March 2010

The Script

Greek Buck - Spunk (2001)

Yeah, shake it dude, and welcome to OutRadio. I'm JD Doyle and that intro is probably familiar to the many folks who watched the TV show "Queer As Folk," and it came from the soundtrack for season one of the show, from 2001. Less known is that little track is only 28 seconds long, and was by Don Pyle and Andrew Zealley, calling themselves Greek Buck. They are a Canadian duo and they set the stage for this month's show. Every artist you hear on all five parts of this show will be Canadian. I've been meaning to do an All-Canadian GLBT Artist Show for a while now, and the Winter Olympics in Vancouver just put me in the mood.
As you might expect there were lots of different celebrations surrounding the Olympics, giving opportunities for lots of music, and a number of GLBT artist got to participate. I want to go right to a Vancouver artist named Matthew David. His being involved with the Olympics sort of fell in his lap. The Vancouver suburb of Richmond is the site of the speed skating events, held in the Richmond Oval, and the city wanted a theme song and a video, as a gift to the athletes, and Matthew got the nod. Here's the song "Today" by Matthew David.

Matthew David - Today (2010)
Ashley MacIsaac - Devil in the Kitchen (1995)

That artist also performed at the Olympics. He's Ashley MacIsaac and the song "Devil in the Kitchen," is taken from his platinum-selling 1995 album called "Hi, How Are You Today?" MacIsaac is known for being very spirited, and he's also quite outspoken about being gay. I started to say that I'm going to slow things down now, but anyone I play after Ashley MacIsaac would be doing that.

Also performing at Olympic festivities were these next two Vancouver-based artists, and first is Norine Braun. She's released seven albums and I found a track from her 2007 album, "Evolution of a Blood Star," that seemed to fit the spirit I wanted. The song is called "Alberta."

Norine Braun - Alberta (2007)
Bonnie Ste Croix - Here I Am (2007)

Following Norine Braun was Bonnie Ste Croix, and the title track from her 2007 album "Here I Am." And I do not have to introduce kd lang. If you saw the opening ceremonies of the Olympics she probably had your full attention when she sang the Leonard Cohen song "Hallelujah." This version comes from her 2004 album "Hymns of the 49th Parallel," her homage to Canadian songwriters.

kd lang - Hallelujah (2004)
Ferron - Ain't Life a Brook (1992)

I just love that artist. Of course that's Ferron and I picked my favorite song by her, "Ain't Life a Brook," and that live version was from her 1992 album "Not a Still Life." This next artist is from Toronto, and has been touring all over the world and getting lots of acclaim. He had been calling his act Final Fantasy, but for his brand new album he's just going by his name, Owen Pallett. He's already contributed his talents to recordings by artists like the Pet Shop Boys, Mika and The Hidden Cameras, and I've read one review calling the new album the first great pop record of 2010. It's definitely an ambitious project. It combines Pallett's haunting voice with dense orchestral arrangements, violin, electronica, and a narrative about a 14th century farmer in a land called Spectrum. Okay, from the album "Heartland" here is Owen Pallett and "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt."

Owen Pallett - Lewis Takes Off His Shirt (2010)
Hidden Cameras - Underage (2009)

That was Joel Gibbs and his band The Hidden Cameras, and the track "Underage" from their latest release "Origin: Orphan," and you can probably see why they and Owen Pallet have worked together.

This next act was known for performing in leather and in 1981 she and her band Rough Trade had a top 20 Canadian hit with the song "High School Confidential," one of the first lesbian-themed songs to make the charts. She's Carole Pope and she got attention off-stage as well. For example, in the early 80s she had a relationship with Dusty Springfield. But in "High School Confidential," we're going to hear about that girl who couldn't help it.

Carole Pope - High School Confidential (1980)

Up next is an act with some history. In 1977 Lorraine Segato, Lauri Conger and a few others formed a band called Mama Quilla II, and they were very popular on the Toronto music scene. They released their only recording, a 3-song vinyl EP in 1982 and from it you'll hear the song "Angry Young Woman." In 1983 along comes producer Bill Bryans who asks them to form a band to play at a festival, and that worked so well that they were offered a recording contract. So Mama Quilla II was disbanded and the new band was called Parachute Club. From their first album the song "Rise Up" won a Juno Award for Single of the Year. The Junos are the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys, so this was a big deal, and they won several other Junos in following years. So, here's Mama Quilla II and Parachute Club.

