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Myles Cooper - Gonna Find Boyfriends Today (2010)

Now I think that was a fun way to start of my OutRadio show for June. This is JD Doyle and that was Myles Cooper and his new release called "Gonna Find Boyfriends Today." Something special up next, an interview with Daniel J Cartier. I've been a fan of his for a long time, and he's got a new CD out. It's called "Redemption" and of course I wanted him to tell me about it.

Daniel J Cartier Interview

Well, it's kind of a collection of songs that my partner and I started working on, when we moved here to Nashville. It's a mixture of kind of modern, almost like Radiohead-type music meets more of a vintage Pink Floyd, even Marvin Gaye type of feel, and it's really kind of just about getting back on your feet after you've fallen apart.

Let's start off with the title track, "Redemption."

Daniel J Cartier - Redemption (2010)

Is there an overall message to this album?

DJC: Yeah, there's definitely a message to this album; basically that every moment that we're here on the planet is a perfect moment to start over again. There's no such thing as a finish line, that you can basically decide, you know, I'm going to change my life, and change your life, right now. And that's basically what I'm trying to get at with this album.

And how is this CD different from your past work?

DJC: I think the main thing that's different about this album is my past couple CDs were really just me, by myself, in my room. A bunch of really amazing players came in to play on this, people from the Nashville Symphony, people from Lynyrd Skynyrd, from the Wallflowers, from P-Funk, even some people who played on my album "Avenue A" back in the 90s came back and played with me. That's the main thing. It has a much bigger sound.

And, what seems to be the audience favorite so far from the CD?

DJC: Oh, I think the song "Glass of Water." People seem to love that. It's a kind of really happy sounding song about breaking up with somebody.

Daniel J Cartier - Glass of Water (2010)

Tell me about the song "Married"

DJC: I wanted to write a song that basically spoke to the frustration that I felt after Obama got elected and California voted on Prop 8. I was really upset and I still am upset that that happened. I know that it was a jubilant day for the country, but I was just so engulfed in rage about the fact that they would put my people's civil liberties on a ballot. The whole concept of people voting for whether other people should have equal rights is just so warped. I don't really get why anybody with any sort of brain would think that that was appropriate, cause it's not. I wanted to write a song that was pro-marriage, pro-gay marriage certainly because I'm a gay man, writing about my partner, but I didn't want it to sound like your protest song, like where it's like a folk guitar, you know what I mean, like I wanted it to sound like if Billy Idol were to do a song about gay marriage, it would kind of sound something like that.

Daniel J Cartier - Married (2010)
Saturn - Never Been the Same (2010)

After Daniel J Cartier was an artist calling himself Saturn. His first release was in 2002 and he's had a total of two albums and an EP in the time since. The song "Never Been the Same" will be on his upcoming release. And next, you'll hear about a drama queen.

Mary Ann Rossoni - Drama Queen (2001)
Waylon Payne - Running from the Rain (2004)

That was Mary Ann Rossoni and "Drama Queen," from her 2001 album "Downcity," and then Waylon Payne and "Running from the Rain." That's from his 2004 CD "The Drifter." And we got a little country there. And Waylon Payne comes by his country credentials easily. His father Jody Payne played guitar for Willie Nelson for years and his mother is Sammi Smith and he was named after his godfather, Waylon Jennings. All that is pretty country.

And for this next group, well, I don't know if they are gay, but the song sure is. Here are Cudzoo & the Fagettes singing "My Boyfriend Got a Boyfriend."

Cudzoo & the Fagettes - My Boyfriend Got a Boyfriend (2010)

Two tracks from a brand new CD I just received from an English artist are next, and I am very pleased with this album. He's already agreed to do an interview, but can't wait to share a couple songs. He's K Anderson, and that's just the initial K, and his CD is called "The Overthinker."
It was hard to pick which songs to play, as I like so many on the disc, but I'm giving you the first track, "This Changes Everything," and another with a very unusual structure. You'll see what I mean. It's the last track on the album, and it's called "Wear Me Down."

K Anderson - This Changes Everything (2010)
K Anderson - Wear Me Down (2010)
Declan Bennett - Faithful Lover (2004)

I followed K Anderson with another UK artist I love, Declan Bennett. I most highly recommend his CD "An Innocent Evening of Drinking," but this time I decided to go back to his prior release called "The Painter's Ball." On that release he billed himself as Sumladfromcov, with those words all run together, and with cov being Covington, England.

Changing the pace just a bit is a new artist from Minnesota, named MJ Kroll, and the title track of her first CD "Wondering."

MJ Kroll - Wondering (2010)
Anatomy of a Soul - Star Blanket Sky (2010)

After MJ Kroll you heard an act that happens to be from Houston. They are called Anatomy of a Soul and their debut CD is called "Chaos of the Heart." The song was called "Star Blanket Sky."

