Gertrude Stein & Alice B Toklas

In our queer history it is probably Gertrude Stein and Oscar Wilde who have inspired the most works by others
over the years. Along with Stein's own readings, and those of Alice, here are just a few of those creations.

Gertrude Stein - Gertrude Stein Reads from Her Works (recorded 1934-35, LP 1956)
Alice B Toklas - Readings (LP 1960)
In Circles (musical, LP 1968)
Gertrude Stein's First Reader (musical, LP 1969)
Gertrude Stein Gertrude Stein Gertrude Stein - by Pat Carroll (stage play, LP 1980)
Gerty Gerty Gerty Is Back Back Back - by Pat Bond (PBS video, 1981)
Loving Repeating - (musical, CD 2007)

Plus, a handful of songs by gay & lesbian artists:

from "Faggot," 1973, "Ordinary Things," Gertrude & Alice are characters in this musical
Phranc - "Gertrude Stein" ("Positively Phranc," 1991)
Jess Hawk Oakenstar - "Dear Gertrude Stein" ("Leave a Little Light Behind," 1995)
Butchies - "Gertrude + Stein" ("Population 1975," 1999)
Janell Rock - "Gertrude & Steins" ("Quiet Thrill," 2003)
Chuck Coleman - "Me and Gertrude Stein" ("People, Places, and Flings," 2003)

Plus, in the 1930's Virgil Thomson (1896 - 1989) composed two operas with libretti by Gertrude Stein

Gertrude & Alice Readings

Gertrude Stein Reads from Her Works, (1956, 18:53)
Alice B Toklas - Readings, (1960, 40:16)



Al Carmines, who later brought us the very first recorded "gay musical,"
"Faggot," set music to words by Gertrude Stein, with his show "In Circles," 1968

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Pat Carroll, 1980

Pat Bond LP box set, 1980   autographed lobby card

Pat Carroll - short clip from the recording, Act I

Below, program from Provincetown December 1979 production of the show

Toklas & Stein   Toklas & Stein

Toklas & Stein, 1934