Mama Quilla II - Angry Young Woman (1982)
Parachute Club - Rise Up (1983)

You should catch the video for that Parachute Club song on youtube, you'll feel like you were back with those VJs on MTV. And I'm staying in the early 80s for the next song, but in a very different vein. In 1981 David Sereda released I think an amazing album, called "Chivalry Lives," which had some very lyrically gay songs. I'm playing for you one that I find interesting as it speaks for a gay teenager, and is called "Underage Blues."

David Sereda - Underage Blues (1981)

I love that message, but the song is not typical of David's style, so from here I'm going to jump to 1994 and share with you a wonderful song about love and loss from David Sereda's album "The Blue Guide." It's called "Powerful Love."

David Sereda - Powerful Love (1994)

I remember being delighted back in 2004 when I discovered a Toronto band who had given themselves the playful name of The Jane Waynes. They released only one CD before breaking up in 2006. It was called "Cowboy Songs," and from it is "Women's Prison."

Jane Waynes - Women's Prison (2004)

I've got two songs left for Part 1 of the show, and don't go anywhere as there's lots more great music to come on the other segments, speckled with a few real obscurities, and you know how I love to do that. But these two are anthems. In 2007 Anna Gutmanis released a single that I've played several times on my show. It's called "I Am Who I Am."

Anna Gutmanis - I Am Who I Am (2007)

That was Anna Gutmanis, and this is JD Doyle thanking you for listening to OutRadio. And the perfect closing song is by a duo I like quite a bit, Sugarbeach. I did an in-depth interview with them for my February Queer Music Heritage show, and they were a delight. Getting back to the Olympics, the Vancouver event marks the first ever Olympic PRIDE House, which was in The Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre. This was the first time in Olympic history that gay athletes had a dedicated place to relax with family, friends, and fans. At the opening celebration for Pride House, it was only natural for Sugarbeach to sing their anthem, "Living Out Proud."

Sugarbeach - Living Out Proud (2009)

Jeff Straker - Hypnotized (2009)

Yes, Come out. This is JD Doyle and welcome to OutRadio and Part 2 of my special tribute to Canadian GLBT artists. That song was "Hypnotized" and it comes from an album I love by Jeff Straker, his release from last year called "Step Right Up." On my January show I named his CD one of the Best of 2009, and I did the same thing to the latest release by Kate Reid, but this time I'm picking a song from "Comin' Alive," her first CD, from 2006. That CD was produced by Yvette Narlock of the band Mollies Revenge, who you'll hear in another segment, but first to Kate's song "Starving Artist."

Kate Reid - Starving Artist (2006)
Evalyn Parry - Please Stop Following Me (2007)
Nancy Rancourt - She'd Rather (2006)

That turned into a triple play, and following Kate Reid was Evalyn Parry and a song from her "Small Theatres" CD, from 2007, called "Please Stop Following Me," and after her was Nancy Rancourt and the song "She'd Rather" from her 2006 album "Skin and Bone."

Now, while Evalyn Parry and Nancy Rancourt are new to me, I've known about this next artist quite a while. Faith Nolan released her first album, called "Africville," in 1986, and there have been a number of them since. She's always been a social activist and that comes out in her songs. Many have been blues songs, and I was so pleased with her new album "Mannish Gal," that I'm playing for you the title track and then one called "Trans Blues." Faith Nolan.

Faith Nolan - Mannish Gal (2008)
Faith Nolan - Trans Blues (2008)

Again, that was Faith Nolan. I've got some more history for you, of the transgender variety, both of the female to male and male to female kinds. These days Meryn Cadell is a writer and performance artist, and he teaches at the University of British Columbia. Back in 1992 Meryn Cadell as a woman had a couple hit albums including one called "Angel Food for Thought," from which she had a top 40 hit called "Sweater."

Meryn Cadell - Sweater (1992)

In the 1970s Bill Amesbury had some success on the Canadian charts with his two albums, "Just a Taste of the Kid," in 1974 and "Can You Feel It" in 1976. Bill Amesbury later became Barbra Amesbury. I'm playing a song from the second album called "A Thrill's a Thrill," and it's one that's been covered by Long John Baldry, Mitch Ryder, and Marianne Faithfull. I hope you pay attention to the lyrics. No, there's not going to be a quiz, but I'm going to share with you the comments of another artist on them. But first, Bill Amesbury and "A Thrill's a Thrill."

