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January 2011

The Best of 2010 Show

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Daniel J Cartier - Married ("Redemption")

That was Daniel J Cartier and the song "Married," from his latest album, "Redemption." And this is JD Doyle and welcome to OutRadio. This is a special edition of OutRadio. It's not only the first anniversary, but as it's January, it's my Best of the Year Show. During the year I get to hear a large number of new CDs by GLBT artists, so it is indeed difficult to narrow things down to the music that will fit into an hour show, so yes, this is a very, Very subjective Best of the Year list. And I've done it a little differently this year, there's also a Part 2, for single releases. This year to me there seemed to just be more artists releasing digital singles, not found on an album, so that's in the second segment.

But back to the Best Albums of 2010, in my opinion, and Daniel J Cartier's "Redemption" CD started us off, and I need to keep my talking down to fit in as many as I can, and that turned out to be 14 albums. So I won't be giving a lot of bio info on the artists, but for many of these folks you can find that on my site, as I've interviewed many of them during the year. The songs on this segment are in no particular order, and next is a wonderful transgender artist I've admired for many years, Namoli Brennet. From her album "Black Crow" is "Freedom Train."

Namoli Brennet - Freedom Train ("Black Crow")
Brett Every - Prince Charming ("Fairy Godmother's Gone to Vegas")

I find that artist delightfully charming. He's from Australia and his name is Brett Every. He has a playful sense of humor and named his latest album "Fairy Godmother's Gone to Vegas." And another artist whose humor I like is from the UK, and goes by K Anderson. That's just the letter K, and the album is called "The Overthinker." The song is "This Changes Everything."

K Anderson - This Changes Everything ("The Overthinker")

I just love the way this next song starts out. I guess I'm a sucker for harmony intros, but the whole album is excellent. It's called "Color of Stars" and here's Kristie Stremel and the 159ers and "Best Kiss."

Kristie Stremel & the 159ers - Best Kiss ("Color of Stars")
Kristian Hoffman - Evil ("FOP")

And that was by Kristian Hoffman. And he's been giving us his playful pop music since the 1970s, with the Mumps, Klaus Nomi and a number of solo releases. That song was called "Evil" and his latest recording is probably the only album ever named "FOP."

These next two albums I think are delightful. There's a lot going on in the first song, as Canadian artist Kevin Wong packs a lot into his lyrics. The song is called "Denial" and he told me the title of the album deals with the juxtaposition of the queer into the straight of his world, so he called it "The Pink in the Grey."

Kevin Wong - Denial ("The Pink in the Grey")
Avi Wisnia - No Scrubs ("Something New")

I loved that song immediately. Yes, it's a cover of the TLC song "No Scrubs," turned on its ear. Avi Wisnia included it on his jazzy album "Something New."

These next two artists have both been making wonderful music for a long time and I think their latest releases are among the best they've done. First off is Sonia & Disappear Fear, this time doing a little Blues Americana with her album "Blood Bones & Baltimore." And this song just knocks me out. It's called "Pack of Newport."

Sonia & Disappear Fear - Pack of Newport ("Blood Bones & Baltimore")
Tret Fure - The Horizon ("The Horizon")

Following Sonia was Tret Fure, and the title track from what I consider her most reflective album yet, "The Horizon."

And I'm delighted to feature this next release. It's a debut album and Ryan States has been working on it a long time. He has a unique recording studio; it's his cabin on a train, because he's a travelling circus musician. And all that travelling led to the album's title, "Strange Town." He's been inspired that other artists can produce openly gay music and decided to do it himself. This song is called "Immigrant (Fish Out of Water)."

Ryan States - Immigrant (Fish Out of Water) ("Strange Town")
Dylan Rice - Merge ("Electric Grids and Concrete Towers")

Out of Chicago, that was Dylan Rice and the song "Merge." It's from his latest album "Electric Grids and Concrete Towers." Another album I especially liked this year was by Atlanta artist Mike Rickard. It's called "Sweat" and I really appreciated the territory he covered in his album. His songs deal with areas you don't often hear about, and by that I mean aspects of a relationship that usually go unsung. I could especially identify with his song "Stupid Stuff Like That."

Mike Rickard - Stupid Stuff Like That ("Sweat")

Again, that was Mike Rickard. And this is JD Doyle, winding down the first segment of my very subjective Best of 2010 Show. This was the album section, and the next is for single releases. You can find both on my website at, along with photos of the artists and recordings. Closing the show is Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes. And I guess I should offer an explanation of that long name. It's been ten years since the first album by him, and then he went by Yolanda & the Plastic Family. So he kept the Yolanda, and added it to his real name, and called the album "House of Joy." I've got a lot of favorite songs from it, but for this show I picked "Muscle Shoals." Thanks for listening.

Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes - Muscle Shoals ("House of Joy")


Chris Salvatore - Broke Another Heart ("Dirty Love" EP)

That was Chris Salvatore telling us he "Broke Another Heart," and that's from his EP called "Dirty Love." This is JD Doyle bringing you Part 2 of my very subjective Best of 2010 show, and this year it seems to me there are more and more songs released not as part of a full album, but as on an EP or even more common just as a digital release. I don't know if that's a trend or a reflection on the economy, but I decided to do an entire segment just for those songs. Now, many of you probably think, digital singles, well, that's dance music. And I do have some of that, like the first song you heard, and there are two more to close the show, but in between will be probably a lot of music you may not expect. Well, I guess if you've listened to many of my shows, you may not be too surprised, as this will be an eclectic mix of GLBT artists and music styles. I did tell you this was a very subjective Best of 2010 list.

So I'm going right away to a young San Francisco artist named Myles Cooper. He took the novel approach of releasing this next song only on a 7" vinyl record, and only 300 copies were pressed. So I made sure I got one for my archives. It's very catchy and there's a video to go with it. Myles Cooper and "Gonna Find Boyfriends Today."

Myles Cooper - Gonna Find Boyfriends Today (2010)
Mary Cigarettes - Burning Bridges That Never Mattered (2010)

That artist is Gregory Gray, he's from Ireland and he had several excellent releases in the 90s. These days he's making music under the name Mary Cigarettes and has a number of free downloads on his website. The one that especially caught my ear was called "Burning Bridges That Never Mattered."

You all know by now that I love music that is lyrically gay, and political, and quite a few songs on the show fit that bill. This set starts with Tom Goss and a song from his EP "The Politics of Love" called "You Don't Question Love."

Tom Goss - You Don't Question Love ("The Politics of Love," 2010)
Matt Alber & Tom Goss - Who We Are (2010)
Jen Foster - This Is Me (2010)

Tom Goss also was on that middle song, as he and Matt Alber wrote and sang it. It was inspired by the Don't Ask Don't Tell issue, and was called "Who We Are." And finishing the set was Jen Foster, and a song where she comes out to her parents, called "This Is Me."

Toby Madigan released an excellent album this year, going under the band name Naked Peasants, but he also released a single I liked a lot, called "Stand for Something."

Toby Madigan - Stand for Something (2010)
Cheyenne Jackson - Blessing (2010)

Wonderful. That was Broadway and television star Cheyenne Jackson, and the song "Blessing" was written by Scott Alan. Jackson is very much an out gay rights advocate and all proceeds from that song on iTunes go to the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project of course is the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among GLBT youth. And that leads to this next set of songs. All were inspired by the issue of the bullying of gay & lesbian teens and the efforts of the It Gets Better Project to bring hope to these kids. My November show was a two-hour special devoted to these songs. It's a subject that means a lot to me and I guess I'm not surprised that I chose four of those songs for this show. Starting off is Massachusetts folk artist Linq, and her song "Oh, Bully."

Linq - Oh, Bully (2010)

Two songs directly inspired by Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project are by Jeffrey Altergott and Mike Ator. These are actually demos but I think they are so good and heartfelt they need to be heard more. Jeffrey's song is called "It Gets Better" and Mike's is called "Stay."

Jeffrey Altergott - It Gets Better (2010)
Mike Ator - Stay (2010)

From Houston, that was Mike Ator. And the last song of this set was a joint effort by a group of actors from Broadway musicals, so you might expect the talent to just overflow, which I think it did. They called themselves Broadway Sings for the Trevor Project, and the song is "It Gets Better."

Broadway Sings for Trevor Project - It Gets Better (2010)

I guess this might be a good time to mention a song that almost made this Best of the Year show. It comes from the TV show Glee, of which I'm a big fan. They did the song "Teenage Dream" and if Darren Criss, the actor singing the song were gay instead of just his character, well, the song would have made it. I was totally addicted to its video.

I became aware of this next artist, named Melissa Li, when she was performing with Kit Yan, and calling themselves Good Asian Drivers. For her new project she calls the band Melissa Li & the Barely Theirs, and they are gradually building their way to a whole album, but right now it's still an EP, and the first single from it is called "The Beginning."

Melissa Li & the Barely Theirs - The Beginning (2010)

I love this next act and have featured them on my show many times. Ingrid Elizabeth and Joe Stevens are the duo Coyote Grace, and Joe has one of those voices that I just love. This song they've described as sort of a comical and also celebratory look at the trans experience. It's from their EP "Buck Naked," and is called "Daughterson."

Coyote Grace - Daughterson (2010)

Coyote Grace and "Daughterson." This is JD Doyle and I think you for following along with me through my sometimes esoteric and always subjective look at the best singles of 2010. I promised you some dance music to finish out the show, and two artists that really grabbed me this year were Jason Antone and Chadwick. From Jason is one called "Ooh Ooh Ooh," and Chadwick had several I could have just as easily chosen, but I went with "I Want You To Want Me."

Jason Antone - Ooh Ooh Ooh (2010)
Chadwick - I Want You To Want Me (2010)

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