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Deep Dark Robot - Won't You Be My Girl (2011)

Whoa! Well, from an energy level, it will be hard to top that one for the rest of this show. This is JD Doyle and welcome to Part 1 of OurRadio for June. That was the band Deep Dark Robot and the title track from their new CD, "Won't You Be My Girl." And Deep Dark Robot is Linda Perry and drummer Tony Tonay. If the name Linda Perry sounds familiar, well, it should. In the early 90s she was in the band 4 Non Blondes, but she's more known for her writing. For example, the song "Beautiful" for Christina Aguilera, and material for a who's who of today's music. There's just too much to tell, but please check out her site, and she's an artist who has always been out of the closet. Next up, a boy band from the UK.

Blue - I Can (2011)
Blue & Elton John - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (2003)

That was the band Blue, and the first song, called "I Can" was their entry representing the UK in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. They were very hot in England in the early 2000's and split up around 2005, only to reform this year for Eurovision and a comeback tour. And they've attracted attention recently when group member Duncan James came out as bisexual in 2009, and they also attracted attention for the almost nude photo spread of the whole band in the English gay magazine Attitude. I followed "I Can" with their 2003 duet with Elton John on his song "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word."

Up next, from Iceland is an artist named Jonsi, from the band Sigur Rios, and he's got a solo album from 2010 called "Go," with this song, "Animal Arithmetic."

Jonsi - Animal Aritmetic (2010)
D'Geyrald & TaneO - I'm Your Man (2004)

That was from 2004, and I'm probably going to mispronounce the names of that last act. From France D'Geyrald & TaneO gave us the song "I'm Your Man." Google tells me that D'Geyrald was a member of the French boy band G-Squad and before I knew it I found many many nude photos of him and that he even published a book of those photos. And he's got the goods to back that up.

Now, I don't know if any of the members of this next act are gay, but the song sure is. The band is called Sweet Leda and the song is "Let Her Love Her," and it comes from their album "Need the Music."

Sweet Leda - Let Her Love Her (2011)
Julie F. Potter & CNote - Never Disappear (2011)

Now that was a political set. After Sweet Leda was the song "Never Disappear," a brand new one by Julie F. Potter & CNote.

I'm getting into some piano rock next, with San Francisco artist Jeb Havens, and from his new and self-titled album are the tracks "California Boy" and "Lullaby."

Jeb Havens - California Boy (2010)
Jeb Havens - Lullaby (2010)

And on the mellow side is the new album by Garrin Benfield, his first in seven years, and it's called "The Wave Organ Song."

Garrin Benfield - Believe Me (2011)
Garrin Benfield - Colors In You (2011)
Catie Curtis - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (2009)
Catie Curtis - Saint Lucy (2009)

By Garrin Benfield you heard "Believe Me" and "Colors in You," and many of you probably recognized the voice of Catie Curtis. From her 2009 album "Hello, Stranger," came her cover of "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free," recorded by John Denver and many other artists, followed by her own song "Saint Lucy."

A brand new EP is one by transman artist Eli Conley and his band Hip for Squares. The EP is called "All the Livelong Day," and I think the song I like best on it is "Pinocchio."

Eli Conley & Hip for Squares - Pinocchio (2011)

Some of you may remember the actor Brad Davis, who was most famous for the 1978 movie "Midnight Express," and he played a number of gay characters in films. He died of AIDS in 1991, and he was widely known in the industry as being bisexual. He was married and he and his wife had a daughter, Alexandria. Well, Alexandria is now a transman, named Alex, and he's a singer. From his 2008 EP you'll hear the song "Stop" and from his new EP is the title track "Man of the Year."

Alex Davis - Stop (2008)
Alex Davis - Man of the Year (2010)

This is JD Doyle, getting ready to close down Part 1 of OutRadio for June, but there are two more hours, including some fun interviews, so please check those out. The last song comes from Iceland, by an all-female band named Elektra, and you may want to check out its sexy video, which goes along with its title, "I Don't Do Boys."

Elektra - I Don't Do Boys (2010)

Sean Wiggins - Watchin' the World Go By (2007)

That was Sean Wiggins and "Watchin' the World Go By," from her 2007 CD "The Kitchen Sink." And this is JD Doyle for OutRadio and this middle hour of the show this month could be called my interview segment, as it will feature interviews with Jennifer O'Connor, David Dub and Sean Wiggins. Let's start off with Sean, as I wanted to hear about her latest album.

