Jan 2010

The Script

Christopher Dallman - Anthem (2009)

Welcome to OutRadio and I'm JD Doyle. This is the debut edition, and it's a companion show to Queer Music Heritage. Like QMH it will be a monthly show, of at least one hour, probably more, and it will be internet based, with its own domain, logically at www.OutRadio.com. Since Queer Music Heritage by definition is more of a history show, it did not give me the opportunities to play enough of the terrific new music I get by gay, lesbian, bi and trans artists.
January is also my tenth anniversary of doing QMH, and recently I've been doing a Best of the Year Show there, but I've decided as it's all about new music, that show more rightly belongs on OutRadio. But I much encourage you to check out my QMH January show, where I get to share an in-depth interview with Holly Near, one of the icons of the Women's Music Movement.

Okay, on to this show. During the year I get to hear a large number of new CDs by GLBT artists, so it is indeed difficult to narrow things down to the music that will fit into an hour show, so yes, this is a very, Very subjective Best of the Year list. I'm honoring twelve albums and two mp3 singles from the last year and started out with one of the singles. It's called "Anthem" and is by Christopher Dallman. I just love his voice and adored his debut album "Race the Light," from 2004 and have been eagerly waiting new music from him. This fall he released two CD EPs and the song you heard, the single called "Anthem."

And there are several songs on this show that take on an anthem quality to them, including the next one. It's by New York City artist Athena Reich, and it's from her album "Little Girl Dreams" and the song is "Love Is Love."

Athena Reich - Love Is Love (2009)
Josh Zuckerman - Got Love? (2009)



Following Athena Reich and "Love Is Love" was "Got Love?" the title track from the latest album by Josh Zuckerman. This is Josh's third album. He released one called "Totally New Sensation" in 2002, and followed up with "Out From Under" in 2006, and I recommend them all.

Out of the Washington DC area is Tom Goss. Since his debut album in 2006, he's released two more, with the latest called "Back to Love." He's a very hard-working artist. I follow him on Facebook and it seems he is always touring somewhere. He found time to issue a video for one of my favorite songs on the album, and it is a wonderful video. From Tom Goss, here is "Till The End," and he'll be followed by a humorous song from a Canadian artist.

Tom Goss - Till The End (2009)
Kate Reid - The Only Dyke at the Open Mic (2009)

 Ah, I love to listen to the storytelling of Kate Reid. She's out of Vancouver and put out her first CD in 2006, called "Comin' Alive," and it seems logical that she called her latest "I'm Just Warming Up." From it you heard her tell of being "The Only Dyke at the Open Mic."

I have a bunch of albums by this next artist, as she's been at this a long time, and quite successfully. You'll know who it is as soon as I say that her break out hit was in 1995, and was called "I Kissed a Girl." Of course I'm talking about Jill Sobule. On her website she says "That song was a double-edged sword for me. It was perceived as a novelty hit, but on the other hand it was the first song with an overtly gay topic to be aired on Top 40 radio. I am quite proud of that." People should definitely pay more attention to her music than just that song, as she's an amazing songwriter. On her latest album "California Years" there are a lot of very interesting songs, but one that really struck me was the way she could musically evoke the spirit of her song "Where Is Bobbie Gentry?"

Jill Sobule - Where Is Bobbie Gentry? (2009)

Again, Jill Sobule, and there's an irony to my having picked this next song I didn't realize until I noticed both artists would be on this show. It seems some pop singer in 2008 also released a song called "I Kissed a Girl," attracting I think way too much attention, and again, in my opinion, using the gay community to make a lot of money. I'm not even mentioning her name, but Jen Foster was paying attention, and thought it would be fun to tell the other side of the story. So I'm bringing you the mp3 single she released, called "I Didn't Just Kiss Her." Here's Jen Foster.

Jen Foster - I Didn't Just Kiss Her (2009)

In 2007 I did a 3 hour special on gay hip hop, and while that's not a genre I naturally gravitate to, doing that show taught me to appreciate a number of artists new to me. One of them is Andrew Singer, who as an artist calls himself Soce the Elemental Wizard. I find his music fun, catchy and always interesting, especially on his new album "Master of Fine Arts." Now since I want to always keep the first hour of OutRadio safe for broadcast radio, I could not pick several of the very cool songs I was considering, but I think you'll enjoy this one, called "They Call Me."

