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OutRadio July 2014
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Adore Delano - I Adore You (2014)

If you watched this last season's RuPaul's Drag Race, then you know the top three finalist Adore Delano, who gave the much more experienced queens a run for their money. She's already released an album and it's pretty good, and the song I picked, "I Adore You," has, I think, an impressive video. This is JD Doyle and welcome to OutRadio for July. And right away I'm leaving the country, to Denmark and an act called Bus Jane Janny and her new song, "Heroes and Lovers."

Bus Jane Janny - Heroes and Lovers (2014)
Bow to Each Other - Darkness (2014)
Jane of Arc - Say (2014)

Following Bus Jane Janny, from Denmark, was the act called Bow to Each Other, from Norway, and their song "Darkness." And the last act was back in the U.S.A. and I played them for the first time last month. They are Chelsea Carter and Elida Quesada and call themselves Jane of Arc. They found out I played them and thanked me and sent me some additional tracks. I picked one called "Say."

Kellye Gray is a jazz artist who performs a lot in Houston and I've been lucky enough to see her live. Her latest album is called "And They Call Us Cowboys, The Texas Music Project," and the track is "Deep in the West."

Kellye Gray - Deep in the West (2013)
Levi Kreis - Stained Glass Window (2014)

I love that artist and have played him a lot over the years and have interviewed him several times. He's Levi Kreis and that was the first song I heard him sing. It was at a performance in L.A. around 2002 of the play "Southern Baptist Sissies." I met him after the show and bought his homemade CD, and I have every one since. I'm playing the song "Stained Glass Window" this month as I just a few weeks ago got to see the film "Southern Baptist Sissies," which took a long time to make it to the screen, but it was worth the wait.

Up next is a Brooklyn act called Karen & the Sorrows, and it self-identifies as a "queer country band." I actually played one of their early demos a couple years ago, but now they finally have a debut album. It's called "The Names of Things" and from it I picked "Around the Bend."

Karen & the Sorrows - Around the Bend (2014)
My Gay Banjo - Country Boys in the City (2014)
My Gay Banjo - How Many Kinds of Courage (Song for Chelsea Manning) (2014)

After Karen & the Sorrows I played a band they are good friends with, named My Gay Banjo, and you first heard the title track from their latest album, "Country Boys in the City," and then an interesting one called "How Many Kinds of Courage (Song for Chelsea Manning)."

Here's a queercore band from Nebraska, yeah, really. I've played them before and they now have a new EP called "The New Nude" and on it is the track "Talk to Me."

Once a Pawn - Talk to Me (2014)
Jobriath - Imaman (2014)

Students of obscure queer glam rockers will know that artist was Jobriath, doing one of his best known songs, "Imaman." His career flamed fast and died fast, full of hype as the first openly gay rocker on a major label. He quickly fell into obscurity and died of AIDS in 1983. But in recent years there's been a resurgence of interest in him and a couple albums have been released of what the producers are calling "lost material," from the 70's. The latest CD is called "As the River Flows."

I'm playing something very atypical for this next artist. He's been called the Mexican Elvis, and he calls himself El Vez. The CD is "25 Years of El Vez," so he's been at this a while, and much of his material is Elvis related. But I picked the song "Heartbeat" because it was written by Jobriath, one of the rare cover versions of something by him.

El Vez - Heartbeat (2013)
Matt Gold - Let It Out (2014)
Austin Vela - Out of Breath (2014)

In the middle that was Matt Gold, with a new EP named "Let It Out," and I played the title track. And then I went to a local Houston artist named Austin Vela, and picked his song "Out of Breath."

This is JD Doyle and I feel I need to close Part 1 of this show with something more uptempo, so I picked a track by a Houston-raised artist now living in Brooklyn, named Reigen. He calls it his summer song, here's "Good Love."

Reigen - Good Love (2014)

Anthony Starble - Oh Father / We Need to Be Loved (2014)

Anthony Starble is a young artist out of Colorado, and that last track is the title one from his new EP "We Need to Be Loved," and I opened with "Oh, Father." This is JD Doyle and welcome to Part 2 of OutRadio for July. And, you know what, I'm going to pay one more song from that EP. By Anthony Starble, here's the song "Why."

Anthony Starble - Why (2014)
Ryan Lill - Coming Out (2014)
Sam Smith - Leave Your Lover (2014)

In the middle of that set was Ryan Lill and his song "Coming Out," and then Sam Smith gave us "Leave Your Lover." Up next, a new film called "Boulevard" features Robin Williams in a serious role as a husband who is dealing with his homosexuality late in life, and has begun to search out hustlers, just to have some company. Joseph Lorenzo Wise wrote and sings a track from the film called "On the Boulevard" that describes the husband's quest on the down low.

Joseph Lorenzo Wise - Boulevard (2013)
QueenEarth - Stargazer / Enough (2014)

Those two tracks, "Stargazer," and "Enough," were by QueenEarth, and the title of the EP explains that "QueenEarth Is One Word." On my May show I played the song "Christopher," from rising South African openly gay star Nakhane Touré. Well I'm going to play that one again, and from the same album another track about a guy, "My Jonathan."

Nakhane Touré - Christopher / My Jonathan (2013)
Nakhane Touré - In the Dark Room (2013)

Okay, I threw in one more Nakhane Touré track, named "In the Dark Room."

You're probably going to think I'm nuts including this next song, as musically it will not fit at all in this segment, but I just want you to hear it, as I think it's pretty cool. And, it's by a straight act, The Three Flames, led by Tiger Haynes, who is also known for playing the Tin Man in the Broadway version of The Wiz. Anyway this song appears on their 1957 album "At the Bon Soir," and the Bon Soir was a small club in New York City where Barbra Streisand first performed. The song has a surprise ending so keep listening; it's only a minute 36 seconds long. It's called "I'm In Love With You."

Three Flames - I'm In Love With You (1957)

And that song was pretty gay for 1957.

This is JD Doyle and I'm closing the July OutRadio show a bit differently, with two tracks by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus. They are from the 2013 cast recording of "I Am Harvey Milk." We'll sample one early in the show that turns disco on us, called "Friday Night in the Castro," and then we'll hear the show's poignant finale "Tired of the Silence."

San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - Friday Night in the Castro (2013)
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - Tired of the Silence (2013)