June 2010

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OutRadio June 2010, Part 1


Myles CooperMyles Cooper

I love it....Myles released a 45 of the song

Daniel J Cartier CD

Daniel J Cartier


Mary Ann Rossoni  Waylon Payne

Cudzoo & the Fagettes  Sumladfromcov akd Declan Bennett

K Anderson CDK Anderson

Ivri Lider


OutRadio June 2010, Part 2


Christy Claxton   Miss Money

Kellye Gray


Jan Allain

Jill Posener and Tom Robinson

Click for this very rare 45's liner notes


Fever Fever   Boys' Entrance

Joshua Novak   Phil Putnam EP

Adrian LiDonni

Proudly Walking


OutRadio June 2010, Part 3


Men Out LoudMen Out Loud

Sally & Michelle   Churchill's Widow

Lisa Koch   gavin

The organization GLAMA, Gay & Lesbian American Music Awards,
celebrated our community's music, and existed from 1996 through 2000.
They held several concerts prior to the first awards in 1996, and the last
was in Los Angeles, in August, 1996. I thank Tom Kidd for providing me with
a few candid shots of that concert. Click Here for more GLAMA info.

Men Out Loud, 1996

Erin Connelly, 1996   Lisa Koch, 1996

gavin, 1996

Below, Strange Fruit also performed, but I've never been able to
track down any of their music. If you can help, please let me know.

Strange Fruit, 1996

Jake Walden

Tom Goss DVD   yes, I printed his hame on his shirt...

Stephen Leonard CDStephen Leonard

..I see what he's lookin' at

David Pevsner   Steven Fales

Peter Allen LP

Pet Shop Boys, and Dusty Springfield