Soce the Elemental Wizard - They Call Me (2009)

Soce the Elemental Wizard. And I was very pleased this year to discover an act calling itself Good Asian Drivers. I just love that name. The act is comprised of songwriter Melissa Li and transgendered slam poet Kit Yan. As a duo I love how political their music is, getting into a lot of areas that just need to be put out there. Their album is called "Drive Away Home." But it doesn't end there. As a solo act Melissa Li also released an album of her own, called "2 Seconds Away," and I was very impressed with the bold and thoughtful lyrics, so much so that I'm naming both of these albums to my Best of Year list. Due to language issues these are also artists for which I had to choose the songs for broadcast radio carefully, so I encourage you to check out the albums for even more powerful material. Here are Good Asian Drivers and by herself, Melissa Li.

Good Asian Drivers - For Our Daughters (2009)
Melissa Li - Extra (2008)

By Good Asian Drivers you heard "For Our Daughters" and by Melissa Li that was a song called "Extra."

Let's slow it down now for one of most beautiful ballads of the year and in my opinion The best GLBT video of the year. It's by Matt Alber from his album "Hide Nothing" and the song is called "End of the World." If you haven't seen the video you owe it to yourself to check it out. Matt Alber.

Matt Alber - End of the World (2009)

I much respect the work of this next artist and got to know her when she released her debut album called "Feel Free," in 2003. She's Julie Clark and she has already won a number of awards, and her follow up CD, called "Change Your Mind" is terrific. The song I'm playing was chosen as the winner of the National Equality March song contest and she got to perform it at the March in Washington DC in October. Julie Clark and "Courage of Our Convictions."

Julie Clark - Courage of Our Convictions (2009)


In addition to Kate Reid, there's another Canadian to make my Best of the Year list. He's Jeff Straker and you could describe his music as pop cabaret but I would add infectious, energetic and fun. From his album "Step Right Up" is "Hypnotized."

Jeff Straker - Hypnotized (2009)


That was Jeff Straker, from his album "Step Right Up." And we're down to the end of the show and I need to say that picking these twelve albums and two mp3 singles to showcase was difficult, because of course there are many more recordings from last year that I enjoy and admire. But, only so many fit into an hour show.

This is JD Doyle and I want to thank you for joining me on my first edition of OutRadio, and you can find additional music on my site, about three more hours worth, at www.outradio.com.

Regular listeners of my other show, Queer Music Heritage, have heard this last artist before, as he's the only artist I've featured three times. Obviously I just love his music, and he gives wonderful interviews. He's Levi Kreis and his latest album is called "Where I Belong." From it is the theme song from the musical "Southern Baptist Sissies." Here's Levi Kreis and "Stained Glass Window."

Levi Kreis - Stained Glass Window (2009)

This is JD Doyle and you're listening to OutRadio.

Gossip - Heavy Cross (2009)
Gossip - Careless Whisper (2007)


Wow, what a voice. That's Beth Ditto, the lead singer of Gossip, and they've been making their music for ten years now. The opening song, "Heavy Cross," came from their latest CD "Music For Men," and I just love their cover version of "Careless Whisper." That was from a complilation CD from the UK called "Radio 1 Established 1967," and it's a collection of covers especially recorded to celebrate the 40th anniversary of BBC Radio 1.

Again, this is JD Doyle and my mission with OutRadio is to share new and recent music by GLBT artists. This is Part 2 of four parts, and I'm continuing this segment with the latest album by Jeffrey Altergott. This is his fourth album since 2000 and it's called "Balloons." From it here are the title track and the song "Everyday Is A Reason."