Bill Amesbury - A Thrill's a Thrill (1976)
James Collins comments (2008)

That was James Collins, an artist who himself has had much success on the Canadian charts, including a song he wrote about Bill Amesbury, called "Do You Mind If We Talk About Bill?"

James Collins - Do You Mind If We Talk About Bill? (2000)

James Collins, and there's also a very cool video of that song. And it happens I was in contact with James as I was putting this show together and he sent me a couple songs I would not have had. First, I need to say that James Collins has had a very prolific and successful career, with a number of songs he written making the Canadian charts, by a variety of artists. He sent me this next song, a brand new one for him, which is a duet with Belinda Metz. It's called "Inside"

James Collins & Belinda Metz - Inside (Tango Mix) (2010)

James also sent me a song he wrote for Jason Allan, which made the national charts. It's from Jason's 1999 album, and is called "I Caught You Crying."

Jason Allan - I Caught You Crying (1999)

Again, that was Jason Allan. I was having an online chat with James Collins and he gave me some info about Canadian radio I had not heard of. He told me of the term cancon, which is short for Canadian content. The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission has set up standards where at least 35% of the music played must fall under their guidelines, and they've set up criteria called the MAPL system. That stands for music, artist, production and lyrics, and to qualify as cancon it has to meet two of the four elements. To me this sounds like a good system as it helps Canadian artists get exposure.

[ Many CDs are labeled with the M-A-P-L logo to assist programmers ]

Okay, back to the music. I've got two artists named Collins on this show, so I might as well play them together. The second is openly bisexual Simon Collins, and I'll tell you more about him after we hear his song "Pride," from his 1999 album "All of Who You Are."

Simon Collins - Pride (1999)

Again, that's Simon Collins and singing backups on that track was his very famous dad, Phil Collins. When Simon's parents divorced when he was 8 he and his mother moved to Vancouver.

Out of Edmonton, Alberta, is Andy Northrup, and he's released two excellent albums. From his first one, "Slow Burn Avenue," is the song "Conspiracy."

Andy Northrup - Conspiracy (2000)
Toni Vere - The Girl Next Door (2010)

I followed Andy Northrup with Toni Vere and her song "The Girl Next Door," from her brand new album called "Just To Be."

This is JD Doyle and I'm going to close Part 2 of my Canadian artist special with two acts that remind me of each other, in their sound and that they're both out of the Toronto area. And they both sound great. The new act is a trio calling themselves Hunter Valentine. From their debut release "We're Here to Recruit You" is the song "Treadmills of Love." And the Cliks had their debut release in 2007, called "Snakehouse." Lots to pick from on that album but I chose their cover of the Justin Timberlake song "Cry Me a River."

Hunter Valentine - Treadmills of Love (2009)
The Cliks - Cry Me a River (2007)

Heather Bishop - Waitin' For You Mama (1994)

This is JD Doyle and thanks for joining me on Part 3 of my salute to Canadian GLBT artists. You just heard the very prolific artist Heather Bishop, and "Waitin' For You Mama" comes from her 1994 album "Daydream Me Home." She's a long time activist and formed her own recording company in 1976, and she's still at it, just having released her 14th CD. And she's also received the Order of Canada, the country's highest honor for lifetime achievement.

And another artist with a long history is Penny Lang. She's been called Canada's Folk Treasure and I want to share a song from her 2006 CD "Stone + Sand + Sea + Sky." It's the Dylan song "One Too Many Mornings."

Penny Lang - One Too Many Mornings (2006)
Lucie Blue Tremblay - So Lucky (2006)
Lucie Blue Tremblay - The Neighborhood Song (2004)

Of course that was Lucie Blue Tremblay and I adore her work. "So Lucky" and "The Neighborhood Song" was just two of the gems on her 2004 album called "It's Got To Be About Love."

And from the latest album by Susan Crowe, called "Greytown," here's "Never Alone"

Susan Crowe - Never Lonesome (2009)
Cate Friesen - Welcome To Toronto (1991)

That was Cate Friesen, from what has got to be a very rare cassette tape from 1991. She was singing about the SkyDome, now known as Rogers Centre, and the sentiment that not everyone thought the dome was progress.

And you can't miss the late 70s disco flavor of this next song, but it was coupled with a political message. Gee, a 1977 song about that Bible-bigot Anita Bryant. Paul Vincent called the song, with tongue in cheek, "Gay Rock for Anita."

