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This is my 14th Transgender Music Special, and this time I've got interviews with Eli of The Shondes, Kali Boyce, aka King TuffNStuff, and Ricky & Simcha of Schmekel; and lots of additional music: in all, 52 songs by 26 different artists, in a four hour show.
Gladys Bentley Tribute. I've been wanting to do this show for quite some time, and kept putting it off, as she is kind of an intimidating subject. But I've tackled it, sharing music across her entire career, including some very rare unreleased tracks, and I wrapped them with lots of commentary about her and the times in which she was making music.
The Return of The Deadly Nightshade, with their first album in 36 years. This pioneering band was the first all-female band signed to a major label who also recorded feminist music. Member Pam Brandt tell us all about the history, in this three-hour tribute.
My first Country Music special since 2005, and it includes an in-depth interview with Canadian artist Drake Jensen, and then three more hours of country music by GLBT artists, with 50 songs by 41 artists, 15 of whom I've not played before on my shows..
A Michael Callen Tribute Show, and he was one of the artists I hold in most esteem, both for his music and AIDS activism. As usual I got carried away and the result is a four-hour show,
packed with music from all parts of Michael's career. And I also have interviews and
comments from a number of people who worked with him along the way, eleven in total.
For Pride Month I'm sharing my subjective list of the best of our anthems, of course only by LGBT artists. They span from 1972 through 2011 and lots of different genres.

This month it's all about drag queens, and I mean that in the most lyrical way. The songs were selected not because they were by drag queens, but because they were ABOUT them. In Part 1 it's drag queens singing about themselves, and in Parts 2 & 3, all bets are off, and you'll hear songs all over the map, from many genres and viewpoints.

Two special interviews this month, with Canadian Kate Reid about her educational CD "Queer Across Canada," and with the prolific Eric Himan, celebrating his 13th CD. Both interviews will also delve into my faves from each artist's earlier recordings.
This month show is dedicated to a whole lot of Lesbian Music Obscurities, with perhaps some even fans of these artists may have missed. So, here's rare material galore, and I had fun putting together Part 2, as every song has the word 'dyke' in its title.
Jamie Anderson has a new CD, her tenth, and I have her to talk about it, in this two-hour trek through the new one and her music history.
Buena Vista was the very Out band in 1977's landmark film "Word Is Out." They captured my
attention then and for years I have wanted to explore, and share, their story and music. I got help this month from band members Andrew Brown and Richard Dworkin, with additional help from author Greg Youmans, who wrote a book on the film.

I'm doing something different for my Queer Xmas Special this year...Part 1 is an exclusive interview with Aussie artist Nathan Leigh Jones, all about his CD "Brand New Christmas." And then there's three more hours of the xmas music you Won't be sick of by now.