Okay, there was the Gretchen Phillips Xperience and the Gretchen Phillips Ministries, here's.....

The Gretchen Phillips Connection

In the rich Austin music scene there were many artists who recorded with Gretchen. This is an attempt to chronicle some of their musical endeavors. And it's very likely not a complete listing; please let me know what's missing.

Note: many of the images have photos "behind" them if you pass your cursor over them

Two Nice Girls:  Laurie Freelove, Kathy Korniloff, Meg Hentges, Pam Barger, Gretchen Phillips

Laurie Freelove

"Fifty Words for Snow"
     (Lauries Oranges, 1989)
"Particles Of The World"
     (Three Song Demo)
"Smells Like Truth"
     (Chrysalis 21849, 1991)
"Sixty Stanley Road"
     (independant release, 1995)
"The Invisible Invisible"
     (Lauries Oranges, 1996)
"Songs from the Nineline"
     (Lauries Oranges, 1996)
"Seven Songs Personal Recordings"
     (Nineline Productions, 2003)

Laurie Freelove

plus, had songs appearing on the CDs: "Manuel's Womens Festival Compilation I & II" (1997 & 1998)

Fifty Words for SnowSmells Like Truth60 Stanley Road

The Invisible InvisibleSongs from the Nineline"Seven Songs, Personal Recordings"

Manuel's Womens Festival Compilation IManuel's Womens Festival Compilation II

Kathy Korniloff

"Guitarrorists," various artists
(No. 6 Records, 1991)
song: "I Really Can't Say" by Kathy Korniloff

"Early Stages" - Therapy Sisters
(Clinical Records 9806, 1998) plays electric guitar
song: "Middle Class White Girl"

GuitarroristsEarly Stages

Meg Hentges

"Tattoo Urge"
(Tim Kerr Records, 5-song cassette 92, 1992)
Backing Band: Gretchen Phillips, Darcee Douglas, Joel Duhon, Pam Barger, Doug Corzine, Judith Ferguson, Ruth Werst-Partridge

on "It's Finally Christmas"
(Tim Kerr Records, 1994, various artists)
song: "Christmas Time Is Here"

(Tim Kerr Records, 1995)
Backing Band: Lisa Wickware, Darcee Douglass, Joel Duhon, Judith Ferguson
Mixed by Meg Hentges & Gretchen Phillips

"This Kind of Love"/"Bob on the Waves"
(Robbins Entertainment, 7" 45rpm, 1998)

"Brompton's Cocktail"
(Robbins Entertainment, 1999)
Backing Band: Adam Schlesinger, Jude

Tattoo UrgeIt's Finally Christmas

AfterlaughThis Kind of Love (45)

Brompton's CocktailMeg Hentges

Pam Barger

Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet
"Make It Funky God"
(Horn Hut Records, 6-song EP, 1994)
Band: Amy Denio (alto), Jessica Lurie (alto, tenor), Margorie de Muynck (soprano, tenor), Barbara Marino (baritone), Pam Barger (drums)

Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet - "Box"
(New World Records, 1996)

Note: they also had a 1992 release, "Saxhouse," but Pam was not listed on that CD

Amy Denio -  "Greatest Hits"
(Uncle Circle Rekkids, 1999)

Craig Ross -  "Dead Spy Report"
(MCA, 1996)

Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone QuartetBilly Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet

Amy Denio - Greatest HitsCraig Ross - Dead Spy ReportPam Barger

I've also read, but have not been able to verify, that she was a member of Pretty Mary Sunshine (A&M), and has recorded with Nona Hendryx and Michael Blaire

Girls In The Nose (1990):  Kay Turner, Betsy Peterson, Joanna Labow, Darcee Douglas, Pam Barger, Gretchen Phillips

Kay Turner
website about her

While I could not find any solo guest appearances by her on recordings, I did find that she has become a prolific author/editor:

"I Dream of Madonna: Women's Dreams of the Goddess of Pop" (1993)

"Dear Sappho: A Legacy of Lesbian Love Letters" (1996)

"Beautiful Necessity: The Art and Meaning of Women's Altars" (1999)

"Baby Precious Always Shines: Selected Love Notes Between Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas" (2000)

I Dream of MadonnaDear SapphoBeautiful Necessity

Baby Precious Always ShinesKay Turner, photo by Kay Keys

Darcee Douglas

In addition to being in Lord Douglas Phillips, she was a founding member of "Swine King", an amazing band fronted by Randy "Biscuit" Turner, who died suddenly on August 16, 2005.

