AudioFile Archives


Welcome to the AudioFile Archives. On these pages you'll be able to hear the sound files, and see the CD covers for the recordings we've featured since AudioFile was started in January of 1997, by Chris Wilson, Pam Marshall and Christopher David Trentham.

Our mostly 8-minute segments were carried by the radio
newsmagazine This Way Out, on over 200 stations worldwide.

  I became a co-producer in January of 2001, and it's my pleasure to bring you this archive, as part of my Queer Music Heritage website.
Also on these pages you'll find some "bonus" shows, including
features we were associated with that appeared on This Way Out.
These include coverage of the GLAMA Awards, the Outmusic Awards, and a special documentary called "Queer Vinyl: Ten Recordings That Shaped Our Music History." Just click on each year.
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                                                                                                     JD Doyle

Plus, see the Audiofle Artist Index
To see what artists made it in what year
And who were featured the most

At the end of 2010 we ended our 14-year run on This Way Out,
opting to move on to other projects. But we thoroughly enjoyed
bringing you each year the best of the new recordings by
GLBT artists.

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