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Mar 2010
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Part 4 - 63:04
Fifth Column - I Love You But (1995)
Kids on TV - Cockwolves (2007)
Brother Love Canal - Little Tingles (2003)
Dana Baitz - Lola (2005)
Ember Swift - Boinked the Bride (2002)
S&M (Sadoway & Mandrake) - Miss You Miss You (2009)
Armstrong Jr - Unlovable (2010)
Chantal Chamberland - Since I Fell For You (2004)
Sue de Nym - So Far (1999)
John Alcorn - The Man I Love (2001)
Andrew Spice - Beautiful Creatures (2002)
Gentleman Reg - You Can't Get It Back (2009)
Theo Tams - Lazy Lovers (2009)
Mark Day - I Ain't Gay (But My Boyfriend Is) (2009)
Montag - Best Boy Electric (2007)
Tyler Adam - My Boyfriend Is a Gay Pornstar (2008)
Vancouver Men's Chorus - This Is My Home (2002)

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Fifth Column 45

Fifth Column


Kids on TVKids on TV CD


Brother Love Canal   Dana Baitz

Ember SwiftEmber Swift CD

Jerome Mandrake CD

Jerome MandrakeJames Sadoway

Chantal Chamberland   Sue de Nym CDs

John Alcorn

Andrew Spice

Gentleman Reg

Gentleman Reg   Theo Tams

Mark Day   Montag CD "Going Places"

cute, cute Montag

Tyler Adam

Vancouver Men's Chorus