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Dianne Davidson & Norine Braun

Freddy Freeman & John Topping

Cris & Tret and Nancy Vogl

Rex Gildo & Maureen Kelly

Alicia Bridges & Linda Tillery

Frustrated Housewives & Therapy Sisters

Christopher Hopkins & Cris Williamson

Laura Bowly & Lori Michaels

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Ronnie Tober & Elton John

Libby Roderick & Suzi Nash

Junior Vasquez & Labrys

Wishing Chair & BeBe K'Roche

Andy Northrup & Flirtations

2 x Deidre McCalla

Justus Boyz & James Collins

Jay Brannan & Linda Tillery

My ninth anniversary show, and a look back at the Best Albums of 2008, of course, a very, very subjective look. Did I say subjective?
Gay Guys on Cassette, Part 1. The rule was, the recording had to ONLY be released on tape, not vinyl or CD, so this 2-hour show is packed with rare indy artist obscurities.
Gay Guys on Cassette, Part 2. There was way too much for one show, so here are three more hours of music by gay male artists that never appeared on vinyl or CD.
Singer/Songwriter John Bucchino graces my April show, with an exclusive interview, digging deep into his music, covering 3 hours!
An exclusive interview with Producer and Engineer Karen Kane, who's worked on many historic gay & lesbian albums of our times, a two hour behind-the-scenes look.
Volume 8 of my Songs I've Been Meaning To Play shows...including 8 mini-interviews and over four hours of, well, great music.
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Songs About Stonewall, a special bonus show, to honor the 40th Anniversary of the movement's birth, plus interview clips.

Pansy Division & Queercore. A special expanded edition, spread over two months and 8 hours! Extensive interviews with Jon Ginoli of Pansy Division, and GB Jones. GB was one of the "creators" of the Queercore genre, both with her zine "JD's" and her band Fifth Column. Plus 3 segments trekking through the music of Queercore.
Transgender Artists - a 3-hour special featuring in-depth interviews with queercore transguy Radford Bishop and genderqueer folk rocker Angela Motter, and much more.
More Transgender Artists - another 3 hours, this time including intereviews with Lisa Jackson, Coyote Grace, Namoli Brennet, and much more terrific music.
Those Funny Lesbians: A Tribute to Lesbian Comedy, over 4 hours of funniness, with feature interview with Kate Clinton, and special guest Ivy Bottini, plus Much more.
Of course during my December show I showcase the best of Queer Xmas Music ...who knows what this year will bring, but I promise quality and a dash of obscurity.
Sal Mineo & Rock Hudson Alix Olson & Madeline Hsu-Li Tab Hunter & Tony Perkins