April 2003
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Ginni Clemmens
1936 - 2003


In 1980 Ginni Clemmens produced the various artists album shown above, on her own label, Open Door Records. It was also released that same year on Folkways Records. Click on the image to see an enlargement of the back of the album, and pass your cursor over it to see the Folkways version.

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Playlist        [airdate 4/28/03]

Tribute to Ginni Clemmens
Love Somebody (1980)
Sing a Rainbow (1965)
Wild Women Don't Get the Blues (1981)
Lady-O (1976)
Long Time Friends (1976)
Best Friend (the Unicorn Song) (1975)
Volcano Mama (Geothermal Blues) (2001)

Kinsey Sicks Interview
Gay Straight or Bi (1999)
Locked Out of the Chapel of Love (2002)


Kinsey Sicks Medley:
  the Group Kinsey Sicks
  Where the Goys Are
  Gay Sera Sera
  Baby Dyke
  Bugle Boy on Avenue B
  You're Scaring Us
  Proud Marys
  Kinsey Sicks Theme Song

Sing A Rainbow LP

Photo by C Vrdolyak, from Paid My Dues, Fall '78

Right, her 1981 album (again on her Open Door label), called "Wild Women Don't Get The Blues." It featured Margie Adam on piano on a Ginni Clemmens favorite, "Solid Ground." Below is the sheet music for that song; click on it to enlarge.
Far right she's on the cover of the Chicago folk magazine "Come For To Sing," for it's Summer 1979 edition. An excellent interview with Ginni from that issue can be read at the Old Town School of Folk Music site

from Long Time Friends LP insert

Click on the image above to see the LP insert for "Long Time Friends" and read her message to her fans

Photo from "Wild Women" LP liner notes

from Windy City Times, Oct '85, photographer unknown

Above, from circa 1985, her button says "Wild Women Don't Get the Blues"

Photo by Toni Armstrong Jr, from Hot Wire, Jan '94

In 1965 Ginni Clemmens released her first album, "Sing A Rainbow & Other Children's Songs," on the Folkways label. By 1997 she released her first openly lesbian album, "I'm Looking For Some Long Time Friends," on her own Open Door label. In 1980 she produced "Gay & Straight Together," an album of songs by artists who were gay & straight, young & old, and male & female. Artists included Paula Walowitz, Judith Carsello, Kristin Lems, Kitty Barber, Michelle Brody, and Jeffrey Jones, among others.

Photo by Gail Indvik, from Paid My Dues, Oct '75

Wild Women Don't Get the Blues


Long Time Friends LP

Photo by Toni Armstrong Jr, from Paid My Dues, Winter '78

cover of Come For To Sing, Summer '79

Photo by Merle, from "Wild Women" LP

Ginni Clemmens Discography

Sing A Rainbow & Other Children's Songs (Folkways 7637, 1965)
Long Time Friends (Open Door, no #, 1976)
We All Have A Song (Folkways 7576, 1977, children's album)
Gay & Straight Together (Open Door 1003, 1980, Various Artists)
Gay & Straight Together (Folkways 8580, 1980)
Wild Women Don't Get The Blues (Open Door 1004, 1981)
Loping Thru The Cosmos (Flying Fish 320, 1983)
Underneath Hawaiian Skies (self-released, 2001)

Also appeared on the LP "Gathering at the Earl of Old Town," (Dunwich 670, from 1970, below right) a various artists album usually listed as a Steve Goodman LP, as it was his first appearance on vinyl. Ginni has two songs on it, "Wild Women
Don't Get the Blues," and "I Met a Boy."

Photographer unknown  Photo by Emily Friedman, from Come For To Sing   photographer unknown  Gathering at the Earl of Old Town 

Her recording of "Solid Ground" from the "Wild Women..." album also appeared on the 1999 two-CD compilation, "High Risk: a Benefit of Chicago Lesbian Singers for LCCP." This benefits the Lesbian Community Cancer Project, and was produced by Outlines Newspaper. It features 37 singers and groups from the 70s, 80s & 90s, including Patricia Barber, Ellen Rosner, Linda Shear, Paula Walowitz, Stewed Tomatoes, Ripley Caine, Surrender Dorothy (Toni Armstrong Jr & Paula Walowitz and Laurie Lee Moses), Three Dollar Bill, Diane Laffey, Paula Berg and many more.

Lopin' Along Thru the Cosmos


High Risk compilation CD

Photo by Phylane NOrman, from back cover of "Lopin'.." LP

from her Hawaiian CD

Photo courtesy of Laurie FuchsPhoto courtesy of Laurie Fuchs

Photo courtesy of Laurie Fuchs

Below, rare video of Ginni

stolen from their website

The KS CDs


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Kinsey Sicks

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Chicago KS Poster

Poster for their Chicago concert

Trixie & Rachel, Photo by JD

Trampy & Winnie, Photo by JD

Above and left, the Kinsey Sicks at their Houston concert in January 2003; and below left, after the concert with Jimmy Carper and me. Jimmy is the producer of After Hours on KPFT and the person responsible (and to blame) for getting me into radio

Photo by Dalton Dalhart

Photo by Dalton Dalhart



who are these guys?

Photo by Dalton Dalhart

Above, very rare shots of three of the Kinseys out of drag. Can you pick which one is
a) Trampolina
b) Winnie
c) Rachel

Yes, they are really scaryYes, they are really scaryYes, they are really scaryYes, they are really scaryYes, they are really scaryYes, they are really scaryYes, they are really scaryYes, they are really really scary