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Jan 2010
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You won't find disco divas
here, just GLBT artists!

[ many images have others behind them, and click on the artist name for their website ]

Part 4 - 64:08
Sam Sparro - American Boy (2009)
Bimbo Boy - Boy Loves Boy (2009)
Mike Trevino - One Night Fling (2009)
Colton Ford - Losing My Religion (2009)
Darren Ockert - Celebrity du Jour (2009)
Ari Gold - Where the Music Takes You (2007)
Christian Andreason - Running Back to You (2008)
Jennifer Corday - Superhero (Solar City Radio Mix, 2009)
Lori Michaels - Meet Me At The Partay (2008)
Cobra Starship - I Kissed a Boy (2009)
Eto - Bicurious (2007)
Confirmed Bachelor - Future Gay Boys of America (2008)
Delphinium Blue - Boy Seventeen (2002)
Brian Kent - Don't Stop Believin' (2007)
Brian Kent - Breathe Life (2007)

Dance Dance Dance! Just some of the terrific dance tracks I've been neglecting...:)









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