This is JD Doyle and I'm about to close down Part 1 of OutRadio this month. There's lots more, which, as you're listening from my website, you already know. But here's my last artist of this segment. Okay, I have a confession. I am waiting semi-patiently for the first full-length CD in English by Israeli artist Ivri Lider. I went nuts over his 2007 song "Jesse," so I'm playing that one and also one I got off his website, which is I think a stunning remake of "Nights in White Satin."

Ivri Lider - Jesse (2007)
Ivri Lider - Nights in White Satin (2007)

Christy Claxton - Best Loved Girl (2001)

That was a delightful artist named Christy Claxton, and she happened to be the first artist I interviewed when I became a co-producer of the radio show Audiofile. So she was on the January 2001 show with her wonderful album "Out of Nowhere." That song was my favorite from it, "Best Loved Girl." But you got to hear the remix version, not released commercially at all, so I was glad to share it with you.
And I'm glad to say that this next artist is a friend of mine. She's a singer, producer, emcee and a Houston treasure, named Miss Money. From her 2006 album "The Love of Money" is her song "Best Friend."

Miss Money - Best Friend (2006)
Kellye Gray - Everything Must Change (2010)

A bit of jazz there, by a superb artist. I just saw her live a couple months ago, and I was in heaven. She's Kellye Gray and it was at a house concert, and she dedicated that song to me. It's called "Everything Must Change." Her video of that song is dedicated to marriage equality.

The artist named Bitch has a new album called "Blasted," and here's the title track.

Bitch - Blasted (2010)
Jan Allain - On My Radio (2000)

That was Jan Allain, an English artist whose CDs are kind of hard to find in this country. The song "On the Radio" was from her 2001 CD "A Kind of Glory," which was kind of a greatest hits album. But it did not include this next song, also from 2001. And it's probably an unexpected one to hear, really anywhere. In the liner notes for the CD she tells where she consulted Tom Robinson about it, wondering if anyone would take her seriously as an artist if she included the song she was considering. He asked what the title was, and she said "Apple Size Golden Clitoris." He told her she Must record it, and she did and he ended up singing with her on it. Jan Allain and Tom Robinson.

Jan Allain & Tom Robinson - Apple Size Golden Clitoris (2001)
Jill Posener & Tom Robinson - A Dyke's Gotta Do (What a Dyke's Gotta Do) ('79)
Voice Squad - Stand Together (1979)

Lots of history there. I had thought of saving those two for my show Queer Music Heritage, but as I was already playing Tom Robinson, that was a good lead-in. And those two songs are on a very rare 45 rpm record, that was a benefit release issued in London at the time of Gay Pride 79. Tom Robinson was heavily involved, playing and singing on it, though there was a large gathering of artists involved. He and Jill Posener wrote and sing on "A Dyke's Gotta Do (What a Dyke's Gotta Do)" and for the flip side he was also part of the group Voice Squad, that did "Stand Together."

I better get back to the present, and this next band's CD is brand new. They are a German duo called Elcassette. Their CD is called "Planewreck" and the song is "Naked."

Elcassette - Naked (2010)
Fever Fever - Monster (2010)
Boys' Entrance - Don't Be a Drag (2010)
Boys' Entrance - Shake Some Action (2010)

After Elcassette was an English band called Fever Fever and their new single "Monster." And after them was one of our historic queer punk bands, Boys' Entrance. They've just released three CDs of some of their demo material, and appropriately called each one DEMOcrat. From Volume 1 came "Don't Be a Drag" and the other track is from Volume 3. That one is a covers CD and I love that they chose "Shake Some Action." I well remember adoring that song as done in the 70s by the Flamin' Groovies.

Changing the pace a bit is an artist out of Denver, Joshua Novak and his song "Tidal Wave."

Joshua Novak - Tidal Wave (2004)
Phil Putnam - Severity (2010)

After Joshua Novak you heard Phil Putnam. Phil's a favorite of mine, and I've interviewed him a couple of times. He just released an EP called "Second Thoughts," comprised of sort of stripped down versions of past songs, and that one was "Severity." Kind of interesting, I think.

Again, this is JD Doyle and closing down this middle segment of OutRadio for June. Didn't I promise you quite a variety of music? I've got more on Segment 3, some more dance and some more material that's a bit mellower. But closing this one is dance, and it's a special song. It was commissioned for the Pride Victoria celebration in Australia. They have their Pride March in February, and singing lead vocals on this one is Adrian LiDonni. And I thank him for sending me an mp3 of it.The song is called "Proudly Walking."

Adrian LiDonni - Proudly Walking (2010)


Men Out Loud - Sweet Enuf 2 Eat (1996)

This is JD Doyle and welcome to Part 3 of OutRadio for June. That act was called Men Out Loud and had a pretty good album in 1996 called "Sweet Enuf 2 Eat," and you probably figured out that you heard the title track. Well, actually, I gave you part of their a cappella version and then went into the dance mix. That act and the next four have something in common, that I'll tell you about in a moment, but it's not that they sing the same kind of music, which you'll soon see.

