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OutRadio May 2014
The Script

Band Hennessy - I've Been Broken Before (2014)

I'm not coming back no more. Well, that line closes the debut single from Band Hennessy and I bet we do hear more of them, especially on this show. This is JD Doyle for OutRadio and Ashley Hennessy is a local Houston artist who I first heard live last December and I was impressed then, and have been bugging her for a studio recording. She's in a band now, and the song "I've Been Broken Before" is their first.

Tom Goss has a new CD officially being released on May 13th, but I've already got it and can't wait to share the title track. It's called "Wait."

Tom Goss - Wait (2014)

Here's another new single, though this time if you're a regular listener you've heard him before, Chicago artist Matt Ryanz. In his new one, which has a sexy video, he tells us "It's Love to Me."

Matt Ryanz - It's Love to Me (2014)
Theo Tams - When You're Not Around (2014)
Eurotix - LIfe As It Slips Away (2014)

That set got a bit international. In the middle Theo Tams gave us "When You're Not Around." That's a new one, and in 2008 he won Canadian Idol. He came out during the TV competition season, which did not happen on the American version of the show until this season, when MK Nobilette came out. You'll hear a song by her next. And that third song in the set, called "Life as It Slips Away," got a bit 80s synth-pop, which I like, but it's brand new, by a duo from Sweden I played in February on OutRadio, called Eurotix. And, as promised, here's one of MK Nobilette's songs, as sung on American Idol, a cover of the Pink song "Perfect."

MK Nobilette - Perfect (2014)
Courtney Act - Welcome to Disgraceland (2010)
Xavier Toscano - Runaway / Apologies Wasted (2014)

For the second song in that set I went to Courtney Act, who many of you know is the female impersonator supreme from Australia on this season's RuPaul's Drag Race. That was the title track from her 2010 album "Welcome to Disgraceland." And then we heard two from the new EP by Xavier Toscano. I picked "Runaway" and "Apologies Wasted."

Like many of my shows, this one definitely has an international flavor. So far in only eight songs we've heard from Canada, Sweden, and Australia, and through the rest of the two hours I'll include Germany, Israel, England and back to Australia. Right now I'm adding South Africa. And my hats off to this artist, as it's been unusual for an artist from that country to be out of the closet, and especially for one to record a lyrically gay song. Nakhane Touré is his name and he started off his CD from last year called "Brave Confusion" with a song for "Christopher." Christopher, by the way, is someone Touré met online and they later met and are now boyfriends.

Nakhane Touré - Christopher (2013)
Robert Görl - Darling Don't Leave Me (1984, with Annie Lennox)
Craymo - Love You More (2014)

After Nahane Touré we heard German musician Robert Görl, in a 1984 track called "Darling Don't Leave Me," and he got some help from Annie Lennox. He's best known as part of the duo Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, of more simply, just D.A.F. And, after that it's back to America and Craymo, and a song called "Love You More," which I think gives homage to early material by the Beatles.

This is JD Doyle for OutRadio, and there's one more segment, but I'm ending this one with three tracks by an artist I love. He's from Israel and his name is Ivri Lider. His latest release was a more dance-oriented album recorded under the name The Young Professionals. I like that one but still prefer the material from 2007. In that year you could find his song "Jesse," which I just went nuts over, and also a very charming version of the Gershwin classic "The Man I Love," which was featured in the film "The Bubble." Finally in a demo from that year he redid, I think wonderfully, the 60s classic by the Moody Blues "Nights in White Satin." Here's Ivri Lider.

Ivri Lider - Jesse / The Man I Love / Nights in White Satin (2007)

This is JD Doyle and Part 2 of OutRadio for May, and this is crazy, but I'm still not sick of this song. Of course I am playing a gay version, done by Mister Chase.

Mister Chase - Call Me Maybe (2012)
QBoy - Music Makes Us Dance (2014, featuring Darkwah)
Kinsey Sicks - Surprise Yourself (2014)

What to follow the song "Call Me Maybe" with...well, you know by now I jump all over on this show, so I went to the UK and a mostly hip hop artist named QBoy. His latest track is "Music Makes Us Dance," and then I changed directions again with a new one by the Kinsey Sicks, who encouraged us to "Surprise Yourself."

I think this next track is charming. It's by Sofia, who says "Mum, I Think I Like a Girl." And I'm playing two by her, the second is "Perfect Storm."

Sofia - Mum, I Think I Like a Girl / Perfect Storm (2014)
Annick Phan - I'm Just a Toy (2014)
Nicole Campbell - Follow My Voice (2014)

Very nice. "Follow My Voice" was by Oregon artist Nicole Campbell, and before her that was Annick Phan, from Western Australia, and her song was called "I'm Just a Toy." I'm changing genres again, this time to something more jazzy. It's by Canadian Micah Barnes, who I've been following for years, back to his days with the a cappella group The Nylons in the early 90s. The first track from his upcoming album is called "New York Story."

Micah Barnes - New York Story (2014)
Isle of Klezbos - Noiresque (2014)

I've known Eve Sicular for many years, so I was very glad to get the latest CD by her band, Isle of Klezbos. I think Klezbos may be a play on the word lezbos, but that's just me. What I do know is this is a very talented group and the new album covers Yiddish swing and retro tangos and a lot of other areas. The track "Noiresque" was obviously in the jazz direction.

And so is this next one, by David Raleigh. It's the first song off his new album, and it's called "Do It To Me." And I'll follow it with a track from his 2010 CD "In the Beginning," and it's called "I Do."

David Raleigh - Do It To Me (2014)
David Raleigh - I Do (2010)

As I'm writing this script I just got in the mail today the new CD by Billy Porter, so I have to include a track from it. I hope all of my listeners know he won a Tony for his role in "Kinky Boots." The album is called "Billy's Back on Broadway" and I picked a song from "Dreamgirls," "I Am Changing."

Billy Porter - I Am Changing (2014)

I first heard of this act in 2007 and have been waiting for a CD ever since. They are the Bearatones...that's b-e-a-r atones, and the CD is appropriately "Bear Patrol." On these two tracks they seem to be doing a lot of traveling. Here's "Exit 5 Rest Stop" and "Tap That Secret Code."

Bearatones - Exit 5 Rest Stop / Tap That Secret Code (2014)

I'm JD Doyle and I thank you for listening to OutRadio. I'm closing Part 2 with another artist I've been following for a while, since the 2009 season of American Idol, Von Smith. I loved his theatrics but he was way too over the top for Simon Cowell, and he didn't get farther than the Top 36. He's garnered some TV appearances though, and even opened for Lady Gaga at a concert in Australia. Finally there's a 6-song EP released, which I've described as Mika on steroids. I posted that on his Facebook wall and he clicked he liked it. If you know the UK artist Mika at all, you'll get the reference. The EP is called "On to Something," and here's Von Smith and the tracks "The Prize" and "Carnival of Life."

Von Smith - The Prize / Carnival of Live (2014)