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Melissa Li - Nice Guy (2011)

Ah, he's such a nice guy, and that's the name of the song, and I love it. It's the latest from Melissa Li. She was half of the duo Good Asian Drivers and now is on her own, with her band, the Barely Theirs. And this is JD Doyle with OutRadio. I've got a very packed show, cause there's so, so much I've been wanting to play, so much that I've added an extra hour this month. Getting right to it, I've known about this next artist for a while, and am very pleased his new album is finally out. He's Charles K Brown and the album is called "Trouble Is…" From it, here's To Love Again."

Charles K Brown - To Love Again (2011)
Charles K Brown - Stanley (2011)

By Charles K Brown that was "To Love Again" followed by one of the few gay prison love songs, "Stanley." I knew I would like this album because he had help from a lot of folks I know. Freddy Freeman produced and engineered it, and sang backups, and other artists on the CD you've heard before on my shows included Namoli Brennet, Jeffery Altergott, John Gilbert Leavitt, Kendall Kelly, Toshio Mana, Tommy Johns, Don Harvey, Jay Freeman, and others. And, oh yeah, here's another song from the CD that just delighted me.

Some of you may know that I love, love gay cover versions of Girl Group songs of the 60s. I did a three-hour show on this theme in October of 2005, and Charles did one on this new album that would fit right in. It's the Goffin & King song that Little Eva made a big hit out of in 1962. And this is even more special to me because this is the first gay version of it. Charles K Brown and "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby."

Charles K Brown - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (2011)
Frank Rogala - He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss) (1996)

That was another Goffin & King song, but it was definitely not a hit. The title was "He Hit Me (and It Felt Like a Kiss)." Dear Gerry Goffin and Carole King, Really? Originally recorded by the Crystals and produced by Phil Spector, with lyrics like that, it was definitely a bad idea. But in recent years there have been a number of cover versions of it, including that last one, by Frank Rogala, from his "Crimes Against Nature" album, from 1996.

These days, Frank Rogala is more behind the scenes, as a writer and producer, and his new project is called TwinkleU. Singing and co-writing on the project is Cris Law, a professional classical musician blessed with a countertenor voice, so Frank has showcased that on the album. From it are "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and a medley of two Bronski Beat songs "Why" and "Smalltown Boy."

TwinkleU - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (2010)
TwinkleU - Why / Smalltown Boy (2010)

And here comes a band that will likely remind you a bit of Lou Reed, with a touch of Bowie. Singing "Romeo and Romeo" is the band Modern Mothers.

Modern Mothers - Romeo and Romeo (2011)

I quite like this next artist, and last January I named his recent CD "The Pink in the Grey" as one of the Best of 2010. He's Kevin Wong and he's working on the next album, and has released a track from it, called "Books & Drinks."

Kevin Wong - Books & Drinks (2011)
Ted Fox - Home (2010)

Powerful stuff. Following Kevin Wong was Nashville artist Ted Fox, and I thank him for sending me that demo of his song "Home." And I thank Julie Schurr for sending me her new album, and this song is the opening track.

Julie Schurr - Been So Long (2011)

Again, that was Julie Schurr and the opening track of her new CD, the song "Been So Long." And I've played the title track from the album before, as I got an advance demo of the song, and I love it. It's called "Boi in the Girls' Room," and features guest artist God-des. And I've never done this before, not sure anyone has, but I've put together a trio of songs about people thinking lesbians are in the wrong bathroom. The second song is "You All Got Me All Wrong," from 1994 by the Cowboy Sweethearts, and then from a totally different genre, Tribe 8 from their 1996 album "Snarkism." That one's called "Wrong Bathroom."

Julie Schurr - Boi in the Girls' Room (2011)
Cowboy Sweethearts - You All Got Me All Wrong (1994)
Tribe 8 - Wrong Bathroom (1996)

And that was my Wrong Bathroom set. This is JD Doyle with Part 1 of OutRadio for March, and there's much more, but what to follow Tribe 8 with, well, I think I have one that will work, and it has a powerful message. Rebecca Drysdale and "It Gets Better."

Rebecca Drysdale - It Gets Better (2010)

Tom Goss - It's All Over (2011)
Tom Goss - Turn It Around (2011)

And that's a great way to start off Part 2 of OutRadio. This is JD Doyle and that was Tom Goss with two tracks from his brand new CD. You heard "It's All Over" and the title track "Turn It Around." And here comes a track from another artist I love, only his CD is not released yet. It's from an upcoming album called "Breakup," and is by Declan Bennett. He's out of the UK but is kind of busy right now, as he's part of the cast of the Broadway show "American Idiot."

