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Bright Light Bright Light - Love Part II (acoustic version)

Rod Thomas is a Welsh singer, writer and producer and his latest project is called Bright Light Bright Light. And that opening song was called "Love Part II," and that was the acoustic version. You'll have a chance to hear the official dance remix at the end of this segment, and personally I can't decide which I like best.

I'm JD Doyle and this month on OutRadio, as usual, I'll share with you lots of new music, in many genres. And Part 3 is a special segment, saluting a GLBT music festival to be held in August in Upstate New York. The festival is called Out in the Woods, and I'll play a song by every artist performing, and it's a stellar line-up.

Up next in this segment is a prid e song, perfect for any time of the year. It's by Sugarbeach, and it's been chosen as the theme song of the Vancouver 2011 Outgames. It's called "Come On Out."

Sugarbeach - Come On Out (2011)
Holly Elle - Freak (2011)
Rebecca Drysdale - It Gets Better (2010)

After Sugarbeach you heard the song "Freak," and it's by Holly Elle. I was sent the song and liked it, but wondered if the artist was GLBT, and you know by now, I'm not afraid to ask. I found her reply interesting. She wrote that I was the first to ask, and that folks were just assuming she is gay, based on the song. But actually she has deliberately chosen not to say one way or the other. She wants the focus to be on the song and the message that the bullying of kids has to stop, so it doesn't matter what team she plays for, we're all on the same team. And the third song was very to the point. Rebecca Drysdale and "It Gets Better."

The next artist is from the UK and was calling himself La John Joseph, but for his new EP he's Alexander, and the name of that release is "The Dandylioness EP." The song is "Tough Luck."

Alexander - Tough Luck (2010)
Hug Party - Dumb (2011)
Hug Party - Good 4 Them (2011)
Terry Guy - People Piss Me Off (2010)

And that was an all-UK set. After Alexander was a queer duo from Manchester called Hug Party, and I played by them two short tracks, "Dumb" and "Good 4 Them." And then Terry Guy gave us "People Piss Me Off." He's working on his debut album and I am so ready for it.

The next artist is also from the UK and I'm a huge fan. He's Declan Bennett and his new album is called "Record Breakup," and I chose two songs, "Freer," which by the way has an incredible video, and "Love Wins."

Declan Bennett - Freer (2011)
Declan Bennett - Love Wins (2011)
Eric Himan - Is This My Life? (2011)
Eric Himan - Lonely No More (2011)

Eric Himan is one of our most prolific artists, with eleven releases in eleven years. His latest is "Supposed Unknown," and in my May show I got to play the first two singles from it, but this time I picked two more I like, "Is This My Life?" and "Lonely No More."

Eugene Ebner is a versatile artist, and he does beautiful ballads, but gets dance-y on this one, called "Always Meant to Be."

Eugene Ebner - Always Meant To Be (2010)
Jimmy Roland - Brokenhearted (2011)

And that was the latest single by Jimmy Roland, called "Brokenhearted."

I'm going to drastically change the mood now, as I want to share two tracks from "The Theme of Humankind," which is the new album by Ryan Cassata. He's a transman and the album deals with that experience. It mostly music but it contains one very short slam poem, called "The Trans Slam," which I think fits well with the track "Going West." Ryan Cassata.

Ryan Cassata - The Trans Slam (2011)
Ryan Cassata - Going West (2011)
Human Tripe - Washington (2010)
Zoe Boekbinder - Inexorably (2010)

And after Ryan Cassata was a Durham, North Carolina, band calling themselves Humble Tripe. The song was "Washington," from their debut album, "Counting Stars." Shawn Luby sings lead on the album, but also of interest is their drummer, Melissa York, who has been in the bands Team Dresch and the Butchies. And closing that set was Zoe Boekbinder and her song called "Inexorably." That's from her 2010 CD "Artichoke Perfume."

And we're back to the beginning, sort of. This is JD Doyle for OutRadio and this is just the first of three hours this month. For this segment the first song I played was an acoustic version of "Love Part II" by the UK act Bright Light Bright Light. As promised, to close here's the official, much more dance-oriented version.

