From my first blog entry, 12/27/11

Welcome to Queer Music Heritage -- The Blog
Several people have suggested that I start a blog, and I have hesitated as I
already heap loads of work on my own plate with producing the radio shows
Queer Music Heritage and OutRadio. They probably average three hours of
new programming each per month, and some shows require a great deal of

And my website is always growing, up to over 1700 pages now. I am also
always adding new (old) information to other site sections, such as the
Female Impersonation and Women’s Music, and other special interest areas.

And all that is probably a good incentive to start a blog. The website is so
“deep” visitors would never be aware of some of the gems if they did not
know they were there. So, the blog will accent those. Also, I will not leave
out “new” music. That’s the stuff heard mostly on the companion show for
QMH, OutRadio.

I love giving exposure to new artists. Some of this info I already post to
Facebook, a wonderful playground, but that wall just moves too fast,
especially when your number of friends climbs. I doubt my posts

here will follow any regularity, as the radio shows come first, but I hope
this blog remains near the front burner.

Well, a lot has changed. As I write this, May 2023, I know that I lost
steam during 2014 and 2015, as in March 2015 I did my last radio
shows. I was launching two huge websites: Houston LGBT History,
and the Texas Obituary Project. They demanded the rest of my attention,
and more. The QMH site is up to 2137 pages and I barely add to it at all, but
maintain that archive of 15 years of shows, and over 580 hours of content.

The other two sites now total over 18,000 pages, and while I began this
blog in WordPress as a separate entity, I have decided that, no, it needs
to be an actual part of the QMH site, and under firmer control, for the future.
So, here are the 215 blog entries I created.

The QMH Blogs

In order of last entry


  • Barney’s Beanery – Fagots Stay Out
  • 2017

  • AIDS Bells – Ian Jones
  • 2016

  • Everyhead, a Rock Opera (with an Explicit Gay Section)
  • Circle Jurk – An Obscure Recording by a Member of The Nylons
  • Habanita, from Le Carrousel de Paris
  • Jack Elliott’s Gay 45
  • Queer Theory – 1960s Style, Homosexuality on LP
  • The Gay Teenager
  • 2015

  • “Mad About the Boy”….Who Is Singing This Version???
  • Willmer “Little Axe” Broadnax: Gospel Singer and Secret Transman
  • 2014

  • Jennifer Leitham’s “Future Christmas”
  • Jesse Hultberg – 20 Years Old
  • Deidre McCalla – Everyday Heroes & Heroines
  • Tona Brown: Black Transgender Mezzo-Soprano & Violinist Sings Langston Hughes
  • The Montrose Men, a 1979 Houston Singing Act
  • What if Marlene Dietrich Was in a 1960s Girl Group?
  • Micah Barnes – New York Story
  • The Day I Met Ray Hill
  • Everyone Is Gay
  • Downton Abbey: The Inspiration of the Jack Ross Character
  • Young Jessie’s Transphobic 45 RPM Record
  • Yes, a Lyrically-Gay Song from 1957!
  • 2013