Jeffrey Altergott - Balloons (2009)
Jeffrey Altergott - Everyday Is A Reason (2009)


Again, that was Jeffrey Altergott. I'm always pleased to be able to play the music of New York City artist David Brown, and I can't believe it's been six years since I interviewed him for QMH. He's released a live album since then and also two singles. One was called "Starbucks Boy" and showed up last year on an EP produced by Jon Gilbert Leavitt called "Pride At 40," but first I want you to hear the brand new one, called "Nothing Taboo." He recorded the crowd noises himself, at a rally in New York.

David Brown - Nothing Taboo (2009)
David Brown - Starbucks Boy (2009)

I think this next song is very fun, and I doubt you've heard one like it. It's by a trans artist who calls herself Our Lady J. I fell in love with the song when I first saw the live video, and I'm very pleased it's now available as a studio recording. Here's Our Lady J and "Pink Prada Purse."

Our Lady J - Pink Prada Purse (2009)


I've long been a fan of Fred Barton and the wonderful one-man musical he created called "Miss Gulch Returns," the story of the comeback of Almira Gulch from "The Wizard of Oz." It's very funny and very well done. From that 1986 album Almira does a terrific song called "Pour Me a Man." So, whenever I see another artist doing this song, well, it catches my attention, especially when it's done by a man. That hasn't happened too often, but it does on a cabaret album by John Abernathy. I'm so glad he recorded "Pour Me A Man."

John Abernathy - Pour Me A Man (2009)
John Abernathy - Exit Right (2009)

That two songs were from the album "Live Out Loud!" by John Abernathy, and the second song was "Exit Right," which also comes from the terrific gay musical "Songs From An Unmade Bed."

Out of Brooklyn is a young artist named Dan Paul, and from his first album is an interesting track called "Goodbye Gemini."

Dan Paul - Goodbye Gemini (2009)


This next artist was a very nice surprise to me, as I had not heard of her when her album arrived in my mailbox. She's from Canada and her name is Amy Campbell and the album "Oh Heart, Oh Highway" is her third release, and it's a double CD packed full of thoughtful writing that just draws you in. From it is the song "This Poetry." Here's Amy Campbell.

Amy Campbell - This Poetry (2009)
Michelle Malone - Feather in a Hurricane (2009)


It's hard to sit still during that one. After Amy Campbell you heard Michelle Malone, and she's released just a bunch of albums in the last 25 or so years she's been making music. From her latest CD "Debris" was the opening track "Feather in a Hurricane."

I'm going to play something old and then something new by the next two acts.
In the early 2000's Soren Anders had a band called Shimmerplanet, winning him many awards for his creativity. From their 2006 album "For the One Who Kills Tomorrow" is "Silence of Midnight."

Shimmerplanet - Silence of Midnight (2006)
Soren Anders & the Staves - Thorn in the Side of the Boy (2009)


Also from Soren Anders, this time in the guise of Soren Anders & the Staves is a track from their new maxi-EP "All Surprises." The song "Thorn in the Side of the Boy" was perhaps inspired by the Smiths' song "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side."

And, the title track was my favorite from the 2003 album by Bill Budd, called "And So Here…"

Bill Budd - And So Here… (2003)
Bill Budd - I Am Why I Am This Way (2009)

From the latest album by Bill Budd, called "Architect," that was "I Am Why I Am This Way."

This is JD Doyle and I thank you for checking out this segment of OutRadio. This is just Part 2 for January, so there's lots more to come. And winding down this part will be Ray Boltz. Now those who follow Contemporary Christian music may know Ray Boltz, as he sold several million albums over a couple of decades. But he retired from the music industry in 2004 and came out of the closet in 2008 and that same year released the single "Don't Tell Me Who To Love."

Ray Boltz - Don't Tell Me Who To Love (2009)



This is JD Doyle and you're listening to OutRadio. Welcome to Part 3 of the show, and in it I'm going to include interview comments with each of the five artists featured. Now, if you listened to Part 1 you heard me name the album "Step Right Up" by Canadian artist Jeff Straker as one of the best of the year. Here's Jeff talking about that album.

Jeff Straker comments (2009)

JS: It's getting a lot of comparisons to early Elton John songs meets Rufus Wainwright and possibly a little bit of Mika thrown in there as well. There's a lot of interesting characters in the songs. A lot of them are based on personal experiences, and some recent reviews have said that it's potentially a soundtrack to a yet-to-be-written musical.

