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May 2010
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OutRadio for May 2010

Part 3 - 63:40
Miss Money - Miracles (2010)
Cassidy Haley - Fly (remix, 2010)
Patrick Hutchison - Trashy Little White Boys (2006)
Sam Harris - My Reclamation (with intro) (2010)
Mark Payne - Blizzard of Lies (1997)
Ryan Cassata - Distraction (2009)
VAG - Safety Pin Grin (2010)
Elcassette - bi (2010)
Terry Guy - My Straight Lover (2010)
Pete Sturman - Romance in Brooklyn (2009)
Mary Ann Rossoni - Only a Lady (2007)
Mary Wheelan - Old Fashioned Girl (2010)
Mama's Black Sheep - Landmarks of a Fool (2010)
Mama's Black Sheep - Think About You (2010)
Tim Readman & Kate Reid - Only Man with the      Lesbians (2010)
Little Richard - Rubber Duckie (1993)
Melissa Etheridge - Fearless Love (2010)

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Sam Harris singleSam Harris

Houston Hearts HaitiMiss MoneyCassidy Haley

Above, Miss Money and Cassidy Haley, just two of the many talented artists on "Houston Hearts Haiti," a fund-raising compilation, with Info Here. And, at left, Sam Harris and his new single, "My Reclamation."


Patrick's CD and his musicalPatrick Hutchison

In addition to his own CD, Atlanta artist Patrick Hutchison
also wrote music for the 1996 musical, "The Harvey Milk Show."

"Get Happy" DVDMark Payne CD

Above, Mark Payne's 1997 CD and his new DVD, "Get Happy."
I've seen it and highly recommend it. Below, newcomer Ryan Cassata & his CD

Ryan CassataRyan Cassata CDs

The Irish band VAG, which stands for Very Angry Girls
And the duo Elcassette is from Germany

Terry GuyPete Sturman

Above, Terry Guy and Pete Sturman, Below, Pete is more known
as a member of the duo Pistol Pete & Popgun Paul, pic circa 1999


Mary Ann RossoniMary Wheelan

Above, latest CD by Mary Ann Rossoni, and debut CD by Mary Wheelan;
And below new CD by Laura Cerulli & Ashland Miller who are Mama's Black Sheep.
Laura has also been featured for years on the band Sonia & Disappear Fear

Mama's Black SheepMama's BS

Tim Readman & Kate Reid

I recommend you track down both of these delightful videos on YouTube:
Tim Readman & Kate Reid; and Little Richard on Sesame Street, 1993

Little Richard, 1993

Below, "Fearless Love," the latest CD by Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge CD


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