the sort of Christmasy "My Brother Is Gay" from "Internet Dating Super Studs," from 2002.

Rod McKuen & Dusty Springfield did an unlikely duet with "Baby, It's Cold Outside" on Rod's 1978 TV special

 Rod McKuen's Christmas in New England, 1978

It's Finally Christmas        Meg Hentges

Bitch & Animal

"Christmas Time Is Here" by Meg Hentges appears only on the rare 1994 various artists comp "It's Finally Christmas," and in 2001 Bitch & Animal gave us a twist on "Angels We Have Heard On High" with "Ganja"

  Esera Tuaolo     Esera on The Advocate

A nine-year veteran of NFL teams the Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons, Esera Tuaolo retired and came out of the closet in 2002, but he's be working on a singing career for years. His first release, an EP with the songs "First Christmas" and "Silent Night" came out in December 2004. I barely got it in time for this show.

Cris Williamson  Cris & Holly   Ernest Kohl

Pioneer lesbian artist Cris Williamson released "Snow Angel" in 1985. Above center is her latest CD, with another pioneer, Holly Near, from 2003. And the appropriate ending song is "Happy New Year." That was done by dance artist Ernest Kohl, and came from the comp "Carols Across America" from last year.

I want to thank Outsmart editor Tim Brookover for the very nice write-up in their December issue

Outsmart, Dec 2004

ho ho homo      gay tree

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pulp xmas

Well, we can pretend this is a Christmas story...



The wonderful drawings above are used with permission of and are copyrighted by the artist, Michael Breyette, who reserves all rights. Please visit his site and check out his fantastic gallery, at

The Ladder, 1957  The Ladder, 1968

Two holiday covers from groundbreaking lesbian publication The Ladder