Talk about the song "Tykie's Coming Out"

JS: "Tykie's Coming Out" is actually about a real character who I went to grade school with as I grew up on the prairies, and he was a young aboriginal boy, who I'm still in touch with on Facebook actually, and in grade 2, even grade 2, grade 3 he was doing quote unquote bizaare things like painting his nails with liquid paper and running around in the soccer field in girl's high heel shoes. And we knew he was just quite different. But he dropped the bomb on our town in about eighth grade, and came out of the closet and told everyone that he was gay. And this was far before gay, especially in rural Saskatchewan, was common, before "Will and Grace" or anything like that. And he was the brunt of a lot of jokes as a result at the time. But in hindsight everyone, almost regardless of who they are, looks back on it as such a brave thing to do, someone being absolutely 110% unafraid of being who they wanted to be regardless of the context. So the song…I wanted to write about it, and I wanted it to be a celebration of that, in a way and so I tried to capture that in the essence of the music.

Jeff Straker - Tykie's Coming Out (2009)

Could you talk about the song "Emoticons"

JS: "Emoticons," "Dressed to Kill" and "Bookmark" are actually a triology, and the order they go in are the order they appear on the CD, "Bookmark," "Emoticons," "Dressed to Kill" and they are actually three snippets that are my ode to online dating. [From personal experience?] Possibly. I can't tell. [You're not sure?] No, no, I won't tell..:) [I see the difference. You want to flesh those out a little more, maybe?] Sure, "Bookmark" is basically a little soundbyte describing sitting at your computer and possibly even reading someone's online profile on a dating site, but it basically ends by saying, I'll bookmark this profile once I pick up all the pieces of my heart off the floor.

And that segways into "Emoticons"…it goes from slow, "Emoticons" is quite fast, and it's happy, there's been a meeting, a match on some dating site, and in the short emoticons they go over to MSN and they start to chat.

And then in "Dressed to Kill" they actually, the characters…maybe it's me, maybe it's not, they go for dinner, and when they sit down at the table the voice in the song realizes that the person at the table does not look a thing like they looked in their profile, and it kind of goes downhill. [I had an experience like that] I think it's something most people can identify with, cause whenever I do it at a concert I describe it as an ode to online dating and then by the time I get to the end of "Dressed to Kill"…like it all, it all comes together in the final line, you don't really know where it's going, and everyone gives a collective ughhh, you can tell everyone has had it happen.

Jeff Straker - Bookmark / Emoticons / Dressed to Kill (2009)

I've got a comment that I'm sure many people give you grief about, Jeff Straker being so close to the name Jeff Stryker, and how have you dealt with this?

JS: Well, my mom, unfortunately hadn't watched much gay porn at the time when I was being born, and didn't know the significance of the name and I do find it possibly the best Gaydar going. When I say "hi, I'm Jeff Straker" and if I say it without pronouncing the "A" very well, and if you see someone's eyes perk up, you know…but, really really, when I was born, an angel came down and gave me the choice of having a really really good memory or a really really big dick, and I can't remember which one I picked…:

How often do you get the Jeff Stryker stuff?

JS: oh all the time, oh God yeah, it's pretty weird, I mean, it's only weird because it makes me realize how popular Jeff Stryker is.

And that was Jeff Straker, talking about his album "Step Right Up," and I'm pleased to say that I've met him, and he's just as delightful in person. I want to finish up his mini-segment with one more song from his album. It's called "The Storm."

Jeff Straker - The Storm (2009)

In Part 1 of the show I also played "End of the World" by Matt Alber, and that song has received a lot of well-deserved attention. But I want to share a song from his album that should also get attention. I asked Matt to tell me about the song "Field Trip Buddy."

Matt Alber comments (2009)

I love that you touched on this area, cause I've not really heard that done before.