Sally & Michelle - Down on You (1995)
Churchill's Widow - Empress in Your Head (1996)

First up that was the duo Sally & Michelle, who were Sally Landers and Michelle Mangione. From their only CD, from 1995, I picked the naughtiest track, "Down On You." And I followed it with a more rock act named Churchill's Widow. The song "Empress In Your Head" came from their album "The Pros and Cons of Ups and Downs," from 1996. Lead vocalist was the late Erin Connelly.

I adore the artist Lisa Koch, and she seems to do a variety of kinds of music very well. More in the country vein I picked by her a track from her 1995 CD "You Make My Pants Pound," the song "Night at the Timberline."

Lisa Koch - Night at the Timberline (1995)
Gavin - Another Man Down (2004)

And that was an artist just going by Gavin, and the song "Another Man Down" is from his CD "Cave In." Okay, what do these folks all have in common? Well, perhaps it's a tenuous connection, but it interested me because I'm interested in our GLBT music history. Part of that history was the organization GLAMA, the Gay & Lesbian American Music Awards. I was lucky to be involved with them even before the beginning of my so-called queer radio career, and was a judge and attended the last two awards events, in 1999 and 2000. But the history I'm telling about was before they had even had their first awards, in October of 1996. Earlier that year they held four concerts, in different cities around the country, to raise awareness of the organization and build momentum toward the fall awards. The last concert was in Los Angeles, in August, 1996, and here's where I get to the point of this long story. Performing that day were Men Out Loud, Sally & Michelle, Churchill's Widow, Gavin and Lisa Koch, who also played host. My friend Tom Kidd was the L.A. organizer and sent me some photos from it. GLAMA sadly folded after the 2000 awards.

Jake Walden is a young artist I like quite a bit. In fact I named his debut album "Alive and Screaming" as one of the best of 2008. Last February he released this next song to only those who joined his Facebook fan page, so of course I had to have it. I really love his cover of the Neil Young classic "Only Love."

Jake Walden - Only Love (2010)

And Jake Walden is also on the next track, helping out Tom Goss. I'm a big fan of Tom's music, and he's got a new DVD out, called "Live at Terry's." It was recorded at a house concert and I like it as it also shows his charm, so I'm letting you hear him introduce the song. From that DVD is his wonderful song "Till The End."

Tom Goss & Jake Walden - Till the End (2010)
Eric Himan - Over the Rainbow (2009)
Stephen Leonard - Still Say No (2010)

Doing "Over the Rainbow" was another artist I really like, Eric Himan. And that track was one not released on any of his recordings, and was only available from his website. After Eric was Chicago artist Stephen Leonard and the song "Still Say No," from his debut CD called "With a Pen." You can also find it on a very cool various artists CD put out last year for the National Equality March. That's a chance to hear other fine artists including Josh Zuckerman, Julie Clark, Sandy Rapp, Roger Mapes and more.

I'm very pleased with this next CD. It's by Canadian artist Kevin Wong, and is called "The Pink in the Grey." I love that he incorporates boy on boy lyrics into this genre, which doesn't happen nearly enough. You'll hear him sing "Legion of the Broken," and kind of a fun track called "Denial."

Kevin Wong - Legion of the Broken (2010)
Kevin Wong - Denial (2010)
David Pevsner - I Gotta Give It Up To Love (2000)

For that last one I thank composer David Pevsner. He wrote and sang it for a proposed movie called "Musical Comedy Whore." The movie hasn't happened yet, but the song did get used in his musical "Fancy Boy Follies." He's told me they wanted it to sound like a gay Partridge Family song. Works for me.

And here's a song that's always worked for me, the classic "Fifty Percent." Dorothy Loudon made it famous in the 1979 Broadway show "Ballroom," and a number of folks have recorded it, including the late Bea Arthur. But I'd never heard a male singer do it until I found a video by Stephen Fales. Yes, finally. Oh, Steven also has his own show, a musical called "Confessions of a Mormon Boy," that sounds gaylicious. Here's Steven Fales and "Fifty Percent."

Steven Fales - Fifty Percent (2010)
Peter Allen, with Frances Faye - Just a Gigolo (1974)

I hope your recognized Peter Allen singing "Just a Gigolo." That's from his 1974 album "Continental American." And I further hope you also recognized the voice of jazz great Frances Faye helping him out on that one.

This is JD Doyle and I thank you for joining me on OutRadio. As usual I ran out of show wanting to put a lot more songs into it, but there's always next month. And I don't usually play hit songs, but I love this one. I'm closing with the 1987 simply divine recording of the Pet Shop Boys and Dusty Springfield, doing "What Have I Done To Deserve This."

Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield - What Have I Done To Deserve This (1987)