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September 2009
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Transgender Artists

Part 3 -- 61:45

Above, the unreleased 2007 Jayne County CD "Jezebaal." And, you may want to check out my interview with Jayne

Jayne County - We're the Transgeneration (1994)
Jayne County - Boys (2007)
Mark Angelo Cummings - Transgender Man (2009)
Joshua Aiden Bensoter - Secret (2008)
Tough Tough Skin - The Drinking Song (2008)
Radford Bishop comments (2009)
Tough Tough Skin - 4" Away (2008)
Tough Tough Skin - Stranger Danger (2008)
Jenny Slater - Goodbye (2008)
Jenny Slater - We Never Had It So Good (2008)
Storm Florez - Ma Yer Son (2005, 2007)
Good Asian Drivers - The Third Gender (2009)
Kit Yan - Tranny Shack (2008)
Didi Stewart - My First Kiss (2004, not trans)
Athens Boys Choir - Fagette (2008)
Athens Boys Choir - Metrosexual Threw Off My Gaydar (2008)
Anaturale - Transmission (2008)
Amanda Lepore - Amanda Sampler (2009)


Mark Angelo Cummings  Joshua Aiden Benscoter

Above, Mark Angelo Cummings and Joshua Aiden Benscoter

Below, Radford Bishop

Radford Bishop, photo by Chris Kelleher

The Treacles

Above, UK artist Jenny Slater and her band, The Treakles; and below, Storm Florez

Storm Florez

Below, Melissa Li and Kit Yan are Good Asian Drivers

Melissa LiGood Asian DriversKit Yan

Didi Stewart  Athens Boys Choir

Didi Stewart, the non-trans guest artist on this show; and Katz

Katz is Athens Boys Choir; and below, his CD

 latest CD by Athens Boys Choir

Below, Portland artist Anaturale


who else but Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore CD   some of her parts are real