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OutRadio February 2015
The Script

Conchita Wurst - Heroes (2014)
Yehonathan - Close to You (2014)

Welcome to OutRadio for February. This is JD Doyle and I started off with two artists with an international flavor. First was Conchita Wurst and the song "Heros." Conchita is from Austria and got a lot of attention last year by winning Eurovision. And then you heard an Israeli dance artist named Yehonathan, doing his song "Close to You."

Last year Canadian artist Theo Tams released an EP I quite like called "Backpocket." From it are the tracks "Hang On To Tomorrow" and "Fall."

Theo Tams - Hang On To Tomorrow / Fall (2014)
Tom Goss - Falling (2015, Marr Zimm Remix)

On the most recent CD by Tom Goss was the song "Falling," which I've played before, but this time I chose a remix of it. And here's a song for which you may not expect a cover version.

Carole Pope - Some Velvet Morning (2014)
Rough Trade - High School Confidential (1981)

Carole Pope gave us the cover of "Some Velvet Morning," from 2014 and then I went way back to 1981 for her first hit, "High School Confidential," as part of the duo named Rough Trade. That song made the Top 20 in Canada, and was one of the first commercially hit songs with openly lesbian lyrics.

And here's two tracks from "Come Thief," the new CD by Natalia Zukerman. I chose "I Don't Feel It Anymore" and "Hero."

Natalia Zukerman - I Don't Feel It Anymore / Hero (2014)
Catey Shaw - Human Contact / Brooklyn Girls (2014)

I quite like those two, "Human Contact," and "Brooklyn Girls," by an artist new to me, Catey Shaw. I'm giving you a dash of country next, by Houston artist Curtis Braly, and his new single "Doors Closing Everywhere."

Curtis Braly - Doors Closing Everywhere (2015)

Changing the pace, here's a brand new track by Canadian artist Micah Barnes, called "Harlem Moon."

Micah Barnes - Harlem Moon (2015)

This is JD Doyle and I'm closing Part 1 with two tracks by an EP by Matt Fishel. It's called "Cover Boy," because it's all cover versions of songs by others, in this case the Bjork song "Hyperballad" and then "Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young," originally done by Fire Incorporated.

Matt Fishel - Hyperballad / Tonight Is What I Mean to Be Young (2014)

Mister Chase - Take Me to Church (2014)
Mister Chase ) Call Me Maybe (2012)

I'm starting off Part 2 of OutRadio with two cover songs, by a guy who I think does a really good job with them. He goes by Mister Chase and first was the Hozier's hit song "Take Me to Church," and then I couldn't resist going back to 2012 for his male-on-male take on "Call me Maybe." And you are right, I am still not sick of that song. This is JD Doyle and next I'm going to Jeremy Gloff. He recently released a greatest hits album, covering his long career and there are 18 tracks to choose from. I picked "Manhunt."

Jeremy Gloff - Manhunt (2014)
The Silent War - Setting Sun (2015)
AG - I Wanna Be Your Man (2012)

After Jeremy Gloff was the track "Setting Sun," and it was by a band called The Silent War, but I've played music on past shows by both of the artists in that band, Garrison Starr and AG. And the last track, "I Wanna Be Your Man" was from a solo project by AG, called "The Beatles EP," which I thought was amazing.

Here's a new one by Shawn Thomas, named "That's All That Wounded Means."

Shawn Thomas - That's All That Wounded Means (2015)
Tristan Jackson - Earthquake / Gone (2014)
Eurotix - Are You Strong Enough (2014)

In the middle of that set was a Canadian artist, Tristan Jackson, and two tracks called "Earthquake" and "Gone," and then from Sweden was an act called Eurotix, who sang "Are You Strong Enough." Up next is an interesting Brooklyn band, named The Drums. From their new album, "Encyclopedia," is the song "I Hope Time Doesn't Change Him."

The Drums - I Hope Time Doesn't Change Him (2015)
Erik Toro - The Right (2014)
White Boyfriend - I'm Breaking Up With Mr Smiles (2014)

After The Drums I played "The Right" by Erik Toro, and then an interesting track by the band White Boyfriend, called "I'm Breaking Up with Mr Smiles."

In honor of World AIDS Day last December Martin Swinger wrote this song, called "Red Ribbon."

Martin Swinger - Red Ribbon (2014)

I was contacted last week by an Alaska band named Granddad, telling me about their CD called "Best Friends" and from it I picked the tracks "Prescriptions" and "Fucking Perfect," which is not the Pink song.

Granddad - Prescriptions / Fucking Perfect (2015)

This is JD Doyle finishing up OutRadio for February, and I'm going to go against my practice of not closing the show with a ballad, because this one is so special I wanted to give it this extra attention. It's by Mary Lambert and she modified the lyrics, just slightly, of Rick Springfield's song "Jessie's Girl."

Mary Lambert - Jessie's Girl (2014)