MA: Oh my gosh, field trip day was like my favorite day of the year, because it was the one day of the year I got to hold hands with a boy all day long, cause they always have you partner up with a buddy, so that you won't get lost. And so I would always position it to where I would get to be field trip buddies with Doug Clark, so the song is kind of about sort of a day in the life of a ten year old, when you're sitting on the school bus and you're wondering if he's going to remember that he said he was going to be your field trip buddy. And you're wondering if when his arm is on the armrest in the symphony hall if he's rubbing it against your's or if it just happens to be there, you know. The song is really just trying to capture that innocence. I think the world would be a better place if boys could have crushes on boys.

Matt Alber - Field Trip Buddy (2009)

And here's another song by Matt that I think is just gorgeous. It's called "Walk With Me."

Matt Alber - Walk With Me (2009)

Matt Alber, from his album "Hide Nothing."

And another artist I honored on my Best of 2009 show was Tom Goss. From his album "Back to Love" I asked him about the song "Back to Arkansas."

Tom Goss comments (2009)

TG: Well, "Back to Arkansas" was a song that, strangely enough, as half the songs that I write, I was sitting in front of the TV with a guitar. That was the first line that I actually wrote in the song. It goes "back to Arkansas"…I don't know, it just sounded really cool to me. And so I started thinking about this whole concept of coming back to somebody that you love and having this kind of romantic dream and this kind of other-worldly romance with a person, and having them be somewhere else in the country, and the kind of lengths you'd go to then see that person. And also kind of the romanticism you would have about the place that that person is in. I mean, when we think of Arkansas, we don't particularly think of it as romantic or beautiful or whatever…maybe somebody from Arkansas does, but I think normally people don't think of Arkansas at all. So if you put it in context as if you had somebody beautiful that you loved in Arkansas, kind of the imagery that you would have, in going back to Arkansas, and back to the person that you love.

It sounds very autobiographical.

TG: You know, honestly JD, it's not. I mean, obviously I'm in love, and that's beautiful, so it's easy for me to write about love, but my songs are almost always autobiographical, but this one in particular is not. It's not autobiographical. [You did a good job] Thanks, thanks, I mean, it's autobiographical in a sense where I'm in love and in the sense where I'm away from my partner a lot, because I'm on the road a lot, so I do have the experience of just having that longing for the person that you love and the kind of positive and romantic feelings that surround that, so in that sense it's autobiographical.

Tom Goss - Back to Arkansas (2009)

What song from the new album gets the most audience reaction?

TG: Well the most positive reaction is the single that I just released, "Till the End," and I honestly didn't want to release it as a single. I had other songs that I was going to release as a single, but the reaction to that song has just been so overwhelming that I felt that I really didn't have any other option, and everybody that I talked to it about, that was involved in the project, that I really respect their opinions, you know, everybody said unanimously "Till the End," "Till the End," "Till the End" and I've never had something that's been so unanimously positive, both in the audio and in the video.

Tell me about the video.

TG: Well, we really wanted to work to create something that was simple, and something that was real, and accentuated the simplicity and the depths of love. And so we got together, we scoured our friends and family and we pulled together eleven couples, and created an atmosphere to where they would feel comfortable acting naturally in a setting, like they were sitting around on a Sunday morning just relaxing. And we had eleven couples, over 162 years together total. And it just was a wonderful, wonderful experience. When I sat down to edit the video I was just amazed at what we had captured. For the most part we set the cameras up, and we left the room and we played the song, and it really created just a great video. What excites me about it is that it makes people feel better about their own love, and at the end of the day, that's what I'm setting out to do.

Tom Goss - Till The End (2009)

And I know I played the song "Till the End" in Part 1, but I really wanted you to hear it again after you heard him talk about it. It's really a beautiful video and I hope you go to his site or youtube to see it.


Last year I also found out about the UK band Wire Daisies, and got to talk to their lead singer Treana Morris, and to ask her about their album, which was called "Wire Daisies"

Treana Morris comments (2009)

TM: The album is a collection of songs, some very soft and very acoustic, acoustic with piano and voice, and heartfelt and there are some where everyone gets to do their thing, they're a lot more rocky and it kind of goes from one extreme to the other really, but I think what keeps them all together is the songs themselves. I think we're all very happy with it, and I hope everybody likes it.