Bright Light Bright Light - Love Part II (2010, official mix)

Disappear Fear - Changes (2011)
Disappear Fear - When I'm Gone (20110

One of my favorite artists, Sonia of Disappear Fear, and those two songs were written by one of her heros, Phil Ochs. The whole album is a tribute to him, called "Get Your Phil," and I played the songs "Changes" and "When I'm Gone." By the way, Sonia and her sister, Cindy Franks, were for many years the band Disappear Fear, and Cindy has joined Sonia this time, and sings on the whole album, and that's the first time since their 1996 album "Seed in the Sahara."

This is JD Doyle welcoming you to Part 2 of OutRadio for July. Keeping things acoustic for a while I'm pleased to bring you the debut album by Crys Matthews. It's called "Backroads and Driveways," and I picked the songs "Stand Still" and "Two-Strike Rule."

Crys Matthews - Stand Still (2011)
Crys Matthews - Two-Strike Rule (2011)
San Cherubs - I'm So Tired (1997)
Christopher Dallman - A Little Bit of Blue (2010)
k.d. lang - I Confess (2011)

After Crys Matthews was a band called Sans Cherubs, and the song "I'm So Tired," is from their 1997 CD "Where's Marion?" And then from his 2010 EP "Redstar," was "A Little Bit of Blue" by Christopher Dallman. Following Christopher of course was k.d. lang. The song was "I Confess," from her latest CD "Sing It Loud."

The new CD by Charles K Brown has become a favorite of mine, so I've been bugging him for his older material, and he relented, sending me one from thirty years earlier. It's called "The Hurtin' Kind."

Charles K Brown - The Hurtin' Kind (1981)

Here's one more by Charles, and you'll hear the growth as an artist. The CD is called "Trouble Is" and to me I love what I consider a 60's Brill Building sound on it, coupled with 80s influences. I've told him this next song to me sounds like the love child of Ben E King and Bruce Springsteen. It's called "To Love Again," and he's also released a stunning video of it.

Charles K Brown - To Love Again (2011)
Matt Doyle - My Arms Are Open (2011)
Matt Doyle - Lost and Lookin' (2011)

That last artist was Matt Doyle, and those two songs were called "My Arms Are Open" and "Lost and Lookin'." They are from his debut release, an EP called "Daylight." But it's not the first recording I have of him singing, and he's been a busy boy. He was in the Broadway shows "Spring Awakening" and the revival of "Bye Bye Birdie, and also was on the TV show "Gossip Girl," and has a new movie just out at the Festivals called "Private Romeo." And there are lots of Youtube clips of him singing at various cabarets. And one reason I know all this is that I fell in love with his talent, and, okay, his looks, when I got the special edition of the soundtrack for "Bare the Musical." It contained a DVD of the recording of the album, and both he and his co-star, James Snyder, are very appealing. My February 2008 show was all about that musical, so yes, I'm a big fan.

And I think I'm becoming a big fan of this next artist. He's Kevin Wood and he sent me his two CDs and I was very impressed. From his latest CD, "Finding Me," are the songs "Floored" and "Stand Firm."

Kevin Wood - Floored (2006)
Kevin Wood - Stand Firm (2006)

Also with terrific voices, and stepping up the beat a little, are these next two artists, Chadwick and Marty Thomas. By Chadwick is "Always You," and Marty brings us "Love Conquers All."

Chadwick - Always You (2011)
Marty Thomas - Love Conquers All (2011)

This is JD Doyle wrapping up the middle segment of OutRadio for this month. And my closing song just has to be a closing song, as I would not know who could follow this one. I got it from a TV appearance by Melissa Etheridge, at the Kennedy Center Honors, and it's her salute to Bruce Springsteen, when he was inducted that year. She keeps those pronouns intact and does a great job on "Born to Run."

Melissa Etheridge - Born to Run (2009)

John Small - Gathering Folks (2003)

That artist is John Small, and the song comes from his 2003 album "Demos and Rough Mixes." The song is called "Gathering Folks," and to me it's the perfect song to start off this segment. The song is about a music festival and that's what this last hour of OutRadio is about. I'm JD Doyle and I am pleased to devote this segment to a festival being held the weekend of August 13th, at Easton Mountain, near Albany, New York. One of my fellow GLBT radio friends, Steve Sims, co-hosts the show Quest of Life, on WRPI, in Troy, and invited me.