Paul Vincent - Gay Rock for Anita (1977)

That was Paul Vincent, from 1977, but I've got some even more obscure music coming up. Back in 1972 Michel Girouard made headlines around the world when he married his partner Rejean Tremblay. The story made the front page of The Advocate and it was even a bigger deal in his home city Montreal. As he records in French most Americans would not have heard of him, but apparently he was a bit of a celebrity in those days. In my archives I've got a special edition of a Montreal newspaper where all 32 pages were devoted to the wedding, a sort of photolog you might expect for Hollywood couples. One of his record albums shows he and his partner on the cover. Remember, this was almost 40 years ago. From an album he released in 1975 I want to play for you something typical of his style, the Edith Piaf song "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien," or "No, I Do Not Regret Anything."

Michel Girouard - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (1975)

And I can get more obscure. I've dug up a recording by him that's even older. Here's a 45 rpm record from 1963 he did, a duet with Micheline LeFaivre called "Bras Sous Bras," or "Arm in Arm." And I'm following it with a song by a very famous French Canadian female impersonator.

Michel Girouard & Micheline LeFaivre - Bras Sous Bras (1963)
Guilda - Je Suis La Femme (I Am the Woman) (2001)

That was "Je Suis La Femme," or in English, "I Am the Woman." And Guilda is perhaps the most famous French Canadian female impersonator, with quite a history. She was born in France in 1924 and moved to Montreal in 1953, and had a very successful career, releasing a number of albums. In 2001 a double CD set was released of her work, and there are not many female impersonators who can boast that.

Up next is another very famous drag queen, Craig Russell. He did his famous impressions, of Mae West, Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand and more on stage and even in starring roles in two movies. In 1977 was the movie "Outrageous," followed ten years later by "Too Outrageous." From that second film is the song "Some of These Days."

Craig Russell - Some of These Days (1987)

Probably the most famous Canadian a cappela group is The Nylons. They are celebrating their 30th anniversary, and while they have never been billed as a quote unquote gay group, they have always had gay members. I want to share with you a song from their 1986 CD "Seamless," and then jump ten years to a 12" single they released.

The Nylons - This Boy (1986)
The Nylons - Smalltown Boy (1996)

Of course those songs were the Beatles classic "This Boy" and the iconic "Smalltown Boy," made famous by Bronski Beat. Naturally The Nylons had a number of member changes over the course of 30 years, and one of those singers has done some great work on his own. Micah Barnes is an artist whose work I always pay attention to. I want to play two very different styles by him. His 1998 CD "Loud Boy Radio" garnered him several nominations at the GLAMA awards and I will also love his tale of a gay lad, "Boy With a Secret."

Barnes - Boy With a Secret (1998)
Micah Barnes - After You (2006)

In 2006 Micah Barnes released an album just called "Micah Barnes," and he called the style cabaret noir, and I love it. From that album you heard "After You." And as long as we're kind of in a piano mood here are two more artists I like. From his 2007 album "Tin Can Telephone," here's Bryce Kulak and "Paper and String."

Bryce Kulak - Paper and String (2007)
Kevin Wong - Beautifully Flawed (2006)

After Bryce Kulak you heard Kevin Wong and the title track from his album "Every Day Is Beautifully Flawed." This is JD Doyle for OutRadio, and I'm closing Part 3 of my tribute to Canadian artists with one of the most well-known, Rufus Wainwright. It's difficult indeed to pick one song by him, but I landed on a track from his CD "Want Two," from 2005. Here's "Gay Messiah."

Rufus Wainwright - Gay Messiah (2005)

Fifth Column - I Love You But (1995)

"I Love You, But"…is the song that starts off Part 4 of my Queer Canuck Music Special. I'm JD Doyle and that was the very influential queercore band Fifth Column, with one of their last releases, from 1995. Here's some real trivia, that song came from an episode of The Flintstones, the one where Ann-Margret was a guest star, with the character name of Ann Margrock. The members of Fifth Column just loved that whole idea and did a cover of it. And up next is the frantic song "Cockwolves" by the Toronto group Kids on TV.

Kids on TV - Cockwolves (2007)
Brother Love Canal - Little Tingles (2003)

From their 2007 release "Mixing Business With Pleasure," that was Kids on TV and "Cockwolves." And I followed them with the very queer band Brother Love Canal, and the title track from their 2003 CD "Little Tingles."

These next two artists have recorded together. Dana Baitz has released several albums and a particular track caught my attention from her release from 2005, "Pretty Little Shape Shifter." She did her own take on the Kinks' song "Lola."

