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Flirtations - Fun Fun Fun

Yes, they are now all certain that he's gay. Well, at least they are in that cover version of the Beach Boys song. That was the Flirtations from their 1996 album called "Three," and by that year the personnel of the group had changed, and original members Jon Arterton and Jimmy Rutland were joined by Suede, for what would be the last Flirtations album. This is JD Doyle and welcome to a very different edition of OutRadio. I'm calling it my "5-10-15 Show." It's my way of honoring what I consider the best music of 5, 10 and 15 years ago.

Here's why I am doing this. I love doing Best of the Year shows, but I didn't start doing them until 2007, so a lot of terrific music did not get recognized, at least by me, in my own very subjective way. So this segment will honor the music by GLBT artists from 1996, and Parts 2 & 3 will do the same for 2001 and 2006. One thing that made it easier for me to choose who to feature was that I keep track of my collection on an excel spreadsheet, so I pulled out the data for those three years and then started weeding down. And it wasn't easy, but I hope you'll enjoy remembering or hearing for the first time my picks for the best of these years.

Okay, enough explanation, as I want to fit in as many songs as I can, and I'm going to stick with the kind of group harmony sound for the next two tracks, starting with a Colorado group that had two terrific albums. They called themselves Rhythm Method and this one was from their second CD, named "Rhythm Method Live!" They did a cover of the Eldorados doo wop classic from 1955, "I'll Be Forever Loving You."

Rhythm Method - I'll Be Forever Loving You
Sons & Lovers - If You Get Down at Christmas

Too early for Christmas? Well, I just had to choose the CD that track came from. The group Sons & Lovers sang "If You Get Down at Christmas," and it comes from the only various artists album I chose for this show. But it's a treasure and I could have just as easily picked almost any song from it to share with you. It's an album I much admire called "Richard Foltz: A Songwriter's Christmas." And Richard writes Christmas songs every year and he collected 13 of them and got his New York City artist friends to record them, yielding a gorgeous collection.

Another New York City artist I like is David Brown, and from his debut album, "Splendid Wings," is the song "Every Kiss Is A Revolution," and again, every song in this segment is from 1996.

David Brown - Every Kiss Is A Revolution
David Sereda - Powerful Love

After David Brown was David Sereda, a Canadian artist I've been following for many years, back to his first album from 1981. The song "Powerful Love" came from his album called "The Blue Guide." Coming up, a couple humorous songs and the first is not even by a gay group, but the subject matter sure is gay. It's by the folk group called The Foremen, and the only place you can find it is on a various artists benefit CD for the "Human Rights Campaign." The Foremen will tell you "I Think I'll Be a Homo."

Foremen - I Think I'll Be a Homo
Monica Grant - Boyfriend

Ah, a cover of the Angels song "My Boyfriend's Back" with a bisexual twist. Now where else could you find that? That's just one of the clever parodies from Monica Grant's album, appropriately called "Parodisiac."

Next up is Michael Holland, and from his second album, called "Thank You for the Afghan," is a song called "Surrender Dorothy."

Michael Holland - Surrender Dorothy

Let's break things up a bit musically with some punk, and I just love this next song. It's by an Australian band called the Mavis's and from their album "Venus Returning," their singer Matt Doll asks the timeless question "Do You Have a Brother?"

Mavis's - Do You Have a Brother?
Pansy Division - Dick of Death

Another song I could not play on broadcast radio, brought to you by probably my favorite pop punk act, Pansy Division. "Dick of Death" is from their album "Wish I'd Taken Pictures." And changing the pace again, this time with a bit of country are two more tracks. All of Lisa Koch's albums are delightful, but in 1996 she released one called "You Make My Pants Pound, and Other Show Tunes." From it is "Night at the Timberline."

Lisa Koch - Night at the Timberline
Sid Spencer - Take Me Back Home

"Take Me Back Home" is from the late Sid Spencer's album "Lovin' Strangers." He died of AIDS in 1996 and what a loss that was, as his voice was pure country and I think he was just hitting his stride and would have gone on to release many more albums with many lyrically gay country songs. I'm grateful that I got to meet him, when he performed at a Houston bar called the Brazos River Bottom.

I'm a huge fan of Sonia, both as a solo artist and with the act Disappear Fear. Before she recorded solo Disappear Fear released the wonderful album "Seed in the Sahara," which contained the song "Laws of Nature."

Disappear Fear - Laws of Nature
Wishing Chair - Sometimes

And that was another act I've loved for a long time, Wishing Chair. The song "Sometimes" is from their album "Singing with the Red Wolves."