Declan Bennett - Love Wins (2011)
Brett Every - If You Say Yes (2011)

From the next CD by Declan Bennett was the track "Love Wins," and Brett Every, an Australia artist I like has just released his new CD, called "Menu." From it you heard "If You Say Yes."

I've been following this next artist since his debut CD in 2004 called "Race the Light." He's Christopher Dallman and he's recently released two EP's so I'm playing a song from each. From "Live in L.A." comes "Hard To Breathe" and from "Redstar" is "Little Bit of Blue."

Christopher Dallman - Hard to Breathe (2011)
Christopher Dallman - Little Bit of Blue (2011)

Up next is a single by Greg Douglass, called "Dog Days Are Over."

Greg Douglass - Dog Days Are Over (2011)
Mary Cigarettes - Frustrated Queen in the City (2009)

After Greg Douglass was Gregory Gray, but these days he goes by the band name Mary Cigarettes, and that song was "Frustrated Queen in the City." I'm going to gradually pick up the beat, starting with the band Sick of Sarah, and from their new CD "2205" are the tracks "Shattered" and "Overexposure."

Sick of Sarah - Shattered (2010)
Sick of Sarah - Overexposure (2010)

Again, that was the band Sick of Sarah. Next, Scottish-Canadian poet Sandra Alland and Belgian-Venezuelan musician Y. Josephine got together in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2007 and formed the band they called Zorras. They just sent me their CD named "We Apoligize for Any Inconvenience." From it is the song "Nest.

Zorras - Nest (2009)
Kiss Kill - Keychain Pistols (2011)

That was "Keychain Pistols," the title track from their brand new CD by the band Kiss Kill.

I've been watching the progress of this new UK artist for a while now. He's been working on his debut album, but in the process has released an EP. It's called "My Straight Lover," and you'll hear that track but before it another by him called "Forget Me, Forget You."

Terry Guy - Forget Me, Forget You (2011)
Terry Guy - My Straight Lover (2011)

This is JD Doyle and closing Part 2 of OutRadio this month is an artist with a new CD I am very pleased with. He's Sean Kagalis and he's out of Atlanta and his latest project is called "Lucky." From it are the songs "Gay" and "Blood Pressure."

Sean Kagalis - Gay (2010)
Sean Kagalis - Blood Pressure (2010)

Matt Zarley - We Belong (2011)

Yes, that's the Pat Benatar song "We Belong." But this time it's by Matt Zarley, as a special recording, with all proceeds going to the Trevor Project. Welcome to Part 3 of OutRadio for March, and this is JD Doyle.

Another new CD is the debut one by New York City artist Austin Marolla. It's called "You & Me" and I'm sharing with you the title track and also the song "My Journey."

Austin Marolla - You & Me (2011)
Austin Marolla - My Journey (2011)
Cortes Alexander - It's All Right (2008)

After Austin Marolla was a very busy artist named Cortes Alexander. Besides releasing his recent CD called "Swell," he's toured with Liza Minnelli. And his first name is Cortes with an "s" not Cortez with a "z", cause Cortez with a "z" is….um, okay, nevermind. That song was called "It's All Right."

I've been watching American Idol this season. I haven't picked out anyone to root for yet, but it's still early. Here's a track from a former American Idol Top 20 finalist, Joe Murena, from Season Four in 2005. His latest single is called "Reconcile." And I've played with the song a little. I combined part of his a cappela version with the regular studio mix.

Joe Murena - Reconcile (2010)
Jerry Allen - Life's a Party (2009)
Richard Anthony - Free (2010)

After Joe Murena was Philadelphia area artist Jerry Allen. That song was called "Life's a Party," and is the opening track from his CD "Exposed." And after him was a new artist, Richard Anthony, out of Illinois, and a song called "Free."

This next single has a definite message, and it's by an artist new to me. Tara Hack is out of New York City but the goal of her new song is to spread awareness of the plight of Schapelle Corby, a young Australian Woman experiencing wrongful imprisonment in Indonesia. It's called "I'm Not Guilty."

Tara Hack - Saya Tidak Bersalah (I'm Not Guilty) (2009)
Jennifer Corday - Coming Undone (2011)

And that artist was Jennifer Corday, with a song called "Coming Undone," taken from the soundtrack for the very sexy film "Elena Undone."

Next, songs from two very different gay musicals. First from "My Big Gay Italian Wedding" is "My Italian Boy," and then I bet you didn't know there was a musical in 2008 called "The Gay Bride of Frankenstein." You'll hear the title track.

