Sept 2007
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Songs I've Been Meaning to Play, 2

Part 2
Playlist (internet only, 76:48)
Sugarbeach - I Just Love Girls (2007)
Lisa Koch comments (2007)
Lisa Koch - Tall Cool Drink (2007)
Lisa Koch - Back When We Had Sex (2007)
Jamie Anderson - Too Busy Being Blue (2007)
Songs About Anita Bryant
Lynn Frizzel - Hurricane Anita (1977)
Tom Paxton - Anita OJ (1978)
Manfred Langer - A Message From Holland (1980)

Terence Uphoff - Two Fathers (2005)
Paul Wagner - To Be a Man (1973)
Paul Wagner - The One (1973)
Andy White - My Gay Cousin (1996)
Cat Stevens - Randy (1978)
From "Gulp" - Hand Out the Leaflets (1976)
Michael Winther - The Other Other Woman (2005)
Woody Simmons - You've Got the Love (1977)
Woody Simmons - It Don't Rain (1980)
Kitty Rose - I Ain't No Pretty Little Thing (2007)
Steve Snelling - Perfect Strangers (2001)
Susan Werner - I Was Late for the Dance (2004)
Susan Werner - Sunday Morning (2007)
DQ - Drama Queen (2007)

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the very Out Sugarbeach

Marlee Walchuk and Tully Callender are from Vancouver, Canada, and comprise the new act called Sugarbeach. Their 6-track debut CD EP has just been released.

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"Tall Cool Drink" from Lisa Koch   Jamie Anderson's new CD, "Three Bridges"

The talented Lisa Koch and Jamie Anderson both have new releases this year.


Gee, way back on my September of 2000 show I did a segment on Songs About Anita Bryant, playing five of them. There were more of course, and here are three of those I didn't have time to play then, one coming all the way from the Netherlands.


Lynn Frizzel  Lynn Frizzel 45

Above, Lynn Frizzel's 1977 "Hurricane Anita" and below, "Anita OJ" can be found on the reissue of Tom Paxton's 1978 album. Below right is Manfred Langer, featured on the "Miami Nightmare"

Tom Paxton  Manfred Langer

The "Miami Nightmare" LP...more scans on the script page

"Miami Nightmare"

the Dutch TV show "Children for Children"

Terence Uphoff in 2005, age 13

The Holland children's choir Kinderen Voor Kinderen's annual television concert in 2005 was
the showcase for Terence Uphoff, singing the absolutely moving story of his "Two Fathers"

Try This Link to see it, or if that fails, search on "Two Fathers" at

Paul Wagner LP   Paul Wagner LP, rarer cover

Paul Wagner's 1973 album "To Be a Man" was one of the earliest with lyrically gay lyrics. It's the only release I know of by Wagner, and it's interesting that it was issued with two different front covers, quite odd for a private release.

Click for More on Paul Wagner


Andy White and "Teenage"  Cat Stevens and "B ack to Earth"

In 1996 Irish singer Andy White, now living in Australia, included the song "My Gay Cousin" on his "Teenage" CD, and Cat Stevens' song "Randy" was on his 1978 album, "Back to Earth." Below, one of the earliest gay musicals was "Gulp!" in 1978. As no soundtrack was ever released, I've got a rare track from the show to share with you.

"Gulp!" poster

Learn more about "Gulp!" by Clicking Here, to get to part of my Gay Musicals section.

Michael Winther   "Songs for an Unmade Bed"   Michael Winther

Above, Michael Winther in the excellent 2005 one-man
gay musical "Songs From an Unmade Bed"

Woody Simmons, "Oregon Mountains," 1977   eponymous "Woody Simmons," 1980

Above and below left, early woman's music artist/musician Woody Simmons, whose two albums were released in 1977 and 1980. Jumping ahead thirty years, she's still at it, playing and singing on the two latest albums by Kitty Rose. Kitty's new CD recreates a Grand Ole Opry show, circa 1972.

Woody Simmons, 1977   Kitty Rose's "Live at the Ryman, 1   April 1972", really from 2007

Below, I got to meet Kitty and Woody at the Outmusic Awards in Chicago, in 2005

Kitty, JD, Woody

and below, before she reinvented herself as Kitty Rose, she went by Katherine Chase

Katherine Chase

Steve Snelling's "Perfect Strangers"


In 2002 Steve Snelling released his debut and so far only album, called "Perfect Strangers." I think it just did not get enough attention. Gee, how could you not love an album whose title track starts out with the lyrics "I learned to kiss from a boy named Mark..."

Steve Snelling

Susan Werner's "I Can't Be New"  Susan Werner's "The Gospel Truth"  Susan Werner's "The Gospel Truth"

I've got the two latest albums by Susan Werner and they are both excellent, and very different. From 2004 she captured cabaret/lounge music with beautifully written songs, and then in 2007 going a different direction. "The Gospel Truth" comments on the place of the Church in contemporary America, and is ripe for writing, flawlessly delivered.

Finally, from Denmark, DQ was a finalist in their latest Eurovision competition and
the first time a solo performer has appeared in drag at the event. DQ is the stage
name of Peter Andersen and his new, full-length album is called "Drama Queen."

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