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Notes: some inconsistancies in the liner info above, which say he is 22 years old (which if true makes this a 1960 recording),
but it also says he much admired the "late" Edith Piaf, and she died in October of 1963. Billboard reviewed it in
August 1964. I'm thinking this was an early 1964 disc.

Notes: On the jacket they have Side 1 & Side 2
reversed from the disc, but "No Regrets" was his closing song
As the "Rescue Me" Medley includes the song "I-2-3," which was a hit in September 1965,
I'm "dating" this recording at late 1965 or a little later

45 RPM Recordings

Kenny Ball's "Midnight In Moscow" was a huge hit, in February 1962, and GNP rushed out its own
version but oddly, to me, it's an instrumental, and Troy remembers singing vocals on the recording

Below, both from 1977

Below, odd 1996 various artists release that included "Bermuda" from
the Life LP, and made little comments about any of the artists

"Music for the Jet Set"

And the CD above (1998) from the Netherlands contains the song "I'm Gettin' Hip."
I bet the compilers might have been surprised that Troy was a very white gay guy.