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Sept 2009

Transgender Artists

Part 1 -- 57:42

The Sexual Side Effects - I'm In Love With A Girl
(Who Used To Be A Man) (2004)
Jenny Slater - Run and Hide (2008)
Antony & the Johnsons - For Today I Am A Boy (2005)
Novice Theory - Vignettes (2008)
Radford Bishop Interview (2009)
Winter Machine - Going Through (2002)
Tough Tough Skin - Manwhore (2008)
Tough Tough Skin - Second Guessing (2008)
Tough Tough Skin - Pass the Whiskey (2008)
Shondes - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (2008)
Cliks - Dirty King (2009)

At right is Amber Taylor (right) of The Sexual Side
Effects, with the iconic Jayne County (who starts
off Part 3), and below, all The Sexual Side Effects

The Sexual Side Effects

The Sexual Side Effects

Above, six Jenny Slaters, and below, her 2008 CD "Zodiac"

Above, Antony Hegarty of Antony & the Johnsons; below, Geo Wyeth, who is Novice Theory     

Novice Theory, photo by Leonid        




Above, the Winter Machine 2002 CD, and band shot

TTS, photo by Luke Troup, 2007 

River Gordon, Radford Bishop & Zack McNulty are Tough Tough Skin; below, their only CD

TTS CD       concert poster, 2007 



CDs by The Shondes and The Cliks