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Mar 2010
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Part Two

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Part 2 - 65:03
Jeff Straker - Hypnotized (2009)
Kate Reid - Starving Artist (2006)
Evalyn Parry - Please Stop Following Me (2007)
Nancy Rancourt - She'd Rather (2006)
Faith Nolan - Mannish Gal (2008)
Faith Nolan - Trans Blues (2008)
Meryn Cadell - Sweater (1992)
Bill Amesbury - A Thrill's a Thrill (1976)
James Collins comments (2008)
James Collins - Do You Mind If We Talk About      Bill? (2000)
James Collins & Belinda Metz - Inside (2010)
Jason Allan - I Caught You Crying (1999)
Simon Collins - Pride (1999)
Andy Northrup - Conspiracy (2000)
Toni Vere - The Girl Next Door (2010)
Hunter Valentine - Treadmills of Love (2009)
The Cliks - Cry Me a River (2007)


Jeff Straker CD   Kate Reid CDs

Click Here for my interview with Jeff Straker

Evalyn Parry   Nancy Rancourt

Faith Nolan

Meryn Cadell CD  Meryn Cadell

Bill Amesbury = Barbra Amesbury

Click to see James Collins Youtube video about Bill Amesbury

James Collins   Jason Allan

Simon Collins   Andy Northrup CDs   

Andy Northrup

Toni Vere   Hunter Valentine DVD   

Hunter Valentine CD 2010

Lucas Silviera  Cliks first CD

Click Here for my in-depth Interview with Lucas Silviera of The Cliks