2 by Doug Stevens

Mark Weigle -- Y'All

Tom Wilson

Keith Christopher - Cam Clarke

Jeff Krassner -- Zrazy

Conn. GMC -- Deadly Nightshade

Julian Clary - Judy Fjell

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Sonia -- RuPaul

Romanovsky & Phillips - David Sereda

Jade & Sarsaprilla - Higbie & Trull

Lynn Carter - Matthew Cloran

Meg Christian

Kathy Fire -- Kay Gardner

Venus Envy -- Sylvester

Grant King

My tenth anniversary show, and an exclusive Interview with Holly Near, the iconic Women's Music Pioneer...you might call the show 25 Songs With Holly Near.
The February show features interviews with the Canadian-Aussie duo Sugarbeach, singer/songwriters Phil Putnam, Joe Settineri and Skott Freedman, with some extras.
Queer Nation: The Music & the Politics - Then & Now, with interviews with the band Queer Conscience; Houston pioneering activist Ray Hill, and Good Asian Drivers
Six Interviews: Christopher Dallman, Mike Rickard, Brett Every, Dylan Rice, Richard Cortez, and Jeff Heiskell, all with new CDs.
A musical and historical journey back to visit "The Pansy Craze" of the late 1920's and early 1930's, with the (very) rare music of the performers involved.
"Harvey Milk Music," …music about and inspired by the Harvey Milk story. He affected and continues to affect people on a personal level, so here's the musical part.

Whether her music goes by Disappear Fear, Sonia of Disappear Fear, Sonia, or Sonia & Disappear Fear, Sonia Rutstein has contributed much to our music history.

Interview with Troy Walker, one of our pioneers, who has been performing for over 50 years. Plus 2 hours of "Songs I've Been Meaning To Play," packed with obscurities.
"Lesbians on Cassette," This is really Part 2, and continues the journey with three hours of Tape-Only releases.
More "Songs I've Been Meaning To Play," and I'm digging especially deep into the music of Tiny Davis, Dick Kallman, MCC Choirs, Polly Perkins, and many more.
Gay & Lesbian Choruses - The History & The Music. I went all out, this is a 9 hour epic, digging deep, with 120+ songs from 60 choruses from around the world.
Of course during my December show I showcase the best of Queer Xmas Music ...who knows what this year will bring, but I promise quality and a dash of obscurity.
Teresa Trull - ConanMichael Cohen - Dave Clement  Lucie Blue Tremblay -- Y'All