Swine King:
"Gargantuan Fantasy Mall" (Eco-Disaster, 1999)
"Outpunk Dance Party" (various artists, 1995, song: "All Broke Down")

and she was a sometimes member of Raunchy Reckless & the Amazons, an Austin band, who released a demo CD called "Out for Ambrosia" in 2000, and it was later issued as a 6-song CD called "I Texas Rock & Roll," with such fun titles as "Dyke Hag," "Manchest," and "WWXD," where the X of course stands for Xena. More, at this site.

Swine King  VA: Outpunk Dance Party

Out for Ambrosia  I Texas Rock & Roll

Note: My internet research did not reveal for Betsy Peterson or Joanna Labow any solo CDs or guest appearances on other recordings.

Girls In The Nose (1992): Kay Turner, Joanna Labow, Jean DuSablon, Darby Smotherman, MJ Torrance, Lisa Wickware

This was the line-up for their 1992 release "Origin of the World" (see discography page) and as a group their song "Does God Have Us By the Twat or What?" appeared on the various artists tribute album "Across the Great Divide: Songs of Jo Carol Pierce" (Deja Disc 3203, 1992)

Across the Great Divide

Darby Smotherman

I could not find any solo guest spots by Darby but I did find that she has "joined the circus"...see website article about her

Darby Smotherman

Lisa Wickware
Handful site
webpage about Handful
webpage about Swamp Girls

on "Afterlaugh" - Meg Hentges
(Tim Kerr Records, 1995)

Lisa has been in a number of bands, most of which I do not think have had releases, including recently, the Swamp Girls. Her album with the group Handful was released in 1999,and contained the song "2 Nice Girls," in partial tribute, I've read.

 Handful & their CD Handful poster

above left, Handful, and to the right a 1998 poster for them...note
that they were appearing with Lord-Douglas-Walston-Phillips

Jean DuSablon

Lynzi Wildheart & the Amazon Range Riders
(self-titled album, 1996)

Lynzi Wildheart & the Amazon Range Riders
"Edge of the West"
(4-song CD EP, 2000)
Band: Lynzi Wildheart, Cadence Kay, Jean DuSablon, Sue Ecklin

on "Some Folks" - Rebecca Riots
(RR 298, 1998)

on "Live at the Freight & Salvage" - Rebecca Riots
(RR-GO4IT, 1998)

While not an official member of Rebecca Riots (who were Andrea Prichett, Eve Decker & Lisa Zeiler), Jean played bass on both the above recordings. She was not on their 2000 CD "Gardener," and I do not know if she was on their other two releases: "Rebecca Riots" (1995) and "Just As Sure" (2004)

on "Over the Underpass" - Helen Chaya
(Folk Diva Records, 2000)

on "Groovy Judy" - Groovy Judy
(Hey Judy Productions, 2000)

Edge of the WestLynzi Wildheart

Rebecca Riots - Some FolksRebecca Riots - Live at the Freight & Salvage

Helen ChayaGroovy Judy

I've also read she has worked with J Byrd Hosch and her band

MJ Torrance

"MJ Torrance"
"I Feel Fine"
with Girls In The Nose, on V.A. "Where's My Pony," Austin Christmas Compilation, 1991, song: "More Madonna Less Jesus"
documentary soundtrack
film by Beth Wistorich, 1992
"Take Me 'Round" - 1992

"Bozeman Acoustic Project"
as MJ Torrance & Second Nature
1997, Montana various artists comp

"Sparks from a Live Wire"

"Beside Ourselves"
as by Doppel Gang - 2002

" Here to Here"  - 2004

MJ logo

I Feel Fine (with two different cassette covers)

Take Me 'Round

MJ Torrance

Take Me 'Round

Sparks from a Live Wire

Here to Here


Girls In The Nose, on a comp

Where's My Pony?

"Where's My Pony? X-Mas in Austin, 1991"

Not quite sure where else to list this one, as it's a use of a GITN track (not involving Gretchen) on a various artists comp. The track used is "More Madonna, Less Jesus," which was from the "Origin of the World" release. Note that Terri Lord's also on this one, with "The Immaculate Deception (Mary Ain't a Virgin)."

