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Sept 2009
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Transgender Artists

Part 2-- 59:53

Angela, classic shot

Above, classic photo of Angela Motter, and at right, one more recent, from her bodybuilding competition. In the interview her "take" on gender queer issues is quite interesting. She is now going by Bucky Motter.

Angela Motter - Pleasure and Pain (1999)
Angela Motter comments (1999)
Angela Motter - Isitaboyisitagirl (1999)
Angela Motter interview (2009)
Angela Motter - Makin' Love (2005)
The Sexual Side Effects - An Hour Ago (2007)
Veronica Klaus - Hunter Gets Captured by the Game (2009)
Rae Spoon - Off the Grid, Underground (2008)
Bambi - Qu'on Est Bien (1958)
Coccinelle - New York, New York (60s)
Christine Jorgensen - Crazy Little Men (1957)
Shawna Virago - Tranny Dominatrix (2009)
Joshua Klipp - L1fe (JJ Sanchez Remix, 2008)

Angela Bucky Motter


Veronica Klaus

Above, Veronica Klaus, and at right, Canadian Rae Spoon and two of her CDs. "Off the Grid, Underground" comes from the CD "SuperiorYouAreInferior"

Rae Spoon CDs

Rae Spoon

French Transsexuals Bambi & Coccinelle


Above, Marie-Pier Ysser, whose stage name was Bambi

Below, Coccinelle, 1931 - 2006

Coccinelle CD

Click for More on Coccinelle

I found the ad at the above left in a 1963 issue of "Female Mimics," and found it interesting that the ad does NOT mention Coccinelle's name, as you can easily see in the book cover on the right. She was a Very famous personality in Europe, but apparently not in the U.S., so it seems like the ad was going more for exploitation.

Also visit this French site with lots of info on Transgender Stars


Christine Jorgensen

Above, the most famous transsexual, Christine Jorgensen

Click for Much More on Christine Jorgensen

Shawna Virago CD

Shawna Virago and her new CD, "Objectified"

Shawna Virago

Klipp CD single

Joshua Klipp, that Cute Little White Guy, and his CD single of "L1FE"