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Gladys Bentley

One of The best articles on Bentley was by Eric Garber
and appeared in OutLook, The National Lesbian & Gay Quarterly, Spring 1988
( references all over the net incorrectly cite it from Spring 1998 )
( Garber died in 1995, at age 40 )

Garber is about my favorite researcher concerning this history.
Here are two more related articles by him.

Homosexuality in 1920's Harlem

A Spectacle in Color: The Lesbian and
Gay Subculture of Jazz Age Harlem.

This is one of THE best articles on Bentley

Stop right here....this is the sentence that drives me crazy:

"Bentley later lived openly with her white lesbian lover and eventually married her in a highly publicized wedding ceremony."

"Highly publcized" where? when? if so publicized why is this the only reference? If anyone can fill in more Please let me know.

One more, on Rent Parties


Also, Click for a good article by Regina Jones
"How Does a Bulldagger Get Out of the Footnote? Or, Gladys Bentley's Blues"