I've not played you any jazz or cabaret yet, and these next two albums definitely are in my list of favorites from 1996. First is a jazz instrumental from one of our most prolific and honored artists, Fred Hersch. The album is called "Passion Flower: The Music of Billy Strayhorn," so I get to also honor another gay composer, and I picked one of his most famous songs, "Lush Life."

Fred Hersch - Lush Life
Brian Lane Green - Grateful

That beautiful song, called "Grateful," was written by John Bucchino, and he played piano and produced a gorgeous album by Brian Lane Green. I remember in those days, before I was doing radio, I wrote a number of album reviews, and I just gushed over that album, simply called "Brian Lane Green."

This is JD Doyle and those sixteen songs, plus the closing one, are my very subjective choices for the Best of 1996. Please check out Parts 2 ad 3 for my picks from 2001 and 2006. To close this hour there's no other song I could have picked. It's by one of my musical heroes, Michael Callen. Michael died in late 1993, and the album, produced posthumously by his partner Richard Dworkin, was called "Legacy," and it's a masterpiece, a double CD of simply wonderful songs, including this anthem, "Love Worth Fighting For."

Michael Callen - Love Worth Fighting For

Clark Carlton - Boys in the Sand

Yes, when I was a kid I did like surf music. This is JD Doyle and Part 2 of my "5-10-15 Show," and this is the music from the 2001 part. Again on my show this month I'm honoring my choices for the best of the year. They are very subjective choices, but then I'm the producer, I get to do that. Starting the show was Clark Carlton and the song "Boys in the Sand," from his album "Saltwater." Now the whole album did not have that surf sound, but that's always the song that drew me in.

And from the first notes, this next album drew me in, but then I've been a fan of Margie Adam for quite a while. She's one of our women's music movement icons and this is the title track from her beautiful album, "Avalon."

Margie Adam - Avalon
Suede - Built for Comfort

And that was everything that a good woman needs. The artist was Suede and "Built for Comfort" is from her album "On the Day We Met." And here are more women artists that I adore. First is Catie Curtis and you'll hear one from her album "My Shirt Looks Good on You." That's her sixth album; she just released #12, and the song is "Kiss That Counted."

Catie Curtis - Kiss That Counted
Ellis - Everything That's Real
Jamie Anderson - I Miss the Dog
Lisa Koch - I Won't Survive (The Festival)

And that turned into a fourplay, as I followed Catie Curtis with Ellis and the title track from her album "Everything That's Real." Then came Jamie Anderson who on her "Listen" album told us that "I Miss the Dog." And then you heard Lisa Koch, making her second appearance this month. Her album called "Both of Me" featured a lot of humorous songs and that one was called "I Won't Survive (The Festival)," and there are probably a lot of lesbians who were dragged to the Michigan Womyn's Festival and can relate.

Another favorite artist of mine is Skott Freedman, and from his album called "Anything Worth Mentioning" is the song "Dominoes."

Skott Freedman - Dominoes
Dave Hall - God Is Wide
Daniel J Cartier - Wide Outside
Mark Islam - Trick

From the third album by Dave Hall, called "True," was the song "God Is Wide," and after that was the title track from a Daniel J Cartier album called "Wide Outside." Daniel also had a CD on my Best of 2010 show. And that last song of that set was "Trick," from Mark Islam's album "The Fine Print."

And, it's really, really hard to do justice to this next act, and their album, by playing just one song, as one song just can't capture their talent and humor. In 1996 the duo "Y'All" released a CD called "The Hey Y'all Soundtrack," meant to sound like an old-timey country & western TV show. I think it worked and only wish you could have seen them perform live, like I have. From the album is "Throw Away the Knives & Forks."

Y'All - Throw Away the Knives & Forks
Kenny Lockwood - Tin Angel

That was Kenny Lockwood, doing a good job on the title track of his album "Tin Angel." And I don't see how I can leave out this song by Jayne County.

Jayne County - Man I Feel Like a Woman

Ah yes, Jayne County's transgender anthem, "Man, I Feel Like a Woman." And I've seen this next artist called a "radical left-winged lesbian feminist poet who does not shy away from talking about controversial issues." Yeah, I go along with that, she's Alix Olson, and I think she's terrific. From her album called "Built Like That" is the track "Checking My Pulse."

Alix Olson - Checking My Pulse
Topp Twins - Untouchable Girls
Tret Fure - This Train
Leah Zicari - This Is Gonna Hurt Me

Following Alix Olson was New Zealand duo The Topp Twins, and "Untouchable Girls," from their album "Grass Highway," and then Tret Fure brought us "This Train," from the CD "Back Home." Tret also made my Best of 2010 show, and ending the set was Leah Zicari and "This Is Gonna Hurt Me," from the album "Hard Road."

