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GLAMA Pics 1999!

I was fortunate to attend the last two ceremonies of the Gay & Lesbian American Music Awards, the GLAMAs... Here are some candid pics I took during the weekends surrounding those events. They are decidedly amateur photos taken in dimly lit rooms with a disposable camera, but, hey, I just wanted to share them!

The 3rd Annual GLAMA Awards were held on April 12th, 1999, at Manhattan Center, NYC. The Saturday before an artist's CD signing party was held at A Different Light. I'll start with pics from that.


GLAMA logo

Mark Weigle

Okay, this one of Mark was not at the CD signing party, I took it outside the Stonewall Inn

Rick Knight and Tom Ochoa of "Rainbow Room"

Mark Weigle, Jay McLellan, Patrick Arena

Veronica Klaus, Barnes, Patrick Arena

Barnes, Scott Free, and Dean
Johnson (of Velvet Mafia)

Patrick Arena, Christopher Hopkins, Andy Monroe

Andy Monroe, Patrick Arena, Barnes

Patrick Arena, Veronica Klaus,
Andy Monroe

(can you tell I hung out with Patrick a lot that weekend?....:)

JD & Christopher Hopkins

Andy Monroe & JD

Nedra Johnson and Sue de Nym

Daniel & Mark Weigle

Ed Diamond & Patrick Arena

  And, now, onto the awards...

  I was lucky to get on stage prior to the start to take group pics, along with the "real" photographers...

    I'll try to identify some of the artists....front row, starting with big-haired Sue Palmer (who then toured with Candye Kane), Sonia in red jacket, don't know the short-haired woman or the pseudo-blond in the white vest, but behind them are Tom McCormack and Fred Hersch. Finishing the front row are Jason Stuart and Holly Near. Second row begins with Candye Kane, not sure of the next two, but in UPS uniforms are the Butchies, in front of Patrick Arena and Andy Monroe. To the right of Andy is Veronica Klaus who is behind Zoe Lewis (to the right of Zoe is Diana Jones)...the rest of that row is vague to me, except for tall Lypsinka in grey jacket and Eileen Fulton in gold. Way in the back, Mark Weigle, Elizabeth Ziff (of Betty), Steve Steinberg (of Men Out Loud), someone I don't know in a tux, then Barnes, Alyson Palmer and Amy Ziff (both of Betty), Michael Mitchell, and (in white blouse) Catie Curtis.    A little different angle below, when not everyone was paying attention....

Outmusic Award winner
Ani Difranco

Marsha Malamet and Men Out Loud singer Steve Steinberg

GLAMA founders Michael Mitchell, with soaper Eileen Fulton (in gold), a glimpse of Lypsinka behind, and the "award girl," in red

Robert Drake, of Q'Zine
on WXPN in Philly

Mark Weigle, Bill Browne (of Outmusic Philly), Steve Cohen, and Larry Flick

Sue Palmer (who toured with Candye Kane) talking to Holly Near, (with Tom McCormack in the background)

Bill McKinley, Patrick Arena, and double winner Rick Jensen

JD & Grant King

Tina Benez and Veronica Klaus
surround an unknown cutie

The Butchies, in their UPS uniforms,
are (l to r) Alison Martlew, Kaia Wilson, Melissa York

Steve Cohen & JD

Catie Curtis

Frank Grimaldi

JD & Doug Stevens

Barnes & Alyson Palmer
(of Betty)

Andy Monroe & Patrick Arena took home an Outstanding Debut Recording GLAMA (well, actually, they didn't get it until much, much later...)

One of my favorite memories of my first GLAMAs is represented in this shot, of Patrick Arena, Steve Cohen, Andy Monroe, Jeff Krassner, Bill Browne, Rick Jensen, Mark Weigle, Doug Stevens, and Daniel (Mark's lover). As I was Patrick's houseguest for the weekend I somehow ended up being included for the ride in the limo Bill Browne rented for he and Steve Cohen to use to come down from Philly. Bill offered us a limo ride from the GLAMA ceremony to the after-party at Barracudas. So, here I was, all the way from Houston (I didn't even have my radio show yet), and I found myself in a limo full of some of my favorite artists. I already had every CD they all had issued. What a trip! So, I insisted on this group pic of them.

    Turn the page for pics from the 4th Annual GLAMA Awards, 2000...