  • Paul Jabara and Friends, Part 2 (and that includes Whitney Houston)
  • She N She
  • Antigone Rising – Santa, You Owe Me
  • High Risk (This Is Some Deep Lesbian Music History)
  • Matt Fishel Does “Oh, Santa!”
  • Garry Novikoff Likes Men
  • The Vinyl Closet Sings Pink, Black & Blues
  • Florenze Tempest – Male Impersonator
  • Nathan Leigh Jones is “Crying Out For Love”
  • Levi Kreis Releases LGBT Charity EP
  • Scott Free: “Happy Pride Day Moscow”
  • Levi Kreis Talks About His New CD
  • Against Me! New EP “True Trans”
  • Vegas In Space
  • “The Gay World of Kenneth Marlow”…Gay Cartoons, 1966 Style
  • Anthony Rapp, After “Rent”
  • One Common Heartbeat, A Leather Anthem
  • Mary’s Naturally – The Song
  • Paisley Fields – Windows Fogged Up In Your Pickup Truck
  • Rev JM Gates – “Manish Women”
  • The Battle of the Bette Davis Impersonators
  • Rod Stewart’s “The Killing of Georgie”
  • “Why the F@#k Aren’t We Famous” by The Kinsey Sicks
  • The First Openly Gay Country Singer….Was Patrick Haggerty, in 1973
  • Tom Goss Sings, and Talks About – “Bears”
  • Anita Bryant Sucks Oranges
  • The Most Important LGBT Song of Recent Years…Is By A Straight Guy
  • Frank (Foo Foo) Lammar
  • Querelle – Music & Art
  • “We Have the Right,” a Marriage Equality Anthem by Samia
  • Same-Sex Broadway: The Stage Collection
  • “I Am What I Am,” in Spanish, by Sandra Mihanovich
  • Miss Destiny Tells All
  • Judge Judy
  • Gay Boy Scout Songs
  • Queer Things
  • Louis Farrakhan Sings About Christine Jorgensen
  • Gay & Lesbian Prom Songs
  • Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?
  • Vancouver Pride Song
  • The Supremes Fabulettes Are Back
  • Controversial French Bullying Video
  • Clause 28, in Song
  • Jimmy Callaway Sings, and Tells Jokes
  • Summer Osborne – Singer Extraordinaire
  • Michael Callen: AIDS Activist
  • Clifton & Gladys Celebrate Easter
  • John Day – Houston’s Gay Pride Singer
  • Return of The Deadly Nightshade
  • Jenni Dale Lord – Good Country
  • Well-Strung, and They Can Sing, Too!
  • Houston’s Mustang Band
  • Tommy Martelle – The Gay Young Bride
  • RuPaul’s Sex Freak
  • Danny O’Connor Became Canary Conn
  • Aussie Singer Jenny Biddle
  • Olivia Cruise 40th Anniversary Finale
  • “My Wife and My Best Friend’s Girl”
  • Gay Super Bowl Song
  • Gladys Bentley Tribute
  • Homer Marrs Calls “Bear411”
  • Brendan Maclean Gets Stupid
  • 40th Anniversary Tribute to Olivia Records
  • Judy Reagan – Hollywood Haircut
  • Rubettes – Under One Roof
  • Image: The Quarterly Magazine for the Sophisticated Crossdresser
  • Lesley Gore & Dusty Springfield Sing Commercials
  • 2012

