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This is my 15th Transgender Music Special, and this time I've got an interview with Eli Conley, and lots of additional music in Parts 2 & 3. Those segments will feature 34 songs by 22 more artists.
Paul Wagner was one of the early pioneers of our music history, being among the first to release an LP including lyrically gay material, in 1973....now, 41 years later, I have an interview with him telling us all about it, and also the NYC Gay Activist Alliance scene at The Firehouse.
Accidentally gay songs of the 1920s/1930s. I call these cross-vocals, as they were, for example,
meant to be sung by a woman but were sung by a man, keeping the pronouns intact. They
were gay only in hindsight, and today are lots of fun.
It's been a couple years since I dove into Gay Musicals, and this time I cover a big range, from 1959 to brand new, including some quite rare and obscure.
This month I have a special show I call Gay-o de Mayo, on which I'm playing three hours
of songs by LGBT artists sung in Spanish. No, I don't speak Spanish but hey, I'm bringing you
the music anyway. So, enjoy while I gamely butcher the pronunciation of the artist names and titles.
Ah, it's June, and here's a theme I've never done, a salute (two hours) to Houston LGBT Artists, some new, some vintage, and I found so much material, this will be condinued in July.

I wanted to cover so much in the June show, that it spilled over into July, so...here's my salute to Houston LGBT Artists, Part 2.

Teen View: Music of LGBT Youth...that's my special theme for August, with the goal of giving voice to our young people, and share how they expressed their struggles, frustrations, loves and longings in song.
This show is a salute to the Trash Disco music of the late 70s and early 80s that was by artists who were openly gay....and that wasn't many. So I'm bringing you (in my opinion) the very best.
My tribute to the late, great Sid Spencer, who in my opinion was perhaps our most talented country artist. The show includes two hours of previously unreleased live performance music, culled by his family over eight years.
I have not done a Blues show since 2007 (not counting the Gladys Bentley special, Feb 2013) and this show justifies its name "Obscure Queer Blues," as it goes way deep. It focuses mostly on the 20s/30s but I slip in a handful of others to give some later queer examples.

Of course it's my Queer Xmas Special this year... the xmas music you Won't be sick of by now.