Why the name Wire Daisies?

TM: It was very difficult to come up with a name of the band and we had to come up with something pretty quickly because we'd gotten to a stage where they were starting to do artwork and things like that, and we were out having a pizza in a place called St Ives, in Cornwall, and they had literally wire daisies on the table, and Alden (Evans) turned around and said, what about Wire Daisies?

Tell me about he song "Rocket Girl"

TM: "Rocket Girl" was written…it was the last song that we actually wrote and recorded, and I had lost my phone so I started using myspace to contact people, and actually met somebody over myspace, a Canadian girl, and ended up going over and spending time with her and she came over here. It's just about how small the world is.

Wire Daisies - Rocket Girl (2009)

Tell me about the song "Gayboy"

TM: The song "Gayboy" started off as a bit of a joke. The song was pretty much done, and we were struggling to find lyrics for the chorus, and Ollie, the keyboard player, who isn't gay, he came up to the studio and just started singing "he's a gayboy" and I was like, okay, that's it, we'll use that, and we got everyone in that day and finished the song. It was kind of fun.

How has that song been received?

TM: It's been played in England here in a few clubs and seems to go down well. There hasn't been any negativity about it and obviously to my bisexual orientation it's not meant to be taken too seriously really.

Wire Daisies - Gayboy (2009)


And you heard "Rocket Girl" and "Gayboy" from the album and band called "Wire Daisies."

Another UK act is one I've been following for years. She's from Scotland and she's Horse McDonald but on her albums just goes by Horse, and I just love her voice. In early 2008 I did an in-depth feature on her on QMH, so this one catches us up. Here's the title track from her latest album "Coming Up For Air."

Horse - Coming Up For Air (2008)
Horse comments (2009)

H: The new album is called "Coming Up for Air" and it probably tells you in the title where I am or where I was during the making of the album. I'd come out of a dark patch where I'd lost both parents very quickly after each other and it was kind of involved and I found the whole experience empowering and cathartic in fact.

Is there an overall message to the new album?

H: Ah, that's a hard one. I always write a song for the song's sake. I don't think that I'm going to write a collection of songs towards a set goal. I tend to deal with each song and do the song justice if possible. So it wasn't my aim to go in a particular direction but about a quarter of the songs, about a quarter of the album is about loss, and about the inevitability of the ending of life, and it was a very, very new experience for me. So there was no specific goal, but I think at the core of it all it's about feeling a little bit human.

What song on the album is getting the most attention?

H: I think "Heaven Can Wait" is one which is I guess an example. We did a show, literally just a couple weeks ago, and a lot of fans have got the album in advance of this release and there were actually rows of people holding hands and crying, so I think about that as a good thing cause it's a release for people and "Heaven Can Wait" seems to get people, and I don't know whether it's to do with me instilling in the song my desperate loss of losing my mom and my dad, and basically just the inevitability of it all, and just this idea that maybe in my head heaven could have waited just a little bit longer, you know, just let me have a little bit longer, and I suppose the punch line of the song is heaven can really take someone away from you but they won't take them from your heart, so they're always going to be there. So I say "Heaven Can Wait's" one of the ones that gets the most reaction.

Horse - Heaven Can Wait (2008)

That was "Heaven Can Wait" from the album by Horse called "Coming Up For Air." This is JD Doyle and you're been listening to Part 3 of my new show OutRadio, and there's one more part to go, and it will be all dance music. I've got time for one more song in this segment, and I'm continuing my interview with Horse.

One song that really grabbed me was "Safe"

H: That's an interesting song actually. "Safe I wrote with…you have "American Idol" and in our country we have "X-Factor" and what preceded that was "Pop Idol," all involved with Simon Cowell. And one of the winners was a Scottish girl called Michelle McManus, and for me she won this thing but she was a very large girl and people focused on her size, and being a real champion of causes, I didn't like this very much. And her star began to fade slightly, as these things do unless you have huge success beyond. And she has bases in London and Glasgow and I approached her and said, you know, "would you like to do some writing, because you've got an excellent platform, and it would be good for you to write your own stuff instead of being handed songs which are meaningless." Anyway, so we did a little bit of writing and "Safe" is one of the songs that came out of that and "Safe" was her experience of never having been in love before and what was it like and would she know it if it actually…would she recognize it if it actually came to her. So basically that's what the song was about.