Dana Baitz - Lola (2005)
Ember Swift - Boinked the Bride (2002)

I've seen Ember Swift perform that live, and she really gets the audience going, quite a performer, and backed up on acoustic violin by the very talented Lyndell Montgomery. That's "Boinked the Bride" from her 2002 album "Stilt Walking."

Now, I did quite a bit of research for this show, trying to include as many GLBT Canadian artists as I could, and I did not happen to have all of them in my collection. One I contacted was Jerome Mandrake. He records under his own name and also, along with composer/producer James Sadoway, under the name S&M. Jerome sent me their track "Miss You Miss You."

S&M (Sadoway & Mandrake) - Miss You Miss You (2009)
Armstrong Jr - Unlovable (2010)

That was Armstrong Jr, who Jerome Mandrake has also recorded with. From the brand new CD by Armstrong Jr called "La La La La" you heard "Unlovable."

Let's bring down the beat a bit for couple of jazz songs. The first is by Chantal Chamberland, and she's released a number of albums. From her 2004 album "Serendipity Street, I chose an old standard that I've always loved, "Since I Fell For You." I'll follow her with an artist going by a pseudonym.

Chantal Chamberland - Since I Fell For You (2004)
Sue de Nym - So Far (1999)

How about that, a jazz song dealing with gay issues. That was Suzanne Nuttall, but she records under the playful name of Sue de Nym. The song "So Far" was from her 1999 release "Fanfaria."

And here's one more jazz song, by John Alcorn. He's released a couple of albums of standards, in 1998 and 2002, but I found an obscure recording that is perfect for this show. It's never been released commercially but you can find it on the DVD for Season 1 of "Queer As Folk." It's the classic Gerswhin song "The Man I Love."

John Alcorn - The Man I Love (2001)

I've had the pleasure of interviewing this next artist. He's Andrew Spice, out of Vancouver, and from his 2002 album "Pretty Demons" is the song "Beautiful Creatures."

Andrew Spice - Beautiful Creatures (2002)
Gentleman Reg - You Can't Get It Back (2009)

Gentleman Reg is another one of those incestuous artists, and by that I mean he plays well with others. He has often participated in the recordings of The Hidden Cameras and Owen Pallett, nice company to be in. From his own album from 2009, "Jet Black," I played "You Can't Get It Back."

This next artist is Theo Tams, and in 2008 he was the winner of the TV show Canadian Idol, and something refreshing is that he came out during the season, rather than after it. He's had a couple chart singles from his 2009 album "Give It All Away." Here's one of them, co-written by Hawksley Workman, called "Lazy Lovers."

Theo Tams - Lazy Lovers (2009)
Mark Day - I Ain't Gay (But My Boyfriend Is) (2009)

Of course that was called "I Ain't Gay (But My Boyfriend Is)" and that artist was also on Canadian Idol, finishing in the top ten in 2008. He's Mark Day and I guess that track, taken from his youtube video, speaks for itself.

Ready for some electronica? Antoine Bedard works out of Vancouver and goes by the name Montag. He's released a number of recordings and from his 2007 CD "Going Places" is the sweet love song "Best Boy Electric"

Montag - Best Boy Electric (2007)
Tyler Adam - My Boyfriend Is a Gay Pornstar (2008)

And I moved from a best boy to a quickie called "My Boyfriend Is a Gay Pornstar." That was by Tyler Adam, from his 2008 album called "B-Sides."

This is JD Doyle and I'm at the end of Part 4, and it's time for some chorus music. Naturally there are a number of fine gay and lesbian choruses in Canada. I'm sharing with you a song by the Vancouver Men's Chorus, one of the oldest gay choruses in North America, founded in 1981. I think I found a fitting closing song on their 2002 album, which was called "Signature." The song was the theme song of the Canada Pavilion at Expo 86 and is called "This Is My Home."

Vancouver Men's Chorus - This Is My Home (2002)

Lesbians on Ectasy - Summer Luv (2004)

You just heard Lesbians on Ecstasy. No, that's the name of the band, and they have a lot of fun with their music. The track "Summer Luv" came from their debut, and self-titled release from 2004. And they open the final segment of my almost five hour tribute to Canadian GLBT Artists. This is JD Doyle and welcome to OutRadio.

And it sounds like these next two artists had fun with this one. It comes from the L-Word soundtrack for season 3. Here's Maggie Moore & Yvette Narlock, doing "Lady Loves Me."