I'm JD Doyle and this has been the middle part of the show, the part where I honor my choices for the best music of 2001, and the selections were quite difficult, as there were a number of albums I really wanted to include, but I'm already stretching the segment past an hour as it is. I'm closing with an excellent CD by one of the stars of the Broadway show, and movie, "Rent." He's Anthony Rapp and from his album "Look Around," I adore the song "Just Some Guy."

Anthony Rapp - Just Some Guy

Gavin Creel - Radio Lover
Ex-Boyfriends - Him for Me
Lipstick Conspiracy - Just a Girl

Welcome to my music time machine, well, sort of…this is JD Doyle and this month on OutRadio I'm honoring my picks for the best of the year, but I'm going back in time to feature music you may have missed, from the years 1996, 2001, and the year for this segment, 2006. I started out with a triple play, and the artist Gavin Creel. He's a twice Tony-nominated actor on Broadway, and has been in a number of shows, and he released his first CD in 2006. Now, I didn't play him on my show until 2009, as I have a policy of only playing openly GLBT artists, and that was the year he came out, making his very cool CD called "Goodtimenation" eligible for this show. And I followed him with the song "Him for Me," by the band Ex-Boyfriends, from their first album "Dear John." And fitting right in was a track I just love called "Just a Girl," by the San Francisco band Lipstick Conspiracy, from their CD "A Perfect Alibi."

This next set starts off quite different musically, with an outstanding musician, Natalia Zukerman, and from her album called "Only One." Is the song "Loved Like That."

Natalia Zukerman - Loved Like That
Kate Reid - Starving Artist
Linq - Who I Need to Be

After Natalia Zukerman you heard two quite out of the closet songs. Canadian artist Kate Reid gave us "Starving Artist," from her CD "Comin' Alive," and out of Massachusetts is folksinger Linq, with "Who I Need to Be" from the CD "Fast Moving Dream." And by the way, Kate Reid also made my Best of 2009 show and Linq made the Best of 2010 one, so these artists just keep getting better.
And I can say the same for these next two. Eric Himan also made my Best of 2008 show, and Josh Zuckerman did the same for 2009. I'll start with what is probably my favorite song from all of Eric's albums, and that's saying a lot, as he's had eleven from about the last eleven years. But from his CD "Everywhere All at Once" came what I consider a classic for him, "Bartender."

Eric Himan - Bartender
Josh Zuckerman - Out from Under

Did you know Josh Zuckerman started his career in the group Up With People? Well, that may help explain why he is such a polished performer. You can't buy stage presence and he has it. From his first CD was the title track, "Out from Under."

This next set will go from jazz to pop, and the jazz part is from Jennifer Leitham, with one of her best known tracks, called "Studio City Stomp," from her CD "The Real Me," and the title was significant, as after releasing a number of CDs under the name John Leitham, this was her first with her new identity.

Jennifer Leitham - Studio City Stomp
Phil Putnam - Lyin'

I just love his music. That's Phil Putnam and the song "Lyin'" from his album "The Best Intentions." Up next is New Yorker Robert German and from his album "Sirens of Brooklyn" my favorite track is "Marlboro Man."

Robert German - Marlboro Man
Larry Block - Losing Town
Terry Christopher - Brothers in Arms & Sister Soldiers

After we heard about that "Marlboro Man" we heard Larry Block, and the title track from his album "Losing Town," and then came Terry Christopher. His second CD was called "Journey of a Wordsmith," and I quite like the track "Brothers in Arms & Sister Soldiers." Next are two artists whose music is more on the spiritual side. First Jason & deMarco bring you "This Is Love," from their excellent album "Till the End of Time."

Jason & deMarco - This Is Love
Shawn Thomas - Faith Unashamed

And that was a very prolific artist, Shawn Thomas, with the title track from his CD "Faith Unashamed." This is JD Doyle thanking you for listening to my "5-10-15" show, as I just really wanted to go back and honor the music of 1996, 2001 and 2006. I was able to fit in 52 different artists and I hope I reminded you of some great music or introduced you to some.

Closing the show is a one-shot artist from Denmark named Tomboy. Perhaps his CD was done as a lark, as it was very camp, but he went much, much further by producing one of the most camp videos you could imagine, with lots of drag queens, go go boys and feathers for days. You must go to youtube and find it, and that will be easy, just search on the title. By Tomboy, it's "OK2BGAY."

Tomboy - OK2BGAY