Horse - Safe (2008)

Sam Sparro - American Boy (2009)
Bimbo Boy - Boy Loves Boy (2009)

I'm JD Doyle, and welcome to Part 4 of the January edition of OutRadio, and you might as well call this segment a dance segment, as I'm going to squeeze in as many dance oriented songs as can fit in. I started out with Sam Sparro and "American Boy," from 2009 and followed him with an artist from Sweden who himself Bimbo Boy, but I know his name is Dennis Svedberg Hellström. I guess Bimbo Boy is a bit more catchy. From 2006 that was his song "Boy Loves Boy."

Stay tuned for "One Night Fling" from Mike Trevino.

Mike Trevino - One Night Fling (2009)
Colton Ford - Losing My Religion (2009)


And some of you may know that last artist more for his porn films, but these days, in I guess what you could call his post-porn career, he's pushing his music, and doing quite well. He's Colton Ford and he just released his second full length album, called "Under the Covers." It's all cover versions and of course "Losing My Religion" was originally done by R.E.M. This next song is called "Celebrity du Jour."

Darren Ockert - Celebrity du Jour (2009)


That was an artist from the UK now living in New York City. He's Darren Ockert, and I loved his 2005 album "Anything Is Possible." He's released the first track from his next CD and it promises to be a bit more dance oriented. Again, the track you heard was called "Celebrity du Jour."

And here's a story I don't mind telling. I've known Ari Gold for ten years now and first heard his music when he just had a demo tape, about a year before he released his first CD in 2000. These days he has under his belt numerous awards for his music and videos, magazine covers and two of his songs were used on television shows last month. From his 2007 CD "Transport Systems" is the track "Where the Music Takes You."

Ari Gold - Where the Music Takes You (2007)
Christian Andreason - Running Back to You (Hitplay Mix, 2008)


After Ari Gold was Christian Andreason, who records many different kinds of music, and is very good at them all. That was dance version of the track "Running Back To You."

This next artist is Jennifer Corday who started releasing CDs in 1997, but she's generally been more of a rocker. She took the rockin' title track from her 2007 album "Superhero" and did it up dance style in 2009, and, don't you love the names they give these mixes? This is the Solar City Radio Mix of "Superhero."

Jennifer Corday - Superhero (Solar City Radio Mix, 2009)
Lori Michaels - Meet Me At The Partay (2008)


sorry, no video yet for the dance remix


That was the very talented Lori Michaels and the song "Meet Me At the Partay" from her album "Living My Life Out Loud."

In Part 1 we heard Jen Foster's reply to 2008's huge exploitative hit "I Kissed a Girl," so it's no surprise another version cropped up that year. It was by the band Cobra Starship, only they did it as "I Kissed A Boy." And, after that song, how many dance tracks can you think of with bisexual lyrics. Keep listening.


Cobra Starship - I Kissed a Boy (2009)
Eto - Bicurious (2007)


That was a German artist named Eto, and you already figured out the song was called "Bicurious." And here are a couple songs about gay boys. The first is by a band called Confirmed Bachelor and is their ode to "Future Gay Boys of America."

Confirmed Bachelor - Future Gay Boys of America (2008)
Delphinium Blue - Boy Seventeen (2002)

Ah, "Boy Seventeen." And I have been meaning to play that song for a long time. It's from a 2002 album called "The Secret Life of Boys," by Delphinium Blue. According to his website, after last November 1st he will be known by his own name, Arlin Godwin.

This is JD Doyle for OutRadio, and I'm down to the last artist for the show and I'm going to give you a double play by him. He's Brian Kent and his 2007 album "Breathe Life" has gotten lots of acclaim. I'll start with his cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" and end with "Breathe Life."

Brian Kent - Don't Stop Believin' (2007)
Brian Kent - Breathe Life (2007)


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