Gretchen Phillips Xperience & Gretchen Phillips Ministries: Jo Walston, Andy Loomis, & Gretchen
Jo Walston
webpage about her

Joan of Arkansas
"Explosion in Texas: Vol. 1, Austin Underground"
(Sector2, 1992, various artists cassette)
song: "My Biggest Mistake"
(I do not know if this band released any CDs)

with Meat Purveyors:

"Sweet In The Pants"
(Bloodshot Records, 1998)

"More Songs About Buildings and Cows"
(Bloodshot Records, 1999)

"All Relationships Are Doomed To Fail"
(Bloodshot Records, 2002)

"Pain by Numbers"
(Bloodshot Records, 2004)

on VA "Making Singles, Drinking Doubles"
(Bloodshot Records, 2002)
song: "The Madonna Trilogy"

Explosion in Texas comp     Sweet in the PantsMore Songs About Buildings and Cows

All Relationships Are Doomed to FailPain by NumbersVA: Making Singles, Drinking Doubles

Meat Purveyors Andy Loomis

Google says he's played with Craig Ross, but I do not know if that means he recorded with him, or if he happens to be on the same album, "Dead Spy Report," as Pam Barger (above).

Note: Walston and Loomis are straight

Lord Douglas Phillips:  Terri Lord, Darcee Douglas, Gretchen Phillips
Terri Lord
in Sincola:

(Rise Records, 1994, EP)

"What the Nothinghead Said"
(Caroline Records, 1995)

"Crash Landing in Teen Heaven"
(Caroline Records, 1996)

Terri Lord, 2003

What the Nothinghead Said

Crash Landing in Teen Heaven

they also released several 45s and CD EPs

Terri Lord

and, see "Where's My Pony," above

Phillips & Driver:  Gretchen Phillips and David Driver
David Driver
webpage about him

in Meow - "Goalie For The Other Team)
(Out CD 120, 1995)

in the original cast of "Rent"
(Dreamworks 50003, 1996)

David Driver Quartet
"Night Time"
(Comma Records 619-3, 2000)

on "Fire at Keaton's Bar & Grill"
by Roy Nathanson
(Six Degress CD 4RDR2, 2000,
with Debbie Ha
rry, Elvis Costello, Darius De Haas)

In 2002 David starred in an Off-Broadway run of a musical called "People Are Wrong," and there was a promotional soundtrack produced. He played charismatic cult leader named Xanthus. See Here and Here.

Meow - "Goalie for the Other Team""Rent" Soundtrack

David Driver Quartet - "Night Time""Fire at Nathan's Bar & Grill" by Roy Nathanson    People Are Wrong

And....I found these informative paragraphs about David on the net:

Driver has also performed in and created music for theater projects. He was in the original Broadway company of "Rent," as well as the La Jolla Playhouse / Streisand Festival production of Frank London’s "Bei Nacht" and Theatreworks USA's production of "Romeo and Juliet." He recently appeared in the new rock opera "People Are Wrong!" at Off Broadway’s Vineyard Theater.

His work has been heard on NPR's "All Things Considered" as well as Vin Scelsa's "Idiot's Delight" on WNEW-FM and "CityFolk" on WFUV-FM in New York. He can often be heard on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart singing "Pride Of America," the show's closing theme.

Driver is currently appearing alongside Deborah Harry, Elvis Costello, ex-Psychedelic Fur Richard Butler, jazz veteran Nancy King, and other luminaries on “Fire at Keaton’s Bar and Grill,” (Six Degrees Records) chief Jazz Passenger Roy Nathanson’s music theater piece/concept album. The live performance played to sell-out crowds at its debut at The Arts at St. Ann's in Brooklyn, and continues to tour Europe and America.

Miscellaneous:    cover versions of "Last $10" appear on these two recordings...
Women In Comfortable Shoes     Rebekah Florence
Women In Comfortable Shoes - "Sole Searching"
(Mustapuu Music, 1992)

Rebekah Florence -
"Mexican Prozak"
"Under Stress Records, 1998)


please let me know if there are other recordings of "I Spent My Last $10 on Birth Control & Beer"