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Mar 2010
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Part 1 - 63:54
Greek Buck - Spunk (2001)
Matthew David - Today (2010)
Ashley MacIsaac - Devil in the Kitchen (1995)
Norine Braun - Alberta (2007)
Bonnie Ste Croix - Here I Am (2007)
kd lang - Hallelujah (2004)
Ferron - Ain't Life a Brook (1992)
Owen Pallett - Lewis Takes Off His Shirt (2010)
Hidden Cameras - Underage (2009)
Carole Pope - High School Confidential (1980)
Mama Quilla II - Angry Young Woman (1982)
Parachute Club - Rise Up (1983)
David Sereda - Underage Blues (1981)
David Sereda - Powerful Love (1994)
Jane Waynes - Women's Prison (2004)
Anna Gutmanis - I Am Who I Am (2007)
Sugarbeach - Living Out Proud (2009)


  QAF Soundtrack   Greek Buck

Matthew David CD EP

Matthew David

Above and below left, Matthew David and Ashley MacIsaac performing at the Olympics

Ashley MacIsaac   Ashley MacIsaac

Norine Braun   Bonnie Ste Croix

kd lang 

Below, kd thrilled the Olympics opening night crowd with "Hallelujah"

kd Olympics shots


Click Here for my in-depth interview with Ferron

Owen Pallett   Owen Pallett CD "Heartland"

Joel Gibb and Hidden Cameras   HIdden Cameras

Carole Pope   Rough Trade

Mama Quilla II   Parachute Club

David Sereda LP  David Sereda CD

David Sereda note

Above, one of my copies of David's "Chivalry Lives" albums
must have been a promo, as it included the above personal note.

The Jane Waynes

Anna Gutmanis   Sugarbeach

Click Here for my in-depth interview with Marlee & Tully of Sugarbeach

Pride HousePride HousePride House

The first ever Pride House for LGBT athletes and friends opened at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. Sponsored by a private local LGBT group called GayWhistler, the Pride House does not have any official affiliation with International Olympic Committee or the Canadian Olympic organization. Like other similar “hospitality” houses for Olympic athletes from different nationalities, the Pride House provides a place for LGBT athletes, friends and family to relax and be together. The duo Sugarbeach performed at the opening ceremonies for Pride House.

sponsors of Pride House