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Special This Month..THREE Christmas Shows!! Click to Listen1 or Listen2 Above. Find #3 near the bottom of the page
#1 Playlist
Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio - walkin'
   round in women's underwear (1993)
Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio - taking
   care of christmas (2002)

Go Go Boys - a man in distress (2001)
Rainy City Gay Men's Chorus - homo
   for the holidays (2002)

Catie Curtis - interview clip (2003)
Catie Curtis - silent night (1996)
Harriet Reynolds - another silent
   night (2002)

Zonna - love is (1997)
Jon Ginoli - interview clip (2003)
Pansy Division - homo christmas (1995)
Culturcide - santa claus was
   my lover (1980)
Paijee - mrs santa's girlfriend (1996)
Sid Spencer - how do i wrap my
   heart (early 90s)
Y'All - okey dokey christmas (1996)
Lionel Bart - give us a kiss for
   christmas (1961)
Erasure - she won't be home (1988)
Erasure - silent night/erasure
   christmas (1987)
Pet Shop Boys - it doesn't often
   snow at christmas (1998)

The Working Girls - xmas medley 2002

Click to read the script for all three shows...


#2 Playlist
kd lang - jingle bell rock (1987)
Laura Wetzler - ring bells (1996)
Tom McCormack - interview clip (2002)
Tom McCormack - christmas will
   start (1996)
Thomas Harlow - everyday will be
   like a holiday (2003)

Rene Lewis - it's so nice to be in
   love (2003, unreleased)
Disappear Fear - christmas makes
   me realize (1988)

Melissa Etheridge - happy xmas (war
   is over) / give peace a chance (1994)
Barry Vandross - have yourself a
   merry little christmas

Monkees - don we now our gay
   apparel (1967)
George Maharis -the christmas song '66
Bessie Smith - at the christmas ball '25
Dame Edna - i'm thinking of myself
   this christmas (2000)

Del Vetts - i want a boy for
   christmas (1961)
John Tartaglia, as Rod - rod's
   christmas (2003)

Venus Envy - lesbians we have
   heard on high (1995)
Jill Sobule - merry christmas from
   the family (2000)

Kinsey Sicks - it's crystal time in
   the city (2002)
Jimmy James - have yourself a
   merry little christmas (2002)

Jimmy James - blue christmas (2002)
Jimmy James - feliz navidad (2002)

You'll find the naughty Part 3 below...look for the suggestive candy cane and ornaments.....

    Gay Santa

Bob Rivers

Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio

Harriet Reynolds

Local Houston artist Harriet Reynolds released a CD-single "Another Silent Night" in 2002. Below are Catie Curtis and Sonia at the Houston Women's Festival

Catie Curtis & Sonia, photo  by JD Doyle

Disappear Fear


Sid Spencer

Before AIDS took him in 1998, at age 28, Sid Spencer produced four wonderful country albums, including his Christmas one.


Paijee (above) got a lot of
attention with her Christmas
CD-single, "Mrs Santa's
Girlfriend" in 1996

Paijee's CD

"Christmastime In The Trailerpark"

Below, in concert, are James Dean Jay Bird and Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer, more known as Y'All. Above is their 1996 3-track Christmas CD


Jill Sobule

That's Jill Sobule, and her special CD "Jill's Holiday Songs 2000," only available from her website

Jill Sobule CD

Pansy Division & their "Pile Up" CD

Above, Pansy Division and their 1995 album, "Pile Up," from which their song "Homo Christmas" was taken

"I'll Be A Homo For Christmas," Venus Envy's 1995 classic

Venus Envy is (cw from top)
Linda Schierman, Lisa Koch,
Laura Love, and Linda Severt.

Venus Envy

Lionel Bart sheet music

Lionel Bart

Jimmy James Christmas album

That's Jimmy James below, doing Bette Davis. He does her (and other divas) singing for xmas on her new CD, "Have Yourself a Merry Jimmy James Christmas." You've got to hear it to believe it!