  • OutRadio Best of 2012 Show
  • DykeAppella: Lesbian Picnic +3 Video
  • Teddy Boys – He Only Goes Out With Boys
  • TWO: The Homosexual Viewpoint in Canada
  • Gay Novelty “Record,” 1962
  • Winter Moon
  • Matt Ryanz – It’s Never Enough
  • Worst Gay Xmas 45 of the 80’s?
  • Brothers Butch – Kay, Why?
  • Hanukkah Music by LGBT Artists
  • Supreme Fabulettes
  • Jim Stryker Speaks
  • Wade Murphy – “(All I Want Is a ) DILF for Christmas”
  • Billy Banks – Oh, Peter, You’re So Nice
  • Richard Hefner – Girls & Boys
  • Rod McKuen Sings about 1960’s French Drag Queen Hustlers
  • OutPostChoir – Be Out, Sing Out
  • Haberdashery, A Synthpop Delight
  • Declan Bennett Interview
  • Tom Goss Is Naked
  • Songs About Billy Tipton
  • Animal, No Bitch
  • Stephen Leonard CD “His Fire”
  • Songs for Matthew Shepard
  • Matt Gold CD
  • Gay Porn Stars Who Sing
  • Hey, Liberace!
  • Honoring Our Ancestors
  • Ginger Doss
  • Billy Barnes
  • Sean Wood – Sudden Love
  • Jeff Straker – Vagabond CD
  • Lavender Cowboy – A Song History
  • I Love To Be Queer
  • The Many Sides of Zebedy Colt
  • Mike Rickard: Regular or Hi-Test?
  • Frankie “Half-Pint” Jaxon
  • Sissy Man Blues
  • Ramil – Believe in Love
  • Christine Jorgensen Enjoyed Being a Girl
  • Disappear Fear – Get Your Phil
  • Stephan Nance & “A Trouble Piece of Fruit” CD
  • Brett Every Likes Guys, 10 of Them
  • Chris Riffle & “Another Dream”
  • The Athens Boys Choir Needs Your Help
  • John Flanagan’s “Pretty Lies”
  • Sally Ride
  • AG Gender-Bends The Beatles
  • Addicted to the Music of Kevin Wong
  • Mike Burns CD “Chapter Twenty-Seven”
  • Bradley Manning, the Song
  • Paul Jabara & Friends
  • Gertrude & Alice Recordings
  • Billie Lee, 50’s Gay Comedian
  • Gotham, Gay Cabaret Act
  • (Nearly) Naked Musicians
  • In GLBT Music, the B is Mostly (Lyrically) Silent.
  • Boot Camp, or Leather Bar: The Musical
  • And I Am Telling You…Three Times
  • Songs Inspired by Harvey Milk
  • Kat Devlin
  • Alicia Bridges
  • Cheyenne Jackson: Drive
  • Straight Comic, Gay Album (1972)
  • Camp Records Label
  • Aaron Bridgers, Jazz Pianist and Partner of Billy Strayhorn
  • New EP by LP: “Into the Wild – Live At EastWest Studios”
  • Women’s Music Portal on QMH
  • Todd Alsup
  • Dyke, A Quarterly
  • Coccinelle – France’s Most Famous Transsexual
  • Rare Video: Berkeley Women’s Music Collective
  • Sid Spencer Tribute
  • Matt Fishel – Behind Closed Doors
  • Adrienne Rich, and Others, on LP
  • Interviews: Sir Ari Gold, and More
  • “Nights of Love on Lesbos”
  • The Gentleman Doesn’t Shave
  • Gosh, I won….(plus, a surprise video)
  • Testimony – Stephen Schwartz & SFGMC
  • Garrin Benfield at SXSW
  • Darren Ockert “The Rain from London” EP
  • German Lesbian Bands
  • Bayard Rustin Sings
  • Labi Siffre – Something Inside So Strong
  • Songs of a Lesbian Anarchist
  • Charles Ludlum’s “The Ridiculous Theatrical Company”
  • Is this THE most gay video?
  • Tribute to the band Rebecca Riots
  • David Kelsey Gay Organ
  • Veronica Klaus CD: Something Cool
  • Tab Hunter: Okay singer, DAMN good looking
  • New Kiya Heartwood CD: “Bold Swimmer”
  • Most Homoerotic 45 rpm Picture Sleeve of the 70’s
  • James Baldwin LP
  • Christopher Isherwood Reads…
  • Francis Renault: The Parisian Fashion Plate, with a $5000 Wardrobe
  • Swan Pride Celebrated by the band Bye June in the song “Shades of Purple”
  • Madeline Davis – Stonewall Nation – The First Gay Liberation Record
  • “History Remembers” by John Whitley-Gibson & Peter Saxe
  • Leah Zicari – “Glory Glory,” an Early GLBT Anthem – Story & Music
  • “Big Bad John” and “Big Bad Bruce”…ah, Those Homophobic 60’s
  • Chris Salvatore — Broke Another Heart, but It Gets Better
  • Polari – England’s Secret Gay Language
  • Eli Lieb – Place of Paradise
  • Anna Gutmanis – “I Am Who I Am” & “Glimmer in the Dark”
  • Charming Teenagers – With a Message
  • Spencer Day – Future Jazz Star (in my humble opinion)
  • Gallavin: My Baby Just Cares for Me
  • Ryan Cassata: I’m Not “Trans Enough”
  • Declan Bennett & Ani DiFranco, on Stage in London
  • Truman Capote was a Sissy, See the Music Video
  • A Tribute to the band Yer Girlfriend
  • The Tornados – “Do You Come Here Often?” [ Gay – in the UK, 1966 ]
  • New CD by Levi Kreis, and a Mini Music History
  • The First Time I Heard Gay Music
  • OutRadio for January 2012
  • 2011

  • Mark Weigle Tribute
  • Masculine Women, Feminine Men
  • My First YouTube Videos….Leaping Lesbians & Maxine Feldman
  • Queer Music History 101
  • Welcome to Queer Music Heritage — The Blog