At first I said, oh no, I just remodeled my kitchen, I promised myself I would take no trips this year. But then he told me the line-up of the artists, and oh, well, I'm just a guy who can't say no. So I booked my flights and am very much looking forward to it. It's the first festival they've sponsored and hope to make it a tradition. And, as I said, on this hour I'm going to play a song by each of the 15 artists scheduled to perform.

Next up, and the artist probably coming the farthest, is Norine Braun, out of Vancouver , and just about a week before writing this show she sent me her latest CD. It's called "No. 8," and it was perfect timing, as I get to include from it the song "Drunk." And I don't see how I could resist any song whose lyrics include the word bulldagger.

Norine Braun - Drunk (2011)
Arjuna Greist - Talkin' Annivesary Blues (2003)

That was a fun song, called "Talkin' Anniversary Blues." It's by Arjuna Greist, from her 2003 album "Odd Numbers." I'm taking these next two songs from the same album, and I can do that because it's a wonderful various artists compilation. It's from 2009 and is called "United for the Ride, Volume 1," and Terry Christopher was executive producer on the project. The goal was to raise money for the project Braking the Cycle, an AIDS relief ride, and in particular for the local efforts in New York City. Terry, and his co-producer, Roger Kuhn, both wrote original songs for the CD, and by them you'll hear, respectively, "Braking the Cycle" and "Ride On."

Terry Christopher - Braking the Cycle (2009)
Roger Kuhn - Ride On (2009)

Dan Manjovi also contributed a song to the "United for the Ride" album, but instead I picked one by him from his 2008 CD "Woke Up This Morning." Here's the song "Give 'Em What You Got (Takin' It Back)"

Dan Manjovi - Give Em What You Got (Takin' It Back) (2008)
Robert Urban - Don't Ask Don't Tell (2003)
Jeremy Gloff - Manhunt (2011)

After Dan Manjovi I brought you Robert Urban and the song "Don't Ask Don't Tell" from his 2003 album "Rock Widow." And that last one was by Jeremy Gloff. His new CD is called "This" and on that track he was singing about a "Manhunt."

Coming up, Atlanta artist Lucas Mire and in 2009 he released a CD called "Never Regret the Nights." Doris Muramatsu of the group Girlyman provided backups on the track "How to Run."

Lucas Mire - How to Run (2009)
Jeremy James - Boombox (2009)

That was Jeremy James, with the song "Boombox," from his 2009 EP "Such Noble Men." And I get to see Tom Goss perform twice this year. He was just in Houston in May, and he'll be at the festival. From his new CD "Turn It Around" is the song "Spaces Unseen."

Tom Goss - Spaces Unseen (2011)
Stewart Lewis - Not a Love Song (2008)

That was "Not a Love Song," and that is the song's title, and it's by Stewart Lewis, from his 2008 CD "In Formation." He's toured with Tom Goss, but that tour didn't make it to Texas, so I've not had the chance to see him perform. And that's a cool thing about my being able to go to the Out in the Woods Festival. I've figured out that of the 15 different artists, I've met in person eight of them, and have not yet met seven, so this will be a very nice blend of seeing old friends and making new ones.

Morry Campbell - Long, Long Way Home (2008)

Very nice. That was "Long Way Home," the title track from the latest album by Morry Cambell.

I've seen this next artist perform at a house concert held in New York City, but she lives in Massachusetts. By Susan Souza is the song "So Much More."

Susan Souza - So Much More (2009)
Sister Funk - Gossip (2006)

That group is very appropriately named. They call themselves Sister Funk, and from their 2006 CD "Gossip" that was the title track.

Okay, this is JD Doyle, finishing up Part 3 of OutRadio for July, and I thank you for listening. This was a fun segment for me to produce, because naturally I can look forward to seeing all these folks next month. The festival is called Out in the Woods and will be held the weekend of August 13th, at a camp called Easton Mountain, near Albany. I'm closing the set with a favorite artist of mine, Scott Free. I consider his 2008 CD called "The Pink Album, A Pop Opera" to be his masterwork, so picking a song was difficult. But I went with one that in a way spoke to the message of the entire release. It's called "My Generation."

Scott Free - My Generation (2008)