Jimmy James as Bette Davis

Hear more Jimmy James on my November 2002 "Gender Benders" show..Click Here

many Jimmy James

Homo For The Holidays

Above, pass your cursor over the poster to see two for the Rainy City Gay Men's Chorus. Below is Artistic Director David Blue

David Blue


Melissa Etheridge

Melissa's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/Give Peace A Chance"

Above, Melissa's CD single with two mixes; and pass your cursor over Culturcide's 1980 picture sleeve for their 45 to see the back. They not only used Michael Jackson's tune to "Billie Jean," but sang their song right over it!


Thomas Harlow CD

Thomas Harlow's debut CD features the very nice (and Out) song "Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday," in addition to the Out title track, "Loverman"


"Crackers International"

Above Erasure's "Crackers International" CD, from 1988, is a magazine cover..that's Andy Bell (left) & Vince Clarke. Below the Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, flank
Dusty Springfield. Below that is one of their xmas cards.

Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield

Pet Shop Boys Greeting

"Sicks In The City"

Kinsey Sicks & me

Above, the Kinsey Sicks CD "Sicks In The City" and posing with me at their
Jan. 2003 Houston concert. Below, the Monkees, 1967

Monkees, 1967

Christmas in the Closet
with Barry Vandross

Barry Vandross

The Working Girls

The Working Girls, Cindy & Sheila, are a Dutch female impersonator singing act, who have gained much acclaim in their ten-year career

Cindy & Sheila, The Working Girls

Go Go Boys CDs

Laura Wetzler

Tom McCormack

Above, Laura Wetzler and Tom McCormack were two of sixteen Outmusic artists to perform on the album of Richard Foltz Christmas songs

Richard Foltz CD "A Songwriter's Christmas"

Below, Catie Curtis at Houston Women's Festival, Oct 25, 2003 (pass cursor over to see pic 2)

Catie Curtis at the HWF, Oct 2003, photos by JD Doyle


Artist Links

Avenue Q
Catie Curtis
Dame Edna
Richard Foltz
Thomas Harlow
Jimmy James
Kinsey Sicks
kd lang
Rene Lewis
Shirley Q Liquor
Tom McCormack
Pansy Division
Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys Commentary
HB Radke & Jet City Swingers
Rainy City Gay Men's Chorus
Harriet Reynolds
Bob Rivers Twisted Radio*
Jill Sobule
Sonia of Disappear Fear
John Valby*
Laura Wetzler
The Working Girls

* = straight artist, far as I know


Some of the music heard on QMH can be purchased at Goldenrod Music

Goldenrod Music (if you click
on the link, and then buy a CD
I get a cut...hey, do you think
this website is cheap?...:)

Rene Lewis

I thank Rene Lewis, above, for emailing me his unreleased Christmas song, "It's So Nice To Be In Love."

George Maharis, 60's TV star, is shown below...Click on his LP to see a series of special pages on him, including some of his Playgirl Magazine photos

Bessie Smith, 1925

Bessie Smith, 1925

puppet Rod, from Avenue Q

Above is Rod, the closeted Republican puppet from the Broadway show "Avenue Q," with it soundtrack below and below that, John Tartaglia, the voice of Rod

Avenue Q soundtrack

John Tartaglia

"Carols For A Cure"

Above, "Carols for a Cure, V5"
which contains "Rod's Christmas."
Below, Dame Edna.

Dame Edna CD

The Working Girls


X-Rated X-Mas!

Click for my X-Rated X-Mas Show

This year I've figured out a way to get around those pesky FCC rules. Now you can hear those queer xmas songs that are Not ready for prime time radio. I've recorded an extra sort of bonus mini addition to my xmas shows, but you can only hear it at this site. For that special page, click on the candy cane above.


Haven't had enough queer xmas music yet? Then click to
visit my other xmas shows for December 2000 and
December 2001
and for December 2002 ......
and, gee, every year after...

Zonna, 1960 - 2003

Zonna's sketch of herself     What I Knew     Carved In Stone

On December 1, 2003, an artist friend of mine and a much-respected member
of the Outmusic community, died, at age 43. Click for some memories of her.

Zonnadelic     Zonna     Zonna