Grant King, a bit of gay history...

In addition to collection GLBT music of all varieties, from all eras, I also on occassion add to my collection copies of gay & lesbian newpapers from those many cases, it's about the only way to research the music that was happening in our communities. Well, I recently (April 2006) was able to obtain several issues of "The Fifth Freedom: Newletter of the Niagra Frontier Gay Community." I believe it was also, at least initially, affialited with that area's Mattachine Society. Anyway, as Grant is a friend of mine, I was quite pleased to find him mentioned in a couple issues.


Below, from the March 1976 issue, a letter and article concering a performance by Grant King and KT Vermuelen

Below, from a November 1975 issue, Grant is listed as a performer

And, from the July 1975 issue, note the very first classified ad, placed by Grant