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Willie Sordillo

Below, this is not the entire booklet, but it had great pics I just had to share...

Fred Small, Mario Porporino, Martha Leader, Landon Rose, Peter Sylvester

Willie Sordill, Ellen Shub, Marcia Taylor, Karen Kane

Russ Barenberg, Cathy Winter

Laura Burns, Betsy Rose, George Fulginiti-Shakar, Debbie Lempke

In 1990 Willie put together a wonderful follow up project to "Walls to Roses," called "Feeding the Flame: Songs by Men to End AIDS"...including many of my favorites

on to his Latin band....:)


Above left, "Dancing on the Wall" (1991); and right," Muevete! (Move It!)" (1988)

Above, Willie appeared as part of a quartet on this 2000 release, by the Geoffrey Hicks Quartet

Below, 2002 release, "Echoing"