OutRadio September 2010

Part 3 - 59:52
Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes - Freedom (2009)
Sean Chapin - Our Time Has Come (2009)
Toby Madigan - Stand For Love (2009)
Naked Peasants - Mr. Teacher (2010)
Kristie Stremel - It's Not a Phase (2006)
Mara Levi - Homo Song (2006)
Alison Farrell - Tomboy (1992)
Alison Farrell - I Like Being a Dyke (1992)
Average Dyke Band - Pretty Woman (2008)
Vincent DiGeronimo - Take Me Home With You (2010)
Dan Holguin - Now I Only (2010)
Doug Howell - I Wanna Spend Time With You (1975)
Doug Howell - All I Know (2010)
Danyl Johnson - With a Little Help From My Friends (2009)
Joe McElderry - The Climb (2010)

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Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes and his new CD "House of Joy,"
and "Freedom" is also found on the National Equality March CD


Sean Chapin appears on the above NEM CD and of course his own

You can only find "Stand for Love" on the NEM CD, but he and Rob Ray have a new CD

Kristie Stremel CD "10 Years"

Above, Mara Levi CDs from 2006 and 2003
Below, Alison Farrell albums from 1992 and 1988

San Francisco's Average Dyke Band

Vincent DiGeronimo and his debut CD

Dan Holguin's CD Single "Now I Only"

Above, Doug Howell albums from 1975 and 2010
Below, I've inset Doug into his new one

While American Idol's last season was, to be kind, lackluster
in the UK X Factor had talent to spare

No CD yet for Danyl Johnson;
Below, Joe McElderry's coming out was front page news

out in a big way

Joe McElderry CD single


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