Maggie Moore & Yvette Narlock - Lady Loves Me (2004)

Back in 1997 Yvette Narlock was front woman of the band Mollies Revenge and they released a CD called "Every Dirty Word." It contained a cover of the song "Lola," and she told an interviewer then "For Ray Davies, Lola was a heterosexual disappointment and Lola for me is a homosexual disappointment. You find this beautiful woman and she turns out to be a man."

Mollies Revenge - Lola (1997)

These days there's a Celtic band going by the name Mollies Revenge, that was definitely not them.

This next artist has over the years changed his style and his name. He recorded, with much success, all through the 80s under the name Norman Iceberg. One of his most known songs was "Kiss the Beauty," from 1989. In 1994 he began recording under his real name, Norman Bedard, and he's still at it, releasing a new album in 2009 called "Vital." Here are Norman Iceberg and "Kiss the Beauty" and Norman Bedard and "I Love."

Norman Iceberg - Kiss the Beauty (1989)
Norman Bedard - I Love (2009)

Ben Hartt is my next artist, and I don't know much about him, except that I've read his first album, "Hyper-Blue," from 2001 was very dance oriented. I've got his second, called "Seeker," which he released in 2004 as a definite change in direction, this time very introspective pop. His website is gone so I don't know what his next move is, but here's his song "Paging Batman."

Ben Hartt - Paging Batman (2004)

In 2008 Amy Campbell released a double CD called "Oh Heart, Oh Highway," and I think it's excellent. From it is the song "This Poetry," and she'll be followed by a gorgeous song by the Wailin' Jennys.

Amy Campbell - This Poetry (2008)
Wailin' Jennys - Apocalypse Lullabye (2006)

In 2004 Annabelle Chvostek, hope I pronounced that right, joined the already successful band The Wailin' Jennys, and remained with them for two years. It was a very democratic band and all the members contributed songs, and four of Annabelle's made their 2006 album "Firecracker." You heard the beautiful song "Apocalypse Lullabye."

Up next are two dance tracks coming from very different perspectives. First, Leroy Lamb released his debut album in 2006, called "Dancing On the Shores of Reason," and at least in the song I picked, he says "Dominate Me."

Leroy Lamb - Dominate Me (2006)
Scott Bolton - I Do (2009)

And after Leroy Lamb you heard Scott Bolton, and a song I couldn't resist from his new album "Set Me Free." The song is dedicated to gay marriage rights and is naturally called "I Do."

I think this next act shows lots of promise. They are called Bluelight and released their debut recording, a CD EP, in 2008. The title track is called "I See Fine."

Bluelight - I See Fine (2008)
Rae Spoon - Don't Turn On Me (2005)

And that was transgender artist Rae Spoon and "Don't Turn On Me," from his 2005 album "Your Trailer Door."

I'm going to take you back to 1962 now, and share with a most unique soul artist, Jackie Shane. He performed mainly in the Toronto area and was known for his flamboyant effeminate stage persona, sometimes doing his act in drag. He even had a top ten hit in Canada, with the song "Any Other Way." I'm going to play that one for you, along with his other most known song, one called "In My Tenement," but please pay attention to the lyrics of the first one where you'll hear him sing "tell her that I'm happy, tell her that I'm gay, tell her I wouldn't have it any other way."

Jackie Shane - Any Other Way (1962)
Jackie Shane - In My Tenement (1963)

On the only CD I know of by Andy Stephenson, one from 2004, he was way out of the closet. He named the CD "Forbidden Fruit" and he's almost naked on the cover, and the album included songs like "Son of a Preacher Man," "My Heart Belongs to Daddy," and one I had never heard done by a male singer, "Stupid Cupid."

Andy Stephenson - Stupid Cupid (2004)
Matthew Presidente - Feelin' Good (2006)

Another song you won't hear on mainstream radio. Following Andy Stephenson was Vancouver artist Matthew Presidente and the song "Feelin' Good," taken from his 2006 album called "Buckle Up, Matty P."

This is JD Doyle and it's time to close out my rambling over five-hour salute to GLBT Canadian artists. Of course I do not mean anyone to think I've covered every GLBT Canadian artist, but I think I gave you a good introduction. I'm closing Tegan & Sara, and "Hop a Plane," from their 2007 album "The Con."

Tegan & Sara - Hop a Plane (2007)

Just for kicks, the CD below may be of interest. It's a 1999 Toronto Pride release, and amazingly is Not full of dance tracks. Not all of the artists are Canadian, but a large percentage of them are. As I write this Amazon had some copies.


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