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Mar 2010
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Part 3 - 64:26
Heather Bishop - Waitin' For You Mama (1994)
Penny Lang - One Too Many Mornings (2006)
Lucie Blue Tremblay - So Lucky (2006)
Lucie Blue Tremblay - The Neighborhood Song (2004)
Susan Crowe - Never Lonesome (2009)
Cate Friesen - Welcome To Toronto (1991)
Paul Vincent - Gay Rock for Anita (1977)
Michel Girouard - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (1975)
Michel Girouard & Micheline LeFaivre - Bras Sous      Bras (1963)
Guilda - Je Suis La Femme (2001)
Craig Russell - Some of These Days (1987)
The Nylons - This Boy (1986)
The Nylons - Smalltown Boy (1996)
Barnes - Boy With a Secret (1998)
Micah Barnes - After You (2006)
Bryce Kulak - Paper and String (2007)
Kevin Wong - Beautifully Flawed (2006)
Rufus Wainwright - Gay Messiah (2005)

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Part Three


Heather Bishop   Penny Lang

Lucie Blue Tremblay CD  Lucie Blue Tremblay

Susan Crowe CD   Cate Friesen tape

Paul Vincent LP & 45

Michel Girouard LPs  Michel Girouard 45


Click Here for More on Guilda

Craig Russell 45   "Outrageous" LP

Click for Lot more on Craig Russell

Nylons CD  Nylons 12" 45


Bryce Kulak   Kevin Wong CD

Below, it's not released yet, but I just love the cover of Kevin's next CD

Kevin Wong CD, 2010

Rufus Wainwright   Want Two