David James Boyd - My Italian Boy (2010)
The Monster Makers - Gay Bride of Frankenstein (2008)
Hunx & His Punx - Can a Man Hear Me (2011)

Rounding that unusual set was Hunx & His Punx, and "Can a Man Hear Me." He's been attracting a bit of underground attention the last couple years, not only with his over the top, and very gay, videos, but with the picture sleeves of his 45rpm records, one with him doing a full monty.

Up next, a very uptempo set starting with Gabe Lopez and his latest single "No Hate."

Gabe Lopez - No Hate (2010)
Scandelle - Getting Started (2010)

And that was Scandelle, and "Getting Started."

And for OutRadio, Part 3, this is JD Doyle. To close this segment are two songs by David Raleigh, with the first being a love song called "I Do." And I want to explain further the second song. I started this hour with Matt Zarley and a song benefitting the Trevor Project. And the last song is another benefit project, to help GLBT homeless youth in New York City. David Raleigh spearheaded the song, which an update of "That's What Friends Are For," and he got some very talented friends to help him, Ari Gold, Alan Cumming, and Billy Porter.

David Raleigh - I Do (2010)
David Raleigh, Ari Gold, Alan Cumming, Billy Porter - That's What Friends Are For (2010)

Alan Cumming - Taylor the Latte Boy (2010)

Actor, singer, Tony Award winning Alan Cumming was in the last song of Part 3 and starts off Part 4 of OutRadio all by himself, with a totally charming song called "Taylor the Latte Boy." That's become kind of a cabaret standard, most associated with Kristin Chenoweth, but recorded by many. This is JD Doyle bringing you the last segment of the show this month, and it will be all in a pop/cabaret vein.

I'm starting off with a set of three from a new CD called "Love on a Summer Afternoon: Songs of Sam Davis." He got a number of his very talented friends to sing his songs, and it was indeed hard to pick just three. Here are Michael Arden and "The Boy He Wanted Me To Be," Edward Hibbert and "Love and Real Estate," and lastly, David Hyde Pierce with "Goodbye to Boston."

Michael Arden - The Boy He Wanted Me To Be (2010)
Edward Hibbert - Love and Real Estate (2010)
David Hyde Pierce - Goodbye to Boston (2010)

Very nice. I'm going to slip in something old, from a 1993 CD called "Silent Voices." Very active on the Houston cabaret scene then was the duo Atwood & Comeaux, and they still perform together once in a while now. Here is their version of "Old Friend."

Atwood & Comeaux - Old Friend (1993)
Clay Callaway - All the Man That I Need (2009)

And that was Clay Callaway, from his 2007 CD "Baby, That's Love," with the song "All the Man That I Need." Terese Genecco is a much acclaimed New York City artist, who got quite a bit of attention with her show honoring Frances Faye. But I have for you a very quiet song by her, called "If I Were a Boy."

Terese Genecco - If I Were a Boy (2009)
Susan Werner - I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (2009)
Susan Werner - The Wind (2009)

That was two tracks by a remarkable artist, Susan Werner, and the songs, "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times" and "The Wind" were originally recorded by respectively, the Beach Boys and Cat Stevens, but you may have noticed the arrangements were quite classical. That was the idea. On her album from 2009, just called "Classics," she did a number of songs ranging from Simon & Garfunkel to Paul McCartney to Stevie Wonder, all done classical.

Another album I've received recently where the writer has others sing his songs, is called "Thirteen Stories Down: The Songs of Jonathan Reid Gealt." And he also assembled a group of very talented artist friends. So, here are Tituss Burgess and Quentin Earl Darrington singing "My Best Friend," "Stay / I'll Never Go" by Adam Armstrong and Jonathan Reid Gealt, and finally "Wanting," as done by Matt Doyle and Darius de Haas.

Tituss Burgess & Quentin Earl Darrington - My Best Friend (2010)
Adam Armstrong & Jonathan Reid Gealt - Stay / I'll Never Go (2010)
Matt Doyle & Darius de Haas - Wanting (2010)

Getting near the end of the show, but I've got time for two by Michael McAssey from his 2003 album "How Long Has It Been?" First is "Another Mr Right."

Michael McAssey - Another Mr Right (2003)

One more by Michael, and it's from a very early gay musical, called "In Gay Company." That show was first performed in 1974 though it took another ten years before a soundtrack was recorded. This song is best enjoyed by Sondheim fans, and it's called "Sondheim."

Michael McAssey - Sondheim (2003)

This is JD Doyle closing my cabaret segment and OutRadio for March, and thanking you for getting this far. And I've got a beautiful closing song from a beautiful album, by Ann Hampton Callaway. The CD is called "At Last" and this song is her version of the Stevie Nicks classic, "Landslide."

Ann Hampton Callaway - Landslide (2009)