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Below, original label and later pressing of "Dina & Patrina"

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Below, the book that inspired the Honeycombs' biggest hit


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The David Crosby song "Triad" was originally intended for the 1967 LP
"The Notorious Byrd Brothers," but the others balked at such an
explicit song. It wasn't until 30 years later, with the remastered CD reissue
that the song was again included. It did appear though on the 1971
live album, "Four Way Street." And in 1968 Jefferson Airplane included
an excellent version of the song on their "Crown of Creation" LP.



If you enjoyed this program I thoroughly recommend the CD

"Queer Noises 1961 - 1978: From the Closet to the Charts"

I'm truly honored that in their liner notes they gave a mention of my work.