Sean Wiggins Interview

Sean Wiggins: It's a mixture of country and rock, and it's my sixth solo release, and it's called "Naked Thursdays," but I kind of think every day is good for nudity (laughs), oh, God, can I try that again?

JD: I kind of liked it. What's the name of your band?

SW: Sean Wiggins and Lone Goat.

JD: Is there a story there?

SW: Well, it's not overly good. I've made up a story that a goat sort of appeared out of nowhere on my car, because goats like to be on top of things, but really, I spend a lot of time on the road, and driving around Southern California, all over California, and we just happened to identify with a lone goat on the side of the road.

JD: It's kind of spelled oddly on your CD cover.

SW: It's spelled oddly because I can't type, so anytime I would type messages to my guitar player, who is also the designer of all the artwork…every time I wrote him, since I can't type, I would type it with incorrectly capitalized, so he just decided to make a joke out of it and put it as our logo.

JD: What song from the album has gotten the most attention?

SW: I think "Whiskey & Duct Tape" is a lot of people's favorite, and I use it as a PSA, sort of, you know, if you're…something you should keep in the back of your car, just in case, is whiskey and duct tape, and some Snickers bars, cause they'll all last forever.

Sean Wiggins - Whiskey & Duct Tape (2010)

SW: And then I think "Must Love Dogs" is another favorite. I am just a dog-lover, so I figure any relationship I get into, the person has to love dogs, or really it's a no-go from the beginning.

Sean Wiggins - Must Love Dogs (2010)

JD: From all your albums, if you had to name your biggest hit, what would it be?

SW: "Into the Blue." I actually recorded it on my very first CD, where I was really learning how to play guitar at the same time that I recorded the first CD. Since I recorded it that way I wanted to do it again with the band, so it's actually on my last CD also, and it turned out really good.

JD: Which CD is that?

SW: It's called "The Kitchen Sink."

Sean Wiggins - Into the Blue (2007)

JD: Tell me about the song "I Gotta Be Me."

SW: That covers all kinds of angles. You could say it was a coming out song, but it's also coming out in other ways than sexuality. It's coming out as a performer and this is what is in my blood and this is the only thing I really want to do or know how to do, whether you like it or not, and then also around the same time I was finding myself, my sexuality also. I sort of came out late, so "I Gotta Be Me" sort of covered my whole self.

Seans Wiggins - I Gotta Be Me (2003)

JD: How has your music changed over the years?

SW: Well, I've gone through some different phases. One, I learned how to play guitar better, so it's improved musically, but adding the band in the last three CDs…I have a full band…so it's taken on a rockier sound as opposed to a more folky sound. And then I've also gone through some phases where I decided to write a little bit more on the country side, opposed to the folky side, so it depends on my mood, or whether I'm in a good relationship, or just gotten out of a relationship, or looking for a new one. It's an ebb and flow, really.

JD: I think I've read that your music was described by someone as bluesy country rock.

SW: I have a lot of R&B background in my…my musical love is really Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan, and Gladys Knight and those kind of singers, so I have emulated them for most of my life, wanted to be, wanted to be a big black woman, instead I'm a tall skinny white chick

JD: Have you recorded any lyrically gay songs?

SW: Ah, I'd never make anything specific. There are some songs that are, but you wouldn't know it unless you know me and unless I tell the story, cause I don't really…I like to be more ambiguous, so that anybody could relate, so that anybody could be touched by the idea. So I don't really, but there was one song…there was a song called "Where Have I Known You Before?" that I actually wrote, that I performed with another band, right before I ended up going solo, which was when I actually got divorced from my ex-husband…is cause I realized I was gay…took me a long time, and they when the light bulb went off, it was "Oh, I could have had a V-8!" That's my problem! But "Where Have I Known You Before?" was all about that feeling. It was about realizing I was gay and a story about that.

JD: Was that recorded?

SW: It was recorded with a band called Vynil. It's very rootsy kind of old-school sounding tune. It was done, it was done live.

Vynil - Where Have I Known You Before (1997)

That was "Where Have I Known You Before," as done by Sean singing lead for the band Vynil, way back in 1997, and "I Gotta Be Me" was from her album by that title from 2003. "Into the Blue" came from the 2007 CD "The Kitchen Sink," and as you heard, "Whiskey & Duct Tape" and "Must Love Dogs" is from the new one, "Naked Thursdays." I've got one more, from 2010. It's not on an album yet, but it should be. It's Sean's cover of the Buffalo Springfield song from 1967, "For What It's Worth."

Sean Wiggins - For What It's Worth (2010)

Jennifer O'Connor Interview

Next up, a short but sweet talk with Jennifer O'Connor, and I just loved her latest album, "Here With Me." It's a very intimate and personal album.

Jennifer O'Connor: The new album, "Here With Me," is predominately about a time in my life when I was coming to terms with loss in my life, and simultaneously having the benefit of being in a new romantic relationship.

JD: Tell me about "Here With Me."

JO: "Here With Me" is kind of a love song, but it's actually very much like what I was just describing, in my description of the album. It's kind of I'm in a new relationship and I'm excited about it, but I'm also dealing with some stuff, trying to figure out, asking some of the big questions in life, and trying to balance this happiness with this searching, and trying to make senses of a lot of things. But it's a love song, but it's kind of a heavy love song, and exploring some darknesses as well.

Jennifer O'Connor - Here With Me (2009)

JD: Can you tell me about "Always In Your Mind"?

JO: "Always in Your Mind" is a song about…basically it's kind of a warning. It could be to me or to somebody else, and it kind of is both of those things…about making sure you live your life and you don't get caught up in worry and in things you think about, and just kind of being in the moment.

Jennifer O'Connor - Always In Your Mind (2009)

And I want to share one more track from the album. It's the opening one, "The Church and the River."

Jennifer O'Connor - The Church and the River (2009)

Those three tracks from the latest album by Jennifer O'Connor, "Here With Me."

David Dub Interview

And the next person sort of here with me is Chicago artist David Dub. He's young and cute, and damn, can he sing! I started naturally with wanting to hear about his debut album.

David Dub: I worked with a lot of people, a lot of great producers for this album. It's mostly pop and R&B-flavored type of music, and I wrote all the lyrics, which was important for me. It's just a reflection of what I went through in the past few years, and I'm hoping everybody likes it.

The album is called "David Dub," and starts off with the song "Beautiful"

DD: The song "Beautiful," I worked with a producer named Frankie Precious on that song, and he's really talented and we worked really well together. The song itself is basically a love story showing how you can be with somebody that not everybody necessarily agrees with you being with, but if you love someone you should be with them just out of how you feel. And it's basically a message saying that love comes in all shapes and sizes, and personally for me it was about being in a relationship where not everybody agreed with the person that I was with, and since I found that person beautiful, I stayed with them.

David Dub - Beautiful (2009)

JD: How about the song "Believe"?

DD: "Believe" is an inspiration song. It actually came out of "The Secret." I don't know if you're familiar with that, but "The Secret" is a message that…it's cabalistic, and it's basically that if you believe in something, and if you believe in it enough, you can achieve anything, that anything's possible. So "Believe" is to me an inspirational song, letting people know that anything is possible.

JD: What's been the reaction to that song?

DD: I've had a great reaction to that song, actually, people just find it very enduring and inspiration to them. I've also done a couple of charity events with it, so, I don't know, it's a very inspiration song. It keeps people motivated and positive.

David Dub - Believe (2009)

I just love that one. And the songs "For Our Love" and "These Same Things," are like they were meant to go together?

DD: "For Our Love" came after "These Same Things," and it just kind of happened. It was one of those things where I was at the studio and I had a melody in my head, and the words kind of came out at the same time. So that song…it's not necessarily a song, it's an a capella …but it came out very naturally and we were done recording it within like a half hour, so it was just something that evolved after "These Same Things" was written.

JD: They go terrific together. [Thank you] And tell me about "These Same Things."

DD: "These Same Things" is more of a political song. It started with Prop 8 and the situation in California with turning over the legalization of gay marriage. And I just wanted to put a message out there, doing my part, to try to make some kind of change, or at least voice my opinion on it.

JD: I bet that you get a lot of response for that song.

DD: I actually do. I get a lot of people that are appreciative of it, and I get a lot of people that just thank me for writing something and being openly gay and having the courage, I guess, to be open because so many people aren't.

David Dub - For Our Love / These Same Things (2009)

This is JD Doyle and I'm closing this segment with a new one from David Dub. Perhaps it will be on his next album. It has a very direct message, and is called "Kiss."

David Dub - Kiss (2010)

Sara Grace - Woman Sweet Woman ( 2011)

This is JD Doyle and welcome to the third segment of OutRadio for June. You know, it's always nice when I get sent a CD from an artist totally new to me, and it turns out I love it. That's the case with Sara Grace. I opened with the song "Woman Sweet Woman," from her brand new CD "Requited." And I love how lyrically gay, or, in this case, lyrically lesbian her music is, like in the song "City Girl."

Sara Grace - City Girl (2011)
Nervous But Excited - Nineteen (2011)
Nervous But Excited - Lovin' Feeling (2011)

And that last act I just played last month, but I just got a new release by them and wanted to share it as well. They call themselves Nervous But Excited, and their new EP is called "Just the Two of Us (Our Duo Doing Duos)," which as you might guess is a cover album of famous duo songs. You heard Tegan & Sara's song "Nineteen" and the Righteous Brothers classic, "Lovin' Feeling."

And from another new EP is Melineh Kurdian, who has also recorded as a member of the act Girl Parts. The EP is called "The Where and How," and you'll hear "You're Not There" and "Between Me Now."

Melineh Kurdian - You're Not There (2010)
Melineh Kurdian - Between Me Now (2010)

I've been watching and much enjoying the TV show "The Voice." And I especially liked that four openly gay and lesbian contestants were in the initial batch of 24 finalists. Tyler Robinson was one of them who unfortunately did not make it into the second round, but I not only liked his talent but that he came out on nationwide TV. As you can now buy the songs from iTunes, here's one he did, a cover of the Train hit song "Hey, Soul Sister."

Tyler Robinson - Hey, Soul Sister (2011)

I've not played this band in a while. The lead singer and the band and the album are called Paxton, and in 1997 they did these two tracks.

Paxton - Which Way Do You Go? (1997)
Paxton - John & Joe (1997)

Well, that last one had kind of a Lou Reed vibe to it, I think. By Paxton were the songs "Which Way Do You Go?" and "John & Joe."

For about ten years Devin Tait was a member of the sort of new wave, electronic rock band that called themselves Shitting Glitter. They released three full-length CDs and about a dozen EPs. Naturally with a name like Shitting Glitter, they did not garner much if any airplay on broadcast radio, not that they cared about that. Devin has left that band and now has his own, just called the Devin Tait Band, and the new CD is called "It's Never the Way You Imagine It." Well, I can imagine airplay for these two tracks from it, "Strange Season" and "Winnipeg Beach."

Devin Tait - Strange Season (2011)
Devin Tait - Winnipeg Beach (2011)

I'm going to finish out the show with an artist who's been attracting a lot of attention. His name is Seth Bogart, but his stage name is Hunx, spelled h-u-n-x. He got that name kind of to go along with the stage name of a former bandmate of his, who called herself Chunx. They were in the band Gravy Train!!!! And the spelling of their name always included at the end four exclamation points. They released several albums between 2001 and 2007 and all were very sexually explicit, with mostly Chunx singing lead. But I picked one where Chunx and Hunx sang together, on their 2003 album "Hello, Doctor." It was an easy choice for me. The song is "You Made Me Gay."

Gravy Train - You Made Me Gay (2003)

Okay, that was Gravy Train!!!! In 2007 Hunx formed his own band, but kept all the adventurous sexual overtones and meshed it with sort of a 60's girl group garage band sound, complete with wild videos. Now known as Hunx and his Punx, he went the unusual route of only releasing on vinyl.

As a long-time record collector I thought this was pretty cool, especially for a gay band, and managed to get all five of them, including the very rare one with the impressive nude cover. That one came with a scratch-off portion, well worth the effort. These five 45 rpm records were spread from around 2007 to 2009 and in 2010 he collected them all for a 12" LP, still just released only on vinyl. Okay, time to let you hear a track from that album, and I picked "Teardrops on My Telephone."

Hunx & His Punx - Teardrops on My Telephone (2009)

Now it's 2011 and Hunx has a new album and a new band, the Hunkettes. This works well as it makes his love for the Girl Group sound come across even stronger, but…here's the good part, the male-to-male pronouns on those 60's-sounding songs. You'll hear that on the CD's first two tracks, "Lovers Lane" and "He's Coming Back."

Hunx & His Punx - Lovers Lane / He's Coming Back (2011)

This is JD Doyle, and it's time to close OutRadio for this month. Thanks for sticking with me, and I've one more by Hunx, and it's the title track from his CD, called "Too Young to Be in Love."

Hunx & His Punx - Too Young to Be in Love (2011)