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Mar 2010
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Part 5 - 64:43
Lesbians on Ectasy - Summer Luv (2004)
Yvette Narlock & Maggie Moore - Lady Loves Me (2004)
Mollies Revenge - Lola (1997)
Norman Iceberg - Kiss the Beauty (1989)
Norman Bedard - I Love (2009)
Ben Hartt - Paging Batman  (2004)
Amy Campbell - This Poetry (2008)
Wailin' Jennys - Apocalypse Lullabye (2006)
Leroy Lamb - Dominate Me (2006)
Scott Bolton - I Do (2009)
Bluelight - I See Fine (2008)
Rae Spoon - Don't Turn On Me (2005)
Jackie Shane - Any Other Way (1962)
Jackie Shane - In My Tenement (1963)
Andy Stephenson - Stupid Cupid (2004)
Matthew Presidente - Feelin' Good (2006)
Tegan & Sara - Hop a Plane (2007)

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Lesbians on Ecstasy  LOE on cover of Curve

L-Word Season 3 CD, with Moore & Narlock song

 Yvette Narlock   Mollies Revenge

Norman IcebergNorman Bedard

Ben Hartt CD 2004

Click Here to watch a youtube interview with Ben Hartt

Amy Campbell postcardAmy Campbell CD

Wailin' Jennys CDAnnabelle Chvostek

Annabelle Chvostek was a member of the Wailin' Jennys for two years

   Scott BoltonScott Bolton CD


Rae Spoon

Jackie Shane

Click Here for a Lot more on Jackie Shane

Andy StephensonAndy